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Trip to Shanghai and Hong-Kong

It was really a great trip and the cities are beautiful.Each of these two cities has something special and unique.
I loved the nature around Hong-Kong. I never saw such awesome landscapes and I was really surprised about that, because all I have heard about Hong-Kong before was that it is a high-tech city without any taxes for electronic stuff and with loads of huge skyscrapers and that the nightlife should be even better than in Shanghai… But nobody ever was talking about the nature. The feeling in Hong-Kong was really like having holidays and I´m really happy I made this trip. To be honest the only reason why I could do this trip was because I´m doing my internship in Qingdao! Qingdao is so cheap, if I think of the living costs and everything else. I couldn´t afford these experiences if I had lived in Beijing or Shanghai, because everything there is much more expensive.