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Generation UK

Generation UK Review: What Is Generation UK and Is It Worth It?

What Is Generation UK?

Generation UK was launched by the British Council in 2013. It aims to help UK students and graduates to boost their employability, enhance their long-term job prospects and develop a global mindset through study and work experience opportunities in China. Christian Elliot was a participant of Generation UK and he was able to give an amazing Generation UK review. 

The Pandemic causes difficulties in travelling but this programme was entirely online. It was a great experience for him because it allowed Christian to “escape” to day-to-day life in Birmingham. This experience allowed him to meet new people and boost his confidence in speaking Chinese.

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Generation UK Review

We sat down with one of the participants, Christian Elliot from the University of Birmingham, who participated in Generation UK and he gave his opinion about the programme. 

Positive Aspects of Generation UK 

  • Chinese people know how to motivate people
  • Working in Chinese in a company 
  • Learn full-time the language
  • Translation on the company website

Negative Aspects of Generation UK 

  • Cultural immersion is more difficult when the internship is remote
  • Productivity is difficult when working in different time zones

Note: Generation UK is normally an in-person internship based in China. Unfortunately, the programme was reluctantly moved online during the Covid-19 pandemic but we hope that it will return to an in-person programme as soon as possible. 

Generation UK FAQ’s

Generation UK Language Class Experience: Taiwan

Elliot was taking a class in Mandarin with a teacher called Wang Chung Ling. She was a great teacher who made the course engaging and fun to attend.

Features of the language classes:

  • No textbooks
  • A lot of talking  
  • Discussion based on relevant content

Is Generation UK Worth It? 

Overall, Generation UK was a positive experience. Elliot felt very supported and he encouraged Pagoda to keep the programme going.

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Before your stay, Cultural

InternChina Movie Time – 2

InternChina – Redcliff



Red Cliff is an epic war film based on the Battle of Red Cliffs in 208-9 AD and the events surrounding the end of the Han dynasty. Southern warlords (Sun Quan and Liu Bei) join forces against the Prime Minister Cao Cao and begin a war that cumulates at the Red Cliffs. It is a sensational war film: the outnumbered good guys attempt to defeat the evil ruler.

Why watch this movie:

Directed by the famous John Woo, this was the most expensive financed Asian film to date, with a budget of over US$80 million. In China it was released in two parts, in total over four hours of film. In the UK they released a two and a half hour version of the film which is often shown on Channel 4! It is a good watch, although I would definitely suggest watching the shorterned version (unless you have a lot of time on your hands, or want a 4 hour Chinese lesson!). It is similar to any other exciting war film, providing you a chance to get a feel for how a war may have come about in ancient China. Although only said to be 50% factual, you can still learn about this battle, which is said to be like China’ s very own Battle of Hastings.

Watch more Chinese movies in China! Send us an email to or apply through our website!


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