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Europe is coming to China – EU-China Business Summit

eu and china
eu and china

In the recent years, China and Europe have grown together and tightened their economic connections. Some people say this might provoke a dangerous interdependence. I believe that a close economic co-operation will be crucial for both continents in the 21st century. The European Union as well as China both will benefit and create various synergy effects.
Therefore, the European Union and China have established strong links. One famous example is the EU-China Business Summit which was introduced in 2003 and has been held annually ever since.

eu china relations
eu china relations

High-level European and Chinese businessmen and politicians meet in Beijing today to join economic forces for a prosperous future for both continents. When important economic and political leaders meet to discuss the economic challenges and opportunities of nearly 2 billion people a high profile networking platform is created as well. Hence, this summit is a great opportunity for all participants to exchange business ideas and start important discussions for political as well as economic agendas.
Key speakers will be the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission. Their participation highlights the eagerness of China and Europe to build up tight links and establish a sustainable economic co-operation. Furthermore, European and Chinese enterprises may endeavour new land of business partnership.

All in all, I am confident that this summit will further push the inter-continental relations and will be another milestone in the creation of a sustainable and prosperous 21st century.

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Things To Do in Qingdao

Expedition in Coffee Street

Last week Lisa and I went through the Coffee Street of Qingdao, our aim was to discover most Cafés as possible.
So we left the office in the early afternoon and took the bus to go to Mingjiang 2 Lu or better known as the Coffee Street of Qingdao.

As we arrived there we decided to share the street, Lisa went to all the coffees on the right side of the road and I went to the left side. We wanted to find out which ones are the best, in order to better advise interns who are coming to Qingdao where they can drink a good Coffee.

This plan seems to be easy but we soon faced a unexpected difficulty : the language barrier, most of the Coffee we visited couldn’t understand English, and we cannot speak Chinese so we tried to introduce us the best we could. We finally managed to establish contact with eleven of them.

Lisa did a great job, she got a free tea from the owner of one Coffee! And collected more visit card than I did.

I really enjoyed this afternoon, visiting Cafés and meet people. In fact I’m addicted to Coffee and I like the contact so that was kind of funny. I also discovered very nice places where, so if you wants to find lots of cool places and not pay a lot for a good Coffee, just go there 😉

This experience was really interesting to do, but it showed us that knowing some chinese can be very helpful in your everyday life in China. And even more if you want to live and work in China!

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