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Zhuhai Ready : Meet Audrey, new IC office intern !

About Me

Hello everyone ! My name’s Audrey and I come from Strasbourg, France, and I just graduated with a Bachelor degree in Trade in the European Environment. As part of my studies I already had the opportunity to do an internship in Shanghai in 2015, and this was by far my most memorable and rewarding experience! The idea of going back again to China has been haunting me since, s0 now I’ll be interning in the Zhuhai office for 6 months!


I always had an interest in Asia, I could not explain it, it is just a part of me! My trips to Shanghai made me fall in love even harder. Before I arrived in Zhuhai, I wasn’t stressed at all- I waited for so long after being offered the role that it felt much more like a release to finally arrive! My adrenaline level was at its height when I jumped in the plane and made my way to Zhuhai via Hong Kong and Seoul. At the airport, my roommate and fellow office intern picked me up and brought me home!

 Zhuhai so Far

It has been 1 week so far and Zhuhai is better than expected. The people are nice and welcoming, the food is delicious, the views are stunning and the relaxing vibe is amazing!  The IC office staff are always keen to help and explain anything I need to know. Although I got overwhelmed in the beginning of my stay, the more time passes by, the more this experience seems like to be the opportunity I needed to move on and find my path. I kind of struggled with English at the start of my stay, but time will help and now I feel more at ease with people. Especially as I can enjoy the nightlife here with people from all over the world!

My Expectations

I hope to :

  • Develop my “Guanxi”.
  • Acquire new professional competencies through my work within an international team.
  • Gain more self-confidence.
  • Re-discover and deepen my knowledge of China and its business environment.
  • Enjoy the city and its possibilities as well as the local culture.

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A Tale of Three Cities

Type ‘China’ into any search engine and a bewildering mishmash of skyscrapers, shopping centres and super-sized monuments flood the screen. From photos, at a casual glance, one city can look quite similar to another. But in a country that spans 9,600,000KM² and what should be 5 different time zones, there’s a wider variety of cultural differences than first meets the eye. So what sort of local culture can you expect to encounter doing an internship in Qingdao, Chengdu or Zhuhai?
Lucky for me, I’ve had the opportunity to visit or live in all three cities now. From my internship in the central western metropolis of Chengdu, to living and working in Qingdao out on a peninsula on the east coast of China, and finally visiting Zhuhai for business in the far south coast bordering Macau. I’m starting to develop a real sense of the local flavours in terms of food, culture and general attitudes to life. Let me see if I can summarise it for you:

InternChina – Sauteed Clams

InternChina – Hot Pot

The Food (in my opinion the best way to get a feel for any Chinese city)
Far east Qingdao meal times are all about, yes you’ve guessed it, the famous local brew Tsingtao Beer. Whether the Qingdaonese are eating out in the late evening at the street BBQ round the corner or cooking at home, there’s a jug of Tsingtao on the table. Interns here over the summer months often see people winding their way home with a few plastics bags full of beer swinging from the handle bars of their E-bike or scooter. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a plateful of sautéed clams or BBQ chicken wings.

Out west in Chengdu is renowned for its tongue numbing SPICE. Moving here most interns learn to develop and iron lining to the inner stomach pretty quickly, but the flavours make it absolutely worth it. The locals don’t just leave the restaurants to the visitors either, the Sichuanese love a regular family night out. They can spend hours around a pot of Ganguo (Dry Pot) or Huoguo (Hot Pot) chatting noisily, chilling and drinking copious amounts of beer to quell the numbing thirst.

Down south in Zhuhai the flavours are much more delicate but just as mouthwatering. Meals here usually start off with the careful observed tradition of rinsing your cups, bowls with the hot water provided. It quickly becomes a habit that you miss when visiting other cities. The best thing about Zhuhai though is the breakfasts! Arrays of Dim sum (variety of small stacks mostly consisting of steamed shrimp and meat dumplings) accompanied by a warm bowl of rice porridge that sets you up nicely for the day to come.

