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Hengqin – the bright future of Zhuhai

The scale of the developments in the Pearl River Delta represents some of the strongest in the whole of China. Its geographic location makes it perfect for opening up to foreign markets and it is already attracting a great deal of international companies. One of the key projects that have been in development for 10 years and are about to be finished is on the doorsteps of Zhuhai – Hengqin Island.

Hengqin New Area is located on Hengqin Island in the south of Zhuhai, Guangdong province. It is just 200 meters from Macao, connected by bridges. It covers an area three times the size of Macao. In 2009 after a visit from President Xi Jinping the state council approved the implementation of the Overall Development Plan of Hengqin which incorporates Hengqin Island into the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone and represents the ongoing cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao under the policy of “One Country, Two Systems”.



As seen above there are many projects in hand to be developed. They have been in construction from 2009 and some are due to be completed by 2016. We would like to show you the main projects.

Shizimen CBD – Central Business District


Estimated investment in this project is around 100 billion Yuan. The aim is to create a Physical Platform amongst Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.  The CBD boasts the Zhuhai International Conference Center, International Expo Center, international standard grade-A office buildings, international standard five-star hotels and supporting facilities.  Industries such as finance and insurance, business service, business and trading, headquarters settlement will be covered and introduced from Hong Kong and Macao.

Hengqin Finance Industry Service Base


This project will compose of 18 office buildings, 1 finance street service center and 1 catering center building. The base provides enterprises with independent, high-quality, garden-like offices and operational outlets with perfect supporting facilities. Two routes of free shuttles have been opened between Finance Street and the urban area of Zhuhai.

To date, more than 180 financial institutions have been introduced.

Chimelong International Ocean Resort


Chimelong International Ocean Resort is a world-class, large, comprehensive tourism resort integrating leisure and tourism, a luxury hotel, business exhibition centre, tourism and shopping, and sports and entertainment.  It boasts the longest roller coaster, the highest Ferris wheel and the largest ocean park in the world.

Xiangzhou Culture Street

p1 (1)

The project was invested in by Zhuhai Jingfu Tourism Development with a total investment of around 1 billion Yuan. There are plans to create a large cultural, tourism project.  It will integrate an exhibition center, leisure, tourism, shopping and foods, using traditional folk craft and folk custom culture as theme.

Guangdong-Macao Cooperative Traditional Chinese Medicine Science & Technology Industry Park

p1 (2)

This serves as a demonstration of development cooperation between Guangdong and Macao.  It is an international TCM industry base, jointly planned, invested in and run by Guangdong and Macao. Traditional Chinese Medicine industry, Traditional Chinese Medicine health service industry, Traditional Chinese Medicine information industry and Traditional Chinese Medicine cultural industry will dominate the park to form an international science & technology industry cluster demonstration zone of TCM health care.

The New Campus of University of Macau in Hengqin Island

p1 (3)

The new campus was governed by laws of mainland China during the period of construction, and is governed by laws of Macao after completion of construction. It is one of the key projects of cooperation between Guangdong and Macao. The new campus consists of gymnasiums, libraries, 10 residential colleges as well as teacher and student dormitory buildings. It is linked to Macao by a 1.5km cross-ocean tunnel.

Combined Gas Energy Supply Project of Hengqin Island

p2 (1)

This project upon its completion will become a reliable and economical power supply for China Southern Power Grid to transmit power to Macao, and will form a new-type energy base covering the whole island featuring a combined supply of electricity and water.

The near future looks incredible for Zhuhai and its surrounding areas! Take a look at more articles in our Blog section!


Things To Do in Zhuhai

Titanic and Human Bodies Exhibition in Macau

Weekend- and the same problem again: too many awesome things to do and not enough time. The good thing is, it doesn’t matter what you are doing- it will be great.
Until February 24th there’s the Human Bodies and the Titanic Exhibition in Macau.

400 artifacts from the Titanic and her sister ships are shown in the Venetian to remember on the 100th Anniversary.

InternChina – Titanic Exhibition

And just because one great exhibition is never enough they’re showing an unprecedented view into real human bodies right next to it on the Human Bodies Exhibition.

InternChina – Human Body Exhibition

If you also want to go to Macau please apply now or send us an e-mail to!

Weekend Trips

Trip to HongKong

Travelling to Hongkong is such an easy thing to do when you are living in Zhuhai. Just catch one of the Ferries from the JiuZhou Port in Zhuhai, relax one hour on the boat and welcome to an amazing city!

InternChina – HK Island

Last weekend I went there again and it was like always incredibly awesome. Fortunately I found a hotel room on the Hongkong Island side, right next to Soho.

So, first evening: arriving at night, getting some drinks and enjoying the city. Everything is just completely different to Zhuhai: the architecture, the people, the shops.

