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Things To Do in Zhuhai

Go-karting à la Chinoise

Salut mes tendres chouchous,
Wednesday evening a group of us interns as well as Jamie, Jamie’s FIANCÉE Helen along with Jamie’s brother and his girlfriend got together for some real Guangdong gastronomy in Gongbei, the area of Zhuhai that borders the mythical SAR of Macau.
After some good food and 啤酒 (beer – TSINGDAO) we made the short trek over to the UNDERGROUND GO KART PARADISE. During our pilgrimage over the go kart paradise, I was fortunate enough to have been offered the chance to partake in the economy of the world’s oldest profession. Needless to say, I declined as the underground paradise of go karts was awaiting me!
The entrance to the go karting place was definitely sketchy; we had to walk down this hot, grimy corridor with some random businesses until we got into the go kart area. The waiting area/lounge was veritably kitschy in the best way possible. The plush sofas with some padding missing in prints ranging from a luxurious purple to a lavish cheetah print definitely set the mood. The plastic vines and leaves overhead reminded me of the time that I lived in the Amazon with the Pirahã people….NOSTALGIA.
The go kart course was amazing. It was a converted underground car park with these little go karts RIPPING through the course. Before getting onto the course and watching others drive, we all said that we probably wouldn’t be going THAT fast. After the first lap, however, we found ourselves in an ecstasy of speed-driven adrenaline pumping through our blood streams. After the first round, we were all smiles and giggling, recounting our crashes and victory moments, i.e. when we overtook Jamie 😉
A good time was had by all.




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Arrival in Zhuhai

InternChina- Gongbei District in Zhuhai

Hello everyone! / 你好!

I am Michæl and I am one of the new interns at the InternChina office in Zhuhai.  I just arrived here 2 nights ago.  I am originally from Boston but currently live in Montréal for university.  Door-to-door the voyage took me 26 hours – not too bad considering that I have essentially traversed the planet!

My host family is great and I have high hopes for what this experience can bring. While having a great degree of familiarity with many Indo-European languages, I am finding it of little utility here in China!  I am slowly learning some Mandarin and hope to have functional fluency by the time I leave.

Zhuhai is a beautiful city located along the coast,bordering Macao SAR and  just a 50 minute ferry ride from Hong Kong SAR, it is definitely a good place to be!

I’ve attached a photo I found on Flickr of the Gongbei district in Zhuhai.