InternChina – Chinese Chess

InternChina – Playing Mahjong

The Elderly
I always think the elderly are of the best indicators of local culture. China’s ageing population are noticeable wherever you go. The Chinese love spending most of their morning practising Taiqi and their days with their grand kids, but all three InternChina cities have their fair share of elderly Chinese Chess (Xiang Qi) players and card sharks too.

In Qingdao you’re more likely to find these groups in the peaceful parts of Old Town, congregated under the shade of big trees planted in the German colonial period. With the grand-kids running around them the scene looks pretty idyllic but I’m fairly sure at least some games of Baohuang (Protect the Emperor!) and Gouji (High Level) end badly for at least some of the players involved! Both are local card games invented in Shandong province.

Over in Chengdu it’s the tea houses that draw in the Sichuanese senior citizens. A fellow intern once told me of a disastrous time they bet against the grandmother of her host family in a game of Mahjong. Trust me, they won’t go easy on you, the only way is to learn their tactics the hard way! It might be hard on your self-esteem but it’s not a bad way to practice your local Sichuanese accent outside of the language classroom.

Down in Zhuhai, it’s a fair bet that they take no prisoners either when betting on card games like Tuolaji (Tractor) and Doudizhu (Fight the Landlord). With such close proximity to the world’s largest gambling centre Macau just over the border, it’s no wonder the gambling spirit has permeated Zhuhai’s local population too. At any rate, when their not at the cards you’re likely to find most of Zhuhai’s pensioners wandering along Jida Beach and Lover’s Walk.

InternChina – Qingdao Facekini

InternChina – Chengdu shopping

The Stereotypes
People from Shandong Province where Qingdao is based are renowned for having a hospitable nature. However there’s also a strict and disciplined streak in there. Qingdao-ren get things done! That’s why Qingdao’s port is one of the busiest in the world. Weekends are often spent fishing from the shoals or relaxing in a tent on the beach make up for the bustle of the city centre.

Chengdu people can have a bit of a spicy temperament, just like their food. But in day to day life the locals are extremely easy-going. They like to take things slow which is a direct contrast to the booming development of the city growing up around them. For the younger generation, resident foreigners and visiting students though, Chengdu is fast becoming a party capital for China.

Zhuhai-ren is also incredibly laid back. They also have a reputation for pragmatism, a pinch of ambition but also a warm dose of hospitality. The truth is that very few Zhuhai people are originally from Zhuhai, due to its location bang in the middle of Hongkong, Macau, Shenzhen and Guangzhou it’s attracted people from all over the country as well as many a foreign face. This also makes Zhuhai a hot-spot for big corporations from Hong kong breaking into the Chinese mainland market.

InternChina - Zhuhai Lover's Road
InternChina – Zhuhai Lover’s Road

The first cities that usually come to mind for people in search of a competitive work environment, where you can learn new skills in China are usually Beijing or Shanghai. But if you’re really up for a new encounter, and a chance to get immersed in a different culture whilst discovering what makes China’s economy tick, then find out more about some of the internships on offer in Qingdao, Chengdu and Zhuhai. Apply now!

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Hengqin – the bright future of Zhuhai

The scale of the developments in the Pearl River Delta represents some of the strongest in the whole of China. Its geographic location makes it perfect for opening up to foreign markets and it is already attracting a great deal of international companies. One of the key projects that have been in development for 10 years and are about to be finished is on the doorsteps of Zhuhai – Hengqin Island.

Hengqin New Area is located on Hengqin Island in the south of Zhuhai, Guangdong province. It is just 200 meters from Macao, connected by bridges. It covers an area three times the size of Macao. In 2009 after a visit from President Xi Jinping the state council approved the implementation of the Overall Development Plan of Hengqin which incorporates Hengqin Island into the Zhuhai Special Economic Zone and represents the ongoing cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao under the policy of “One Country, Two Systems”.



As seen above there are many projects in hand to be developed. They have been in construction from 2009 and some are due to be completed by 2016. We would like to show you the main projects.

