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SmellMe – China is going pet crazy

Worth a staggering $1.2 billion, the Chinese pet-care market shouldn´t be underestimated.  SmellMe (闻闻窝), a Chinese startup saw the potential and created a social network solely for China´s pampered pets targeting some of the estimated 33 million households in the country holding a cat or dog.  With already 500.000 registered users SmellMe is more than just a gimmick and includes everything from setting up a profile for your pet to an overview of user-rated pet-care places like pet hotels and grooming salons. Even snapping pictures or short videos in order to hook your pet up with someone else’s is possible!


However, this is nothiing new and there are already a couple of other social networks for your pets like “Klooff” (https://www.klooff.com/) with a user base of around 1.5 million in the US or “my social petwork” (https://mysocialpetwork.co.uk/) in the UK.

For some this may sound like a joke but this is already a reality and if you walk along the streets of any city in China, you will see a lot of pampered dogs or even cats. People take good care of their pets and treat them very well, therefore this app could be a new dimension for the pet market in China. We will see what the future brings and if the business model has a longer lasting prospect of success, but for now we can say that 500.00 registered users is quite impressive for a pampered pets social network which launched in 2014.


The website can be found here: https://smellme.cn/

The website is currently in Chinese only so if you can´t read Chinese the page might not be for you! Still, it is definitely worth having quick look at and put your browser’s translator to the test!







Written by Kevin Dean Kowalczyk | Intern at InternChina

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10 Things about China that “Westerners” Envy – Part II of II

Who doesn´t like singing in the shower? In China karaoke reaches a new level. Everywhere you go you find KTV where Chinese as well as foreigners sing, eat, drink and have fun together. If you haven´t experience KTV before, it´s worth to go to China and see it yourself.
Note – Karaoke in China is a bit different from the drunken yodalling in the west. Chinese people can actually sing and they take it pretty seriously! Warm up with some scales before you go.





Street and food sounds like two different pair of shoes but in China this is common practice. Everywhere you go you will have little streetfood “restaurants” where you can find everything from fried chicken feet to the best noodle soup you can imagine. Be open for everything and you will probably taste some of the most delicious food in the world.



Beer in bags

Tired of opening beer bottles? Why not just buying plastic bags filled with the amount beer you would like to have? Sounds hilarious? In Qingdao, China you can find fresh brewed beer filled into plastic bags, just don´t forget to ask for a straw so you can directly enjoy the taste of the freshness.

InternChina TOP TIP – Can´t finish a bag in one go and struggling to put the bag down without spilling the beer??  Get a coat hanger, put the large hole on a door knob then hang the beer bag from the hanger hook! 😉



The magic moment when cheese is 1/2 price in the foreign supermarket

Finding cheap cheese in China could be one of the hardest challenges in your lifetime. But there is this magic moment, the moment which conjures a big smile on your face, the moment where you see the cheese for half of the price in a foreign supermarket. But be careful, big queue´s of foreigners which nearly fight for getting a little peace of the cheesepie, so be prepared and bring a lot of patience with you.



Everything is hard but nothing is impossible

How often do you hear the sentence “This is impossible”? In China there is a different mindset. Even if the challenge looks like the most impossible task the world ever faced, Chinese people find a solution for it. It might be not the best solution but it works and it´s better to have a solution that works than standing in the desert without any water.


Written by Kevin Kowalczyk | InternChina


Chinese Traditions, Cultural, Discover Chinese culture, Learn about China, Travel, Understanding Chinese culture

10 Things about China that Westerners Envy – Part I of II

Traffic Light Countdown Displays
China’s traffic lights display the number of seconds left for those who are crossing or waiting to cross the street. Many foreign countries do have this, making it more inconvenient for pedestrians.


A Big Place to Explore

If you haven´t been to China before you rarely can imagine how much land China really has. Taking a bus or train from the south to the north of China doesn´t just take a couple of hours, it takes a couple of days, of course depending on where you are going to. I just remember my friend which said: “Let´s go to Shanghai by train and have a great weekend there”. My answer was: “If you want to spend the whole weekend in the train I´m in”.

Chinese lunch and dinner

Haven´t been invited to a typical chinese lunch or dinner yet? Then you definitely missed something. It´s not only delicious it´s even more and there will be such a variety of all kind of different food on the table that you will have problems about with which you start trying. But the best about it is to share all the food with others which makes it a really unique experience.

Chinese dinner at it´s best


Forget Amazon, forget ebay and everything else what you are used to in western countries you’re your online shopping experience. Whether you are looking for a human hamster wheel or rather a spaceflight, on Taobao you can find nearly everything.

Some facts:Taobao Marketplace had more than 5 million registered users as of June 2013 and hosted more than 80 million product listings. For the year ending March 31, 2013, the combined gross merchandise volume (GMV) of Taobao and Tmall.com combined exceeded RMB 1 trillion.



Music matters

Running along the beach while enjoying the sunshine and the fresh smell of water and one second later a guy with a bycycle drives by with a big music box on the front of his bike. Yes in China music matters and whichever public place you will be at you´ll find someone listen to music and yes, chinese people even share the music.

You will also find lots of free dance classes in the outdoors in squares and parks, where you can just join in and learn some new fantastic moves, even if the moves are old fashioned and surrounded by pensioners.


Written by Kevin Kowalczyk | Intern at InternChina Office Zhuhai