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When it’s time to move on…

When I arrived in January, I wrote my first blog in French. It may have been easier to write my farewells in my mother tongue but I’m happily taking the risk to use my English skills to reach most of you.
The more I’m growing up, the more I find time hard to capture. I still remember the first day I entered the office, my first impressions, my first time using Mandarin or the first noodles I tasted, but I would have never imagined that I will be sitting here, trying to do a recap of the past 6 months I lived.

6 months is a long time but still, it passed in a blink of an eye. I have seen a lot of people leave, and now my turn has come!

The view from our balcony

To cut a long story short, my experience can be split with the seasons: Winter and Summer.

Winter in Chengdu was cold, with only a few interns in the city: a small group with big hearts, we all quickly became friends, fighting the coldness of the streets by getting to know each other in the warm and smoky bars of Chengdu. When they left, winter left with them, and was replaced by a fiery Spring/Summer, along with more than 50 interns. Now we are fighting the heat and humidity, and because there are so many people, it’s harder to develop true bounds, even though their hearts are as big.

Spending 6 months working for InternChina was a professional experience far more than enriching: I’ve learned how to adapt to so many different situations that I feel I’m able to move mountains if I want to. We like to call our company a family, and it is! Even though I haven’t met most of my colleagues (spread in China or in Europe), we’re all connected and we can all count on each other.

I was lucky enough to have such an amazing team in Chengdu (Paul, Cassie, Lucy, Tamara, Henry, Joe, Miya and Rainie), a hard-working team always happy to go beyond what is expected of them. I have learned a lot from their undying energy.

InternChina offers to every participant an incredible social network, composed of very different individuals who would probably have never known each other, even if some are from the same countries. A great cultural melting-pot of open-minded people trying to learn as much as they can from Chinese culture.

I have struggled myself, I’m still struggling when I try to use the little mandarin I know, and most of the time my mind is blown away by the contrasts of this country. I love how China can be such a huge mess that works so well. I love how I got to know my Chinese friends and other foreign friends better and how I could learn from their perspective, their vision. I love how I improved myself by getting so much from other people, and give back as much as I could.

I needed to go to China by hook or by crook to see with my own eyes how this great country is moving forward, I’m happy to say that I found more than what I was looking for.

It is still hard to believe that my time here is over, but there is no place for sadness or sorrow, as I’m moving forward with great memories and a lot of stories to tell and to remember. InternChina gave me the push I needed to feel more confident with my own strength: ‘move forward’, ‘get out of your comfort zone’, ‘challenge yourself’!

I truly hope it would be the same for you.

Start your adventure, apply now!


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Zhuhai’s economic development in figures


The Free Trade Zone in Zhuhai is expanding every year. Established in 1996, the FTZ is one of the 13 active zones in China and the only one in the west bank of the country. It is becoming one of first class FTZ in the world by 2020.

It is estimated to have yielded 1.69 billion Yuan ($270 million) in GDP and 1.3 billion Yuan ($208 million) in value added output of industrial business above expected size in the first half of this year. The year-to- year rise is between 10% and 12% annually.

Recently after a reform in its management methods of settlement of foreign exchange capital investments, the FTW offers even friendlier environment for foreigners willing to invest. The new rules make sure that there is minimum loss when transferring foreign exchange capital. This system protects each investor from fluctuating exchange rates.

The zone is to become a comprehensive bonded new town combining an international trade exhibition platform, regional logistics hub, bonded processing base and bonded commercial housing base. The beginning has started with the 20 level Chiao Kuang Business Center in Zhuhai-Macao Cross-Border.


Live Science Park to be created by Singapore in Zhuhai’s Free trade zone Doumen district.

A Singapore-headquartered fund management company will build a Singapore Life Science Park in the zone costing 12 billion to 15 billion Yuan ($1.92 billion to $2.4 billion) to cover a headquarters economy, medical treatment and health rehabilitation, medical R&D centre and other industries. The ground of the project will combine bio-pharmaceuticals, medical apparatus, massive health industry, medicine logistics and e-commerce in its territory.

AVIC International Holdings LTD will make the zone’s biggest aviation parts exchange centre in China. But this is not the only project in the city. Statistics show that the number of high-end projects since last year reached 179. These include a couple of Fortune Global 500 Companies and Top 500 Companies from China. The total investment exceeds 30 billion Yuan ($5 billion).

The expansion of the FTZ will include leading enterprises from the aerial maintenance and training sector, precision machining, electronic parts manufacturing, medicine and medical apparatus, warehousing and logistics.