Shizimen CBD – Central Business District


Estimated investment in this project is around 100 billion Yuan. The aim is to create a Physical Platform amongst Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.  The CBD boasts the Zhuhai International Conference Center, International Expo Center, international standard grade-A office buildings, international standard five-star hotels and supporting facilities.  Industries such as finance and insurance, business service, business and trading, headquarters settlement will be covered and introduced from Hong Kong and Macao.

Hengqin Finance Industry Service Base


This project will compose of 18 office buildings, 1 finance street service center and 1 catering center building. The base provides enterprises with independent, high-quality, garden-like offices and operational outlets with perfect supporting facilities. Two routes of free shuttles have been opened between Finance Street and the urban area of Zhuhai.

To date, more than 180 financial institutions have been introduced.

Chimelong International Ocean Resort


Chimelong International Ocean Resort is a world-class, large, comprehensive tourism resort integrating leisure and tourism, a luxury hotel, business exhibition centre, tourism and shopping, and sports and entertainment.  It boasts the longest roller coaster, the highest Ferris wheel and the largest ocean park in the world.

Xiangzhou Culture Street

p1 (1)

The project was invested in by Zhuhai Jingfu Tourism Development with a total investment of around 1 billion Yuan. There are plans to create a large cultural, tourism project.  It will integrate an exhibition center, leisure, tourism, shopping and foods, using traditional folk craft and folk custom culture as theme.

Guangdong-Macao Cooperative Traditional Chinese Medicine Science & Technology Industry Park

p1 (2)

This serves as a demonstration of development cooperation between Guangdong and Macao.  It is an international TCM industry base, jointly planned, invested in and run by Guangdong and Macao. Traditional Chinese Medicine industry, Traditional Chinese Medicine health service industry, Traditional Chinese Medicine information industry and Traditional Chinese Medicine cultural industry will dominate the park to form an international science & technology industry cluster demonstration zone of TCM health care.

The New Campus of University of Macau in Hengqin Island

p1 (3)

The new campus was governed by laws of mainland China during the period of construction, and is governed by laws of Macao after completion of construction. It is one of the key projects of cooperation between Guangdong and Macao. The new campus consists of gymnasiums, libraries, 10 residential colleges as well as teacher and student dormitory buildings. It is linked to Macao by a 1.5km cross-ocean tunnel.

Combined Gas Energy Supply Project of Hengqin Island

p2 (1)

This project upon its completion will become a reliable and economical power supply for China Southern Power Grid to transmit power to Macao, and will form a new-type energy base covering the whole island featuring a combined supply of electricity and water.

The near future looks incredible for Zhuhai and its surrounding areas! Take a look at more articles in our Blog section!


InternChina News, Manchester

InternChina’s newest recruit

Hi, everyone,
My name is Ali, I am turning 25 this year (sadly) and currently live in Manchester UK. I’ve been luckily enough to work for a worldwide bank in a very successful sales role where I was rewarded significantly for my efforts there in my first ever job fresh out of college as a fresh faced 18/19 year old.

I am so immensely proud to be joining the InternChina team as their first ever full time UK employee! It’s my first few weeks in the role of Bookings Administrator and it has been very busy but I have enjoyed every minute so far. Our managing director Jamie has made me feel very welcome along with all the other staff based in the Chinese offices.

After spending a considerable amount of my free time in Manchester as all my friends were located there, I decided to take the plunge and move to a big city. There I was successful in acquiring a role for the government as an Information Advisor for the UK public in relation to their employment rights. In this role that I highly enjoyed, I meet some fantastic people but when I found out InternChina was hiring I put all my efforts into pursuing a career that meant more than just your average 9-5 role.

InternChina - Taken on top of a mountain in Andorra 2014.
InternChina – Taken on top of a mountain in Andorra 2014.

Fortunately in the last 10 years I have been able to visit a few countries around the world with friends and family. These include going to the Caribbean for a family wedding, touring through most parts of Europe with friends on skiing and summer holidays and the best trip of my life to Asia in spring 2014.

