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InternChina Movie Time Part 4 – The Last Emperor

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This movie is following the life of China’s last emperor PuYi of the Qing Dynasty. The film covers almost 60 years of his life, starting with him ascending the throne as a two year old child in 1908. Being forced to live a life in the Forbidden City and undertaking responsibilities which are too much for his young age. Growing up, PuYi becomes a person who is not able to sustain himself, fancying a “western playboy lifestyle” and then being exploited by the Japanese as the king of Manchukuo… In the end PuYi becomes just another peasant among thousands

Why watch this movie:
The movie got several Oscars and is not only recommendable because of its aesthetics and the original shooting location ‘Forbidden City’ in Beijing, but also because it will teach you a lot about Chinese history in the beginning 21st century! Being around 160 minutes long and first published in 1987, Bernardo Bertoluccis’s film is really worth watching!