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InternChina Come Together 2013 – Charity event in Zhuhai!

Come together



On the 16th of October 2013, the Come Together 2013 Organisers and CPAZ (Charity) went to visit the town of PingSha (平沙镇) and handed out the money and Goodie Bags over to the student representatives and head teachers of 8 schools from the Zhuhai area, which covers the educational fees of 141 students.
2013年10月16日, Come Together慈善派对2013的主办方珠海爱心会去了平沙镇把筹集到的善款和爱心包交给了8所学校的学生代表和校长,这支付了141名学生的教育费用。


  1. Thank you and Closing notes from the Come Together 2013 Organisers
  2. Timeline
  3. Links to published media
  4. What’s next? How can YOU help? Email: info@internchina.comjj@deltabridges.com


  1.  -主办方致谢词和2013 Come Together 慈善派对事记
  2.  -时间表
  3.  -媒体报道链接
  4.  -下一年,你能为这个活动做些什么?Email: info@internchina.comjj@deltabridges.com


This event has only been possible because of the incredible generosity from our Sponsors, Organisers, Volunteers, Partners and last but not least the Awesome Bands; which all Came Together to make such an event possible, rock the house and raise funds to help the underprivileged children of Zhuhai. Thank you so much!!
今年活动的成功归功于我们可爱的赞助商,组织者,志愿者,合作伙伴和乐队,他们的热情慷慨让活动走向了成功。卖力演出,筹集善款,以帮助解决来珠海弱势外来务工人员子女的教育问题。 再次感谢你们!

This is not a one-time event. We have now successfully organized a Come Together 2012 and 2013 and we look forwards to COME TOGETHER 2014.

We have succeeded in creating a fully transparent (thanks to Chief Accountant Mark Clayton from China 2 West) Charity event for the foreigners and Chinese of Zhuhai . Enabling us to give back to our local community in cooperation with the Zhuhai people, a licensed Charity (CPAZ), the support of the Chinese government, our local schools and communities.
我们已经成功地为珠海人的中外友人创建了一个完全公开透明的慈善派对,这要感谢活动的总会计师,来自China2West的Mark Clayton。以此更好的回馈给我们的地方社区,珠海友人,爱心会,还有政府,学校和合作商的支持。


We are extremely proud and again A big THANK YOU to everybody for Coming Together and helping our local community at the Come Together 2013 charity event held on Sunday 8th September 2013.



The Representatives from Come Together 2013:

InternChina, Deltabridges , China2West, CPAZ, ODM and  MindSparkz

2013 Come Together慈善派对的代表们

InternChina, 珠三角纵横 , China2Wes,t爱心会, ODMMindSpark


www.InternChina.com: Philippe Touzin, Sunny Sui, Jack Everett, Pia Faulhaber, Monika Wilamowski

www.DeltaBridges.com: Jean-Jacques Verdun, Kelly陈枚. 珠三角纵横

www.China2West.com: Mark Clayton

www.Cpaz.org.cn: Chen Ying (陈鹰) and Volunteers

www.TheOdmGroup.com: Joseph Fry

wwwMindSparkz.com: Luke Niederhofer 



Timeline of the day


Depart CPAZ office at 8:00am withOrganisers, CPAZ and volunteer cars. We brought with us the money and also the “love bags”.


Pingsha Town

CPAZ Office

CPAZ(珠海市爱心促进会) Office in Zhuhai, address: 珠海市拱北水湾路223号

9:30: Arrived at CPAZ PingSha office- the PICC building
9:30分, 到达爱心会平沙办公室,PICC大厦

Group Photo



9:40; Presentation and speeches
Speeches were made thanking CPAZ and ComeTogether2013 for having organized such an event and providing financial support to the underprivileged Children and Families.
Speeches were made thanking the Children and Teachers for having come and asking them to study hard!

Vice-general manager of Zhuhai
From left to right : Mr He(PICC vice-general manager of Zhuhai, Mr Chen(Secretary of Youth League Committee of Pingsha), Mr Li (party committee members of Pingsha town), Mr Philippe Touzin (Come Together organizer and InternChina) and Mr