My holiday to Asia was great for so many reasons, none more so than the amount of places I was able to fit in to the trip. Starting out with a few days Hong Kong, I then got the ferry to Macau where I made it rain in the Venetian, that was followed by some eventful to say the least nights out in Zhuhai and Shanghai. From there I took the cultural element of the trip a little bit more serious and went on to visit the giant pandas in Chengdu, the Terracotta warriors in Xi’an, and the Great Wall of China in Beijing. The trip which lasted just over 3 weeks then sadly came to end in Korea where I had an equally fantastic time in Seoul.

InternChina - Loving life on my first night in Hong Kong.
InternChina – Loving life on my first night in Hong Kong.

All in all I couldn’t recommend Asia more but in particular China! From the incredibly friendly and warm locals to the amazing cities, landscapes and superb cultural experiences on offer it most certainly has something for everyone.

InternChina - Me enjoying some Chinese food.
InternChina – Me enjoying some Chinese food.

I am now really excited to start my career with InternChina, help the company grow to best of my abilities and hopefully get to visit China and Asia on many more occasions.

Chinese Festivals

Jasper’s Chinese New Year

My Chinese New Year journey started on 30th January when we finished work. That night we first went out to dinner and then spent the rest of the evening drinking with all the interns in Zhuhai. It was a very good night with some amazing fireworks to celebrate the start of the new year.

InternChina – InternDinner

The next day I woke up quite early (with a slight hangover) to take the ferry to Shenzhen which is actually very close to Zhuhai. A friend of mine was there on holiday so we decided to meet up. When I arrived in Shenzhen I first met my friend and we then rushed to take the bus to Hong Kong. The bus ticket to Hong Kong was quite cheap and on a quiet day the journey only takes around 50 minutes, which thankfully for us, it was!

Once we arrived in Hong Kong we walked around the city and got lost. I didn’t mind as I actually find this the best way to explore a new city. Later that evening when we managed to find our bearings we returned to Shenzhen and spent the next two days there. My time in Shenzhen was very relaxed, we spent the days walking around, eating and chilling in the sun., which is my ideal holiday!

Because my first trip to Hong Kong was such a short trip I decided to go there again but this time all on my own and then return to Zhuhai the same day by ferry. But this time round the bus to Hong Kong was terrible, it was slow and overcrowded.

Once again when I arrived in Hong Kong, I spent the day walking around and sightseeing. I didn’t keep track of time and didn’t feel like rushing to take the ferry to Zhuhai, so I decided to find a hostel and stay in Hong Kong for the night. Easier said than done. Because it was Chinese New Year it was extremely busy time in Hong Kong and every hostel/hotel I came across was full!

After 2 hours of searching, I finally found a hostel with the one bed available. At the hostel I met some nice people who I then I went to dinner with. I was also able to discover the Hong Kong night life with them.

I had initially planned to wake up early to do some last minute sightseeing and allow myself plenty of time to get the ferry to Zhuhai. But as I overslept, I had to rush anyway. When I finally arrived to the port I heard the ferries to Zhuhai were full for that day. But it wasn’t a problem as there were other ways to get back to Zhuhai, this was to take the ferry to Macau and then cross the border. After hours of waiting, taking the ferry ride and a bus ride through Macau, I finally made it home! The remaining 2 days of the holiday, I did what every teenager loves to do, just sit back and relax.

There are plenty of cultural and fun activities to do in China during Chinese New Year. And more places to travel to than you can dream of. Do an internship in China and be here for the next Chinese New Year, apply now!


Jasper’s Introduction Blog

Nihao people, my name is Jasper. I’m from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This is my first day here at InternChina in Zhuhai, I have been introduced to the young and fun staff here at the office. After one day I can already see myself having a great time here and I’m confident I will learn a lot here.

InternChina – At the Great Wall

After I finished high school in Holland I moved to Shanghai where I enrolled into Donghua University to study Business Administration. It is a lot of fun studying in Shanghai, it is a dynamic city with a lot to see and do. During my break I wanted to do an internship not only to gain experience, but also one that involved seeing more of China and Chinese culture. So this was a perfect match for me. Zhuhai is very close to Macau, Hongkong and Shenzen, all places I have always wanted to visit and now it is all possible.