The Zhuhai-Hong-Kong-Macao bridge is almost done. It should be oppened by 2016.

Once the Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macao Bridge is finished it will create a historic trade bond in the delta. The FTZ will become a Macao-facing logistic delivery centre taking advantage of its preferential policies – “free trade zone”, “24/7 customs clearance dedicated checkpoint” and “special export tax reduction policy”.

By 2020 Zhuhai will have one of the greatest environments in the world for investment. The bridge with Hong Kong will make sure that it takes no more than 30-40 minutes drive to one of the most important financial centers in the world. The special rules in the Free Trade Zone will encourage many of the biggest companies in the world to invest and create their centers of operation in this place. And this is just the beginning. With growth that keeps pushing  higher than 10 % each year, Zhuhai will become one of the most important points in China’s future economic development.

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Wutao´s introduction blog

 I was stunned when I saw the proudly displayed billboard advertising the city of Chengdu in the airport of Frankfurt, Germany. The poster read “Half of the Fortune Global 500 are in my hometown. Can Do! Chengdu!” Alongside this slogan, there was an image of a panda wearing a jacket, decorated with the logos of major international brands.

Chengdu is changing fast



I’m Wutao from Chengdu. I haven’t lived in my hometown for 2 years. Throughout my time studying in Germany, I have always thought about life in my home city. Thanks to my experience in Europe, I’ve been very interested in presenting the Chinese culture to foreigners and learning more about theirs. I feel so lucky to have been given the chance to work with InternChina during my holidays.


In 2006, Chengdu was officially named the best city for tourism in China. Chengdu is famous for its unique cuisine, fine weather and the surrounding tourist attractions. In ancient times, Chengdu was famous for its crop production and was known as “The Country of Heaven”. The city has maintained its agricultural heritage.


With such an ancient history, I wondered how Chengdu would cope with modernization.

I boarded the plane with questions in mind. The surprise became stronger as soon as I arrived in Chnegdu Airport: A modern 4 Floors Terminal catering for international flights. Two Metro lines which are connecting the cities with its suburbs. The new BRT system (Bus Rapid Transit), which runs on the new built flyover upon the whole Chengdu 2nd ring. None of these facilities were available when I was living in Chengdu two years ago! The city had changed rapidly.


Similarly, the lifestyle in Chengdu had undergone a huge transformation. I was taken by surprise during a dinner with friends: Instead of asking the waiter to take order, my friend grabbed out his smart phone and chose from the digital menu and paid online.


Wutao in Ethiopia


With all these positive surprises I arrived in Chengdu as a local but also as a newcomer. Over the next two months I will be completing an internship as part of the InternChina team based in Chengdu. I’m already excited to welcome our new interns and discover with them more about the city!




If you want to enjoy Chengdu´s fast growth send your CV and cover letter to


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Chengdu: The New Land of Opportunity

“Why Chengdu?” is the question most people will ask when you mention you’re interning in China. Hardly the first city that comes to mind, most would wonder why you aren’t in Shanghai and Beijing, China’s press darlings that receive most international attention.


As China continues to grow at a blistering pace in its 4thdecade of consistent economic growth, the Chinese urban landscape has begun to change. While Beijing and Shanghai once represented the nexus of business and economic development for the country, opportunities have begun to spread beyond the East coast corridor further inland, resulting in a role reversal between the periphery of Western China and the once dominant metropoles of Shanghai/Beijing. Chengdu now is one of China’s fastest growing cities and is the center of the government’s push to branch development beyond the coast.


Destined to become both the Motor City and Silicon Valley of China, Chengdu’s growth trajectory over the past decade has been beyond phenomenal. With over 14 million people (projected to be around 20 million by 2020), Chengdu currently is China’s 4th largest city[1]. Conveniently located in between Western China and Eastern China, the city is now home to a mix of manufacturing, IT, and finance while simultaneously acting as the primary hub for businesses trying to expand westward to gain further access to China’s untapped markets. Chengdu is now home to over three hundred of the Fortune 500 companies, ranging from automobile giants in Toyota and Volkswagen to global manufacturers in GE and Foxconn Technology Group. While the average growth rate for China as a whole has roughly been between 7-10%, Chengdu’s GDP has expanded by 15% on an annual basis in recent times, making it one of the most exciting cities in the country labelled as the new “land of opportunity”. With seemingly limitless business prospects, the question has become why aren’t you in Chengdu!


Want to experience Chengdu’s growth first hand? Why not come to China! Apply now or send us an email for more information.