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Shanghai Trip

Last week I planned to spend a weekend in Shanghai, to see what Shanghai has to offer!
Luckily, I am doing my internship in Qingdao, which means that I am directly between Shanghai and Beijing. I can get to these cities very easily and cheap by plane or train. I decided to go to Shanghai, because I heard a lot of positive comments about Shanghai, and I wanted to gain my own impressions of Shanghai.

My decision to go to Shanghai was very spontaneously and I started searching for a cheap flight ticket one week before, which was little bit too late and the prices were rising! Booking a flight 2 weeks in advance or earlier would be much better, you can find tickets for just 400 to 500RMB (about 60€). Anyway I found a ticket for a good price, good airline with perfect departure and arrival times! From Qingdao to Shanghai with the plane is just about one hour, which is nothing!! As I arrived in Shanghai I could already see the differences between Qingdao and Shanghai, the city is totally busy and crowded, completely different than in Qingdao! Shanghai is a big and beautiful city with a lot of high and awesome buildings, one of the most amazing buildings is the World Financial Tower and the Jin Mao Tower you can go up to the 87th floor which is called “cloud 9” and observe the beautiful view over Shanghai!!

You have a lot of different opportunities, where you can spend your time! You have the best possibilities to go shopping on the Nanjing road which is a big and very long shopping street or in the underground which is also very big and you can buy a lot of cheap bags, clothes and more!   If you would like to see the important sights in Shanghai I would really recommend you to take the sightseeing bus for just 50RMB (6€) you can see everything in Shanghai! For more Chinese culture you can visit the YuYuan Garden which is very beautiful you can also buy a lot of Chinese souvenirs there! And Shanghai is a little bit more expensive than in Qingdao but not that much.

If you would like to travel to Shanghai as easily as I did, then come to Qingdao for an internship. Send us your enquiry now via email or through our website.