One thing I love about China are the people, they are all so kind and willing to help you out. Another thing I love is the food, Chinese take a lot of pride in their food and that shows. There is so much variety and delicious kinds of food, you can’t walk 10 meters without walking by a restaurant or food stall.

InternChina – Zhuhai

Zhuhai is a small city compared to Shanghai (still more than 1, 5 million people living here!). It’s a totally different environment. But also a lot of nice people and activities to take part in.

This is a great opportunity for me to understand more about the Chinese way of doing business, learn to plan and organize events and gaining marketing experience. I’m very excited for my upcoming adventures here in Zhuhai.

Start enjoying an internship in Zhuhai as I do and apply now.


Freizeitgestaltung in Zhuhai

Nun bin ich schon fast drei Monate hier in Zhuhai und mache mein Praktikum bei InternChina. Glücklicherweise habe ich noch gute zwei Monate vor mir.Ich möchte euch mehr über das Leben hier in Zhuhai erzählen. Unter der Woche kann man hier in Zhuhai tolle Sachen machen. Nach der Arbeit treffe ich mich meistens mit anderen Praktikanten die bei unseren Partnerunternehmen arbeiten.
Häufig gehen wir zusammen Abendessen und die Auswahl an guten Restaurants ist ziemlich groß. Hier in Zhuhai bekommen wir Gerichte so gut wie aus jeder Provinz Chinas. Zusätzlich gibt es  eine große Auswahl an westlichen Restaurants, d.h. was das Essen betrifft, kann man sich kaum beklagen.  🙂

drinking coconut
drinking coconut

Nach einem guten Abendessen gehen wir gerne mal Inlineskaten, Bowlen, Billard, Tennis oder Badminton spielen. Wenn ich mal nicht unterwegs mit Freunden bin, setze ich mich zu Hause hin und lerne chinesisch oder gehe spazieren in einem von den vielen Parkanlagen, die wir haben oder einfach nur an der Promenade entlang.
Natürlich sind die Wochenenden am Besten! An Freitagen gehen wir normalerweise alle gemeinsam aus. Wir treffen uns am BBQ oder bei jemandem zu Hause, trinken dann ein paar Bier und dann geht es auch schon los zur „Barstreet“.  Dort gibt es viele gute Clubs, in denen wir oft die ganze Nacht tanzen und Spaß haben. Hier läuft auch ganz normale Musik, wie wir sie aus unserer Heimat kennen aber auch ab und zu Beats aus den Chinesischen Charts.

view of zhuhai
view of zhuhai

An anderen Wochenenden fahre ich gerne auch mal nach Guangzhou (1 Std. mit dem Zug) um meine Freunde zu besuchen oder aber auch nach Hong Kong (1 Std. mit der Fähre) zum Shoppen.
In Zhuhai lässt sich das Wochenende sehr leicht gestalten und die Auswahl an Aktivitäten ist ziemlich groß. Neben den vielen Sportaktivitäten wie Tennis, Badminton, Beach-Volleyball usw. kann man auch Paintballspielen gehen, auf den Berg hier in Zhuhai klettern, um die Aussicht zu genießen oder zu den Hot Springs fahren, um sich zu entspannen, zur Massage gehen, die hier ziemlich preiswert ist und vieles mehr. Unter anderem kann man wunderschöne Wochenendausflüge auf Inseln in der Umgebung buchen. Rund um Zhuhai sind mehr als hundert kleine Inseln, auf denen man zelten oder auch Hotels buchen kann – ein Wochenende an einem herrlichen Strand.
Zhuhai ist eine Stadt in der es nie langweilig wird. Die einheimischen sind super freundlich und hilfsbereit. Man lernt auch sehr viele Leute aus unterschiedlichen Ländern kennen, was sehr interessant ist.

Zhuhai ist eine tolle Stadt mit vielen interessanten Praktika. Bewerbt Euch jetzt und erkundet die Stadt mit Monika.



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Shopping in Zhuhai

As I had to pack my baggage for China it was impossible for me to take everything I need. I had to compress my whole life in only 23Kilo. But what can I leave at home? What do I really need? That leads to the main question:  What can I buy here in China?
You can find nearly everything here in Zhuhai. There is the big underground market, the walking street and a lot of shopping centres, where you can buy clothes, shoes, handbags and stuff for your mobile phone and a lot of other things.