Day two: doing the most popular thing for tourists in Hongkong: going to the Peak, with about 300 other people. If you want to go to there as well, please don’t think it will be relaxing. The Peak is completely crowded. Every single person on that roof wants to make the same picture. Here’s a tip: use all your knowledge about getting into a bus or standing in a queue in China: don’t be too nice, just go for it. Then you will have a really nice view over Hongkong.

InternChina – View from the Peak

There a lot of too expensive restaurants in the same building, which are really good. So eating seafood at Bubba Gump Shrimps is always a good choice. Beware of all the tourist shops there. I couldn’t stand it. I went back to the roof at night with a bag filled with Bubba Gump Shrimp glasses and some ‘I love HK’ t-shirts…

InternChina – Peak at Night

Going to the Peak is a lot more comfortable by bus instead of that Peak Tram. You have an awesome view and you don’t need to wait that long. Now I need to say, going down by bus, after some Cocktails and a whole bucket of shrimps is not the best thing to do. So, at that point there were no more else activities in the evening.

Day three: just being the most awkward tourist on earth! Going to Kowloon (wearing the new t-shirts), cross the Avenue of stars, taking a picture of the Bruce Lee star just because it is the only one you know and buy everything on the Lady’s market just because it is cheap.

InternChina – Love Hong Kong

Last night: get some drinks in Soho.

Getting back to Zhuhai is an easy thing to do. Just go the Hongkong Macau Ferry Terminal and take the next boat.

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Island Trip in Zhuhai

With 146 islands and 604 kilometers coastline, Zhuhai is known as “Hundred-Island City”. Here is a subtropical seaside city, if you like sunshine and ocean, This city is your best choice.
Last friday, a friend from Guangzhou came to visit me,he wanted to go swimming, then we decided to go to Outer Lingding Island, But when we arrived at the terminal on saturday morning, all the tickets to Outer Lingding Island sold out, then we changed to Dong’ao Island. We start at 9:10am, it takes 45 minutes by ferry to the island. The boat was also full.:D  Island trip is the best choice in summer,haha.

I also first time to this island, It’s really beautiful, eapecially the water is so blue and the beach is very soft. But when we arrive, we  took a walk around the island first, It took us almost 4 hours to walk around  the island. After that, we went swimming and enjoy the beach.

We left the island 4:30pm, but if you have time, you can take a tent over night on the beach, will be more fun!



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Introduction and Visa application procedures for Interns.

Hi All!
I am Philippe Touzin and I am the newly appointed InternChina Office Manager in Zhuhai. So if you come over to Zhuhai we will definitely meet and get to know each other!

Currently I am in the UK, London, waiting to have my working Visa/permanent residence (Z Visa)-and i received it today thus ready to head back to China!

I would like to introduce briefly to you all the process for Interns such as yourselves on how to acquire the correct Visas, for more details, have a look here,

Once you have signed the contract with InternChina for an internship in a company of your choice, we will then send you an Invitation Letter.
This letter is the document you need to apply at your local Chinese embassy or Visa center, you will be applying for a F Visa. This is the appropriate Visa for an Internship as set by Chinese government.
So with our letter its simple to go, apply and then travel to China! You can chose in your application to have several entry or double or single entry Visa, apply for the one you wish, but i suggest a multi-entry visa, so that you enjoy the joys of Hong-Kong and Macao! However the Chinese embassy constantly change their regulations and they are the ones to have the last word in how many entries you receive…but don’t worry you’ll have a great time in any case. :D. Professionally and Socially.

I hope you all had great Festivities!



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Ciao i miei tesorini!
So this weekend, despite the fact that I did not go to Bangkok, I managed to have a ball in Chengdu!

Getting there was a bit rough, my flight was supposed to leave Guangzhou at 20.30 on Friday so I left work a bit early but by the time I had gone through security and waited a bit, the status of the flight was changed to delayed. Jamie had forewarned me about domestic Chinese flights being infamous for delays so I couldn’t say that I was too surprised. A delay of about 5 hours, however, was not expected. The mixture of frustration along with the propensity to complain by Chinese people was something to see – the poor airline employee was surrounded by an angry mob of flyers yelling at him. Don’t kill the messenger, guys! But never fear! McDonalds and bottled water quickly arrived and placated most of the crowd, although a few of the angrier ones went over to the Air China counter and demanded that we fly out on time, only to no avail. For me, it was a good 5 hours actually, I made the acquaintance of three Hong Kongers who were going to Tibet via Chengdu and we changed contact info and I plan to meet up with them in August when I am in HK!

I arrived in Chengdu and got to my hostel at about 5.00, much later than I was expecting! I slept for about 4 hours and then woke up and headed over to the “People’s Garden” which is a massive park in Chengdu with many tea houses where you can just sip on some longjing tea and read/chat/play mah-jong for hours. I opted for reading and thoroughly enjoyed Italo Calvino’s Eremita a Parigi.

