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Monica’s Introduction Blog

Hello everyone/大家好:
My name is Mónica Gómez and I am from Mexico. Last week I arrived in Zhuhai for my first time to undergo a 3-month internship in the InternChina office. I am currently studying International Business with a focus on Marketing. I studied my first two and a half years in Mexico and then I moved to Canada to study my last year.

I am a very passionate and happy girl who loves to travel and enjoy meeting new people from all around the world. From a young age I have been exposed to many different cultures. At the age of 15 I spent one year in Taiwan in order to learn Mandarin. I have spent a couple of months in Brazil and lately China in order to improve my language skills (both Portuguese and Chinese) and build a solid understanding of both cultures. Therefore, I would consider myself as multicultural, open minded, independent and an easy going person who gets along with a variety of people from different backgrounds. Adventure and change define me as a person, as well as traveling as a local and not as a tourist.

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Although I have already been to many cities in China, I am still very excited to spend my summer in an amazing city such as Zhuhai. I decided to come to Zhuhai because as you all know, it is the most liveable city in China, it is not as crowded and polluted. Also, the fact that in less than an hour we can get to Macau or Hong Kong makes everybody’s experience more unique and fun. Its great location and the variety of food made Zhuhai my top choice.

InternChina- Shanghai

I am very glad that I have already met nice people here and I am sure that I will have an unforgettable time in Zhuhai. It is going to be a great, but hot summer 🙂

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50% discount on Prodygia training courses

InternChina is pleased to announce it has negotiated a 50% discount for all our clients off a selected few training courses, through Prodygia, an online training company. The courses cover an introduction to Mandarin and how business is carried out in China.
Once you have booked one of these programmes, whether it be funded or self-funded you will automatically be sent a promotional code to use on the Prodygia website to gain a discount of 50% off the courses which can be used anywhere in the world on any internet-abled device.

International Interns

Get The Most Out of Your China Internship

The discounted courses have been handpicked by InternChina staff to ensure its relevance and will be most beneficial to our clients before, during and after their time in China.

Our support on place is second to none and we do our best to get you settled in your internship and surroundings as soon as you arrive, but if you feel like you would benefit from knowing more about the language and culture before you get to China then this is surely the most cost effective and easiest way to do so.
I hope you enjoy the courses as much as their previous customers have, find them very useful and it leads to even better time in China that you are guaranteed to have with InternChina.


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Clare-New intern in Chengdu

Hello everyone! I arrived in Chengdu four days ago to start an internship in InternChina’s Chengdu office. It’s already looking to be an exciting, informative and action-packed six months. Having just finished my degree in Chinese and French at the University of Sheffield, I wanted to get back out to China and use my Chinese language skills before they slipped away for good. From my experience in China during my year abroad, studying at Nanjing University, I know the ups and downs, the joys and woes of living in China. And I can’t tell you how excited I am to be back here, but this time, with a new city to explore… hello Chengdu!

InternChina – Clare
InternChina – Clare

So far, I’ve tasted my first mouthfuls of authentic 川菜(Sichuan cuisine), many of which dishes, such as 鱼香茄子(fish smelling aubergine) and 回锅肉(twice-cooked pork), are old favourites from my days back in Nanjing. They’re even better here! I’ve explored the streets near my new flat, getting to know the local restaurants and discovering the Tibetan quarter near Chengdu’s South West University. The best place to buy your gold Buddhas, fur-lined monks capes, prayer beads and incense.

I also spent a day in nearby 洛带, the ancient town of Luo Dai, wandering through the streets of ancient architecture, dodging smelly tofu stalls and sampling the other street food. The 串烤鱿鱼 (spicy barbecued squid) in particular was delicious. Well worth a visit.

InternChina – Luo Dai shops
InternChina – Luo Dai shops
InternChina – The Ancient Town of Luo Dai
InternChina – The Ancient Town of Luo Dai

My first few days in the office have been a whirlwind of information; learning the ropes for the many different marketing, sales and business development tasks I’ll be getting involved in. Life in the office is going to be busy, but it couldn’t have a friendlier atmosphere. Looking forward to getting to know my new colleagues and the rest of the interns here in Chengdu.

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Before your stay

InternChina City Test!


Hello everyone!

Today we have something special for you: The InternChina Team has created a little test for you, in order to find out which city in China would suit you best!

We know we are mainly in cities which are not that famous in western countries, that’s why we want to give you a little help.

Please don’t take the test too serious, it’s supposed to be fun but no guarantee for anything.

InternChina’s City Test

Have you already decided where you would like to have your internship experience? Send us your application to or apply directly through our website.

Btw., there might be a question no.13, it’s a little strange, just answer anything it doesn’t influence the result.

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InternChina company update

Hey there, it’s Jamie again and this time I want to blog about some exciting news for InternChina. As you will see from the recent blog posts, we are very happy to welcome Jack to our team as the future Qingdao office manager! We have also just welcomed Amber Sun to our Qingdao team as our new accountant. Their profiles will be added to our Team Page soon. These 2 new recruits represent 2 other big changes for our company. Firstly as many of you already know, our CFO and InternChina co-founder Duan Yifan is now almost 9 months pregnant and will be leaving us for a few months to have her baby! We’re all really excited! Good luck Yifan!

duan yifan
InternChina – Duan Yifan

The second big change for our company is that our current Qingdao office manager Jenny will be setting off from Qingdao to CHENGDU early next year to set up the 3rd InternChina office. We’re all really looking forward to having a 3rd exciting destination to offer.

The next big news is that InternChina will be opening a marketing office in the UK next year. On my way back to the UK I am taking some time off to see some other parts of China, Nepal and India. Keep up to date with my travels on Facebook and on my blog: Yes, I went there, I made a website with my name as the URL, it just felt right…

After visiting Xi’an, the next stop on my travels was the city where we will open our third China office next year: CHENGDU. Chengdu is an awesome city with a unique feel to it. It’s a big city which is developing fast, but has maintained a very relaxed, easy-going feel to it, with a huge Tea House culture and friendly Sichuanese people.

One interesting thing we observed in Chengdu was that parents were posting ‘personals’ ads in the park for their single offspring with the aim of finding a husband or wife for them! This is something that has to be seen to be believed, but in China there is a real culture of working hard and having no time to find a suitable ‘date’. Often if a child is single for too long, the parents try to intervene!

Overall I would say that Chengdu deserves it’s place in China’s Top 10 most ‘liveable’ cities alongside Qingdao and Zhuhai (Chengdu actually finished above Qingdao and Zhuhai last time they conducted a poll in 2010!). The most obvious attractions in Chengdu are the Giant Panda’s, which are incredible, and the famous spicy Sichuan food. The panda centre is way better than I expected. The pandas have a lot of space and great environment to live in and visitors can get almost within touching distance of the pandas. The pandas themselves love to eat and lie around napping, and are very cute! Chengdu also has a unique cultural feel as it’s close to Emei Shan, one of China’s 5 holy mountains and also has a tibetan district, as the city is so close to the border with tibet. Chengdu has plenty to offer and is close to some of China’s most beautiful countryside, so we are looking forward to offering internships, Chinese study and homestay programs there from 2013!