The underground market in Gongbei is located right at the boarder to Macau. It’s like a huge labyrinth – two floors and loads of corridors. One small shop is next to the other.  In these shops they nearly use every centimetre to place their products. From very cheap over handmade up to “brand” clothes and handbags: every sector is available. You can find some shops for the men’s world as well, like electronics, mobile phones, DVDs, watches and outdoor equipment. However, you have to be careful – when you are a foreigner and you don’t have an idea of the prices they try to rip off your money.  So you have to know that these prices aren’t fixed – you HAVE to bargain. For me it’s kind of fun, though, to walk around and bargain with these people for the price.

If you want to shop in common stores like H&M you will be disappointed. Zhuhai itself has no H&M store but we have “Only” and “Vero Moda” which are more or less the same quality-wise. If you really can’t live without H&M you can go to the three big cities next to Zhuhai: Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou. As these stores are all over the world, the prices are the same as everywhere. For more Western shops you can go to the international plaza – a huge shopping centre with Western brands.  Fast food chains like McDonalds, KFC and Starbucks can also be found there.

You are also interested in the local shops? Then you can go to one of the many Shopping centres in our city and the famous pedestrian zone of Zhuhai.  There you find common Chinese stores that are similar to the European H&M.

Keep in mind sizes are smaller than in Europe – so don’t be ashamed to take a bigger size. The Chinese women naturally have a smaller and tinier figure than we have.

Would you like to help Pia bargaining in Zhuhai? Then apply for an internship now!

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It’s Easy To Travel Within China!

Before coming to China, I remember thinking that when my six month internship in China is finished, I want to be able to say I’ve really seen China. During my initial emails with current Office Manager Morgan Dolan before I arrived, I told her this, and she replied with “I don’t think you realize how big China really is!” Six months later, I can actually say that I have seen a lot of China!

Hong Kong Skyline

The truth is, China is really big! It’s very easy for me to get overly ambitious with my travelling ideas, so when I initially got here I aimed for the closer places – Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Macau, etc and finally got over the idea of ‘seeing’ China. Then one day when I was sitting at the park with a bunch of my friends (fellow interns), a few of us came upon the topic of all the places in China we’d like to go. Pretty soon we had all agreed on the great places we’d all want to go. A few of us girls ended up making plans to go see these places before our internships are over; Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xi’an. These were our goals.

Bamboo rafting in Yangshou

Planning trips can tend to be very overwhelming, so we decided to tackle one destination at a time, and planned one trip per month. After doing a lot of research and talking to some of our Chinese friends, we found that the best websites to use for traveling within China are: www.skyskanner.com, www.ctrip.com, https://flight.qunar.com/. These websites offer a wide variety of frequent flights from all of the nearby airports (from Zhuhai, the easiest airports to depart from are either Zhuhai or Guangzhou). There are also many buses that go from Zhuhai to either the Zhuhai airport or the Guangzhou airport directly, and they run really frequently so it is really easy to just hop on the bus after work on a Friday and go straight to the airport. Prices for flying within China also are not too expensive; for example my flight to Shanghai was 1000rmb (125€), to Chengdu  and Xi’an were both 1300rmb (163€), and the flight to Beijing was 2000rmb (250€). From what our Customer Relations Manager Sunny tells me, flights within China can be a lot cheaper, however this all depends on when you buy the tickets and the time of year that you decide to go – we however didn’t have that much time and simply wanted to ensure that we would go there, so we were happy with these prices.

Beijing - Great Wall of China

There are arrays of cheap, and great, hostels to choose from in each city.  By visiting www.hostelworld.com  you can check out all the local hostels and pick the best one for you. Most hostels also help you plan your trips, and can usually cater them around for you. For example, in Xi’an the hostel arranged for a private bus to take us to and from the Music and Dance Show and arranged our tickets and everything for us, so all we had to do was show up at the door. In Beijing, our hostel arranged our trip to the Great Wall, so we did not have to worry about anything when we arrived, but instead just got to relax and enjoy our trip and know that we were being taken care of.

