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Improving Your Internship

Philippe Touzin, the Zhuhai office manager has many great tips on how to better your internship experience and knowledge as he was once an intern himself, and has since managed many interns.

  1. Do your tasks diligently.
    When you start up in a company, it is good to do the tasks you are assigned to as quickly and efficiently as possible. This does not mean rush and make mistakes, but push yourself to do your best. This will show the company that you are responsible and you can handle tasks.
  2. Be proactive.
    Do not wait around for your bosses to give you tasks and jobs, but instead be proactive and get the ball rolling on your own. This will show that you are thinking of the company and that you would like to do a good job for the sake of the company.
  3. Network as much as possible.
    When starting up in a new company, it is vital to meet as many people as you can and make sure that you get your name out there. Meeting new people and making new connections is always useful, as in most countries its not what you do but who you know that counts! Networking and meeting new people is also a great way of observing how business is run within different organizations and departments, and this is an asset that you can only learn by watching and experiencing. This can sometimes lead to more opportunities.
  4. Think of improvements.
    After a month with the company, try to think about what can be improved or if there are any particular areas that the company can improve in. Create a plan and suggest this to your boss. Even if it gets rejected, this will show that you are proactive and thinking of the company. It also shows that you are not afraid to show your opinion and give some input. This will help to show the management that you are proactive and responsible and engaged in the company. This experience will also help you get a job later on.

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