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Networking in Chengdu

Ming Pian
No ming pian – no networking in China. Your ming pian is you business card. It usually has two printed sites: One in Chinese and one in English. So everybody will be able to understand your personal information. The information is basically the same as on Western business cards: company name, your position in the company, mobile number, email address and of course your name. If you stay in China for a longer time you should get a Chinese name which will be on your business card as well.

My German name is Mosche, my Chinese name is 摩西 (Mo Xi)

InternChina- Business lunch with an American partner university


Since Chengdu is rapidly growing (13% growth rate – you can see it every day on the streets) a lot of companies chose Chengdu for their Western China headquarter. Therefore, there is a lot of business going around in Chengdu. With a lot of businesses in town, there are a lot of networking events as well. As I am responsible for the Chengdu Business Development for InternChina, I already went to several networking events.


Most of the events are organized by different Chambers of Commerce. The British Chamber, the American Chamber, the European Chamber and the German Chamber are holding networking events. Personally, I am really looking forward to the German Oktoberfest next weekend in Chengdu.

Generally these networking events are located in really nice hotels because it is a good opportunity to advertise their hotel to the local businesses. Hence, you always meet in a nice environment which makes networking quite convenient.

InternChina- Networking Events

While attending these events you meet a lot of interesting people from different industries, especially in Chengdu. A networking event is not only great for finding superb partner companies for InternChina, but also a fantastic opportunity to create your own network in one of China´s fastest growing cities.

Therefore, we always make sure that our interns in Chengdu can attend these events as well. Hence, they may not only spend a very interesting time in Chengdu by doing an internship but also make some lasting connections for their future.

InternChina- Chengdu interns enjoying a networking event

All in all, I can only recommend you to come to this fascinating city, which is a hub of growth in Western China. You won´t regret it!

Would you like to set the fundament of a great career in China? Then join us for an internhip in Chengdu!