Xi'an - Terracotta Warriors

Even if you are unable to get any days off or holiday time from your internship, it is still very possible to travel. Because we all intern in different companies and weren’t able to get the same days off, we decided it would be easier if we focused our trips to be on the weekends, meaning for every trip we’d choose the latest flight on the Friday night, and the latest flight on the Sunday night to ensure that we got the full weekend. So on the Friday, we’d leave straight from work to the airport and usually only arrive at our destination really early in the morning, but at least it meant that we had the whole Saturday and Sunday and that we were not wasting any time. Monday was always a little difficult, as we were all tired from our hectic weekend and arriving back really early in the morning, but it’s totally worth it!

Phoenix Ancient Town

Another great way to see China is through InternChina itself – we plan many cultural trips around China, some of our most recent trips were to Zhangjiajie (the scenic spot where the Avatar Mountains were filmed), Yangshou, Phoenix Town, Xiamen and Fujian. These trips are a lot of fun as all the interns join on these trips, and we all get to experience them together. InternChina also plans out everything from transportation, accommodation, trip details/itinerary and food, so the interns never have to worry about anything and just get to enjoy the amazing trips! InternChina usually plans a trip every 5 weeks, so whenever you arrive you will have the opportunity to go on a trip within China and have a great weekend away with all the other interns! You can see some of the Zhuhai teams’ blogs from our trips here: Zhangjiajie, Phoenix town, Yangshou, Xiamen.

All the places I've had the opportunity to visit during my 6 months internship

If you have dreams of seeing more of China during your stay, don’t let the distance throw you off! It’s so easy to travel within China, and it’s so worth it! My stay here would not have been the same without all my weekend travel trips – it also gives you such a better understanding of China as a whole, and the area you are living in. It allows you to experience all of the different Chinese dialects, styles, cultures, and types of food.

Are you interested in coming to China for experience and cultural awareness? Come to China and travel to all the great sites! Apply now for an internship or send us an email for more information.

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Becoming a Zhuhai local

Today is my last day at InternChina. For someone who enjoys writing, I’m having a hard time finding words to describe my time here. Really, six months might seem a long time, but it actually goes by in the blink of an eye. It feels like just yesterday that I was sitting at the Lao Shaanxi restaurant for my very first IC office lunch of liang pi and rou jia mo (incidentally, that was my last lunch as well).
However, this is not a real goodbye. Having graduated from my Masters just last year, I was looking for opportunities to jump-start my career and that is one of the reasons I chose to do an internship in China. Working at InternChina turned out to be the right strategic decision: thanks to the many contacts and strong relationships we have with dozens of companies in Zhuhai, I was able to find a full-time job in my field of studies, Marketing.

My original goal was to find a job in an exciting metropolis such as Beijing or Shanghai, but after half a year here, I am convinced that Zhuhai is the best place for me to begin my career. Even though it’s a small city by Chinese standards, business is booming yet the lifestyle is laid back and inexpensive. The tropical weather makes you feel like you’re on holiday even on a regular working day, and if you ever find yourself missing western food or culture, Macau and Hong Kong are just around the corner.

I had done quite a few internships before I came to China, but I can honestly say working at InternChina has taught me so much more than I expected. From learning how to manage my time with a heavy workload, to becoming head marketing intern and delegating tasks, up to figuring out logistics of arrivals, trips and events; it has all prepared me for the challenging work that awaits me at my new job.

But most of all, I have enjoyed my time in Zhuhai thanks to the people that have been part of it. The InternChina team is my family now, and Philippe (the Zhuhai Office Manager) has not only been my boss but also like the brother I never had. And even though many of the people that I’ve met here are gone or will be leaving soon, I consider them true friends and hope to see them again one day. I look forward to keep making memories with them and with all the new interns still to come.

Would you like to do an internship in China, make lots of friends and jump-start your career at the same time? Apply now or send us an email for more information.

HeZhou Waterfall
InternChina – HeZhou Waterfall