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Ben´s Birthday BBQ


生日快! (Sheng ri kuai le!) Happy Birthday!


Ben, a Chengdu intern turned 21 yesterday. Such a big thing: he is American.

Therefore, he has all the freedom of an adult now (though he would be alowed to drink beer in China since he is older than 18)


Ben with his host family

To celebrate Ben´s birthday the InternChina team & Ben´s lovely host family met to have a really nice Chinese BBQ. Ben´s host family was hosting the party and therefore we spend a terrific evening above the rooftops of Chengdu.


Chinese BBQ

The food was absolutely merit a 21st `birthday. We had a lot of local dishes, different meat, nicely cooked vegetables and awesome seafood. Nevertheless, I need to mention Ben´s German birthday cake, which was obviously very tasty.

birthday cake

Ben really enjoyed celebrating his birthday with his host family. After staying with them for 10 weeks, he really feels home here in Chengdu. Next to your internship you do in China – which is obviously nice for your CV – your host family and the InternChina team really become your 2nd family. Hence, celebrating your birthday in China becomes very special.

Spending an evening with three generations of Ben´s host family was a really good experience for the other interns as well. We taught Ben´s “host-brother” some more English and applied our new Chinese language knowledge while talking to Ben’s “host-grandparents”

Intercultural exchange

All in all we had an awesome evening and we wish Ben all the best for the future!


If you want to enjoy some cultural experience as well visit our website for more information!


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Homestay in Zhuhai

Hello everyone,
Today I want to write about my homestay and my guest family in Zhuhai! It’s now 2 weeks ago that I moved to my guest family and I can honestly say, that I really enjoy living with my guest family together! My guest family has 4 family members – the grandmother, the father, the mother and their son, who is 15 years old. With me together we are 5 people and I am really feel like a part of the family, because they really treat me like part of the family, they worry about me and always show interest in me and in what I am doing. The mother ( I call her Jenny!) and her son (Chen Xu) speak English so that mostly we don’t have conversation problems. I also try to speak Chinese with all of them but I have to admit, that it is still not easy. The good thing is that they really try to help me with my Chinese – if I ask them something, especially Jenny, she always has time for me and my questions. The house of my family is just 2 bus stations away from the office and you can find a lot of different shops and restaurants on the same street. The location is really convenient and lovely.

About the living conditions I can say that I am really satisfied. Their house has 3 floors, which are nice equipped and furnished. I live in the third floor and have my own, big room with a separate bathroom, whit a bathtub inside. I also have a small balcony and the view from there is really terrific! Like you can imagine, the food, especially dinner, is always good and miscellaneous – I love it to have dinner together with them!! 🙂 Before I moved to the family, I didn’t have high expectations concerning the living conditions; I thought it would be a normal house, nothing special at all…
Fortunately I wasn’t right and I really enjoy living there, although sometimes I feel a little bit uncomfortable, e.g. when I arrive early in the morning on weekends drunk … But I think they know that this is what young European people like to do sometimes and therefore they don’t mind. Of course they want to know what I´m doing, where I´m going and stuff, but I think this is normal and we always find a way to arrange ourselves.

I can really recommend this family to everyone, who wants to live together with a Chinese guest family in Zhuhai! 🙂

Zhuhai Family
InternChina – My Homestay Family