The rest of the first day I wandered quite a bit – saw some nice temples, a science museum, the main shopping area/pedestrian street where I people-watched for quite a bit but actually found that people were often so interested in me that they’d ask for some photos and make small talk, often limited by a combination of my bad Putonghua and their limited command of English.

A note about the food: AMAZING. SPICES AND PEPPERS GALORE. I can truly only hope to hire my own personal chef from Sichuan when I am older 😉

Saturday night was a bit crazy and I met up with some people in the Couch Surfing community – thanks for the suggestion, Jamie! Went to a chill Jamaican-esque bar called “Hemp House” and played the illustrious dice-game and then went to the most ridiculous club I have ever been in my life! The only option was table service with either brandy or cognac – luckily one of my new acquaintances knew people and we didn’t have to pay! 😉 – The night went into morning and I didn’t get to sleep until 5.30, which normally isn’t a problem, but I had to wake up at 7 to go see the famous PANDAS. I managed and although I was suffering – the visit to the panda centre was well worth it. The pandas are so lively and playful – even watching them munch on bamboo is interesting!!

The rest of Sunday is a mix of eating, napping, wandering and reading.

Had to wake up at 5 this morning to catch my flight back to Guangzhou and then a bus back to Zhuhai and here I am.

I ADORED Chengdu and plan to go back there ASAP – the dichotomy of the “most relaxed city” in China along with the energy of the people leads to such a chill yet happening place.

This upcoming weekend, white water river rafting with my host mother and her colleagues is on the agenda so expect another good blog post then!!




Things To Do in Zhuhai

Go-karting à la Chinoise

Salut mes tendres chouchous,
Wednesday evening a group of us interns as well as Jamie, Jamie’s FIANCÉE Helen along with Jamie’s brother and his girlfriend got together for some real Guangdong gastronomy in Gongbei, the area of Zhuhai that borders the mythical SAR of Macau.
After some good food and 啤酒 (beer – TSINGDAO) we made the short trek over to the UNDERGROUND GO KART PARADISE. During our pilgrimage over the go kart paradise, I was fortunate enough to have been offered the chance to partake in the economy of the world’s oldest profession. Needless to say, I declined as the underground paradise of go karts was awaiting me!
The entrance to the go karting place was definitely sketchy; we had to walk down this hot, grimy corridor with some random businesses until we got into the go kart area. The waiting area/lounge was veritably kitschy in the best way possible. The plush sofas with some padding missing in prints ranging from a luxurious purple to a lavish cheetah print definitely set the mood. The plastic vines and leaves overhead reminded me of the time that I lived in the Amazon with the Pirahã people….NOSTALGIA.
The go kart course was amazing. It was a converted underground car park with these little go karts RIPPING through the course. Before getting onto the course and watching others drive, we all said that we probably wouldn’t be going THAT fast. After the first lap, however, we found ourselves in an ecstasy of speed-driven adrenaline pumping through our blood streams. After the first round, we were all smiles and giggling, recounting our crashes and victory moments, i.e. when we overtook Jamie 😉
A good time was had by all.




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Hello hello my lovelies!
I’ve just come back from a crazy weekend in Singapore. I was originally planning to go to Xiamen but a typhoon hit China this weekend and a cheap flight came up for Singapore so I figured…why not?!

I met up with some friends from uni who live in Singapore and had an amazing time.

Initially when I was deciding between Qingdao and Zhuhai, I never even considered how WONDERFUL it is to be so close to Hong Kong. HK is a hub for all of Asia so the number of cheap flights available is astounding! I am already planning to go to Thailand in July with some friends!

I’ve attached some goofy photos from this weekend, including my experience of having a very large python named Elizabeth wrap around my body at the zoo!

For anyone considering staying in Zhuhai, make sure you fully realise all of the travel opportunities the city affords you!! I don’t think there is a better place, location wise: it borders Macao and along with multiple 1-hour ferry services to Hong Kong daily (to both downtown and directly to the airport) it is just the best!


– Michæl

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Taekwondo / 태권도/ 跆拳道

So last night an admittedly small group (everyone who skipped out on this one: we definitely had a better time than you did last night!) of Zhuhai interns did a taekwondo class. For those of you who are unfamiliar with TKD, it is a martial art from Korea and is the national sport (and obsession) in South Korea. While it does seem a bit strange to have taken a class here in Zhuhai, my host family informs me that TKD is extremely popular in China, especially here in Zhuhai, with multiple academies established here.

The class was intense; we were all sweating like pigs within the first 15 minutes of warm-ups in the SE China heat. We had one teacher who was originally from Guangzhou, about 1.5-2 hours north of Zhuhai, and his student – both of them were impressive in their physical capabilities as well as their patience with dealing with a group of 外国人 (foreigners) whose Chinese is far from fluency.

Hopefully we’ll get a chance to do it a few more times before summer’s end!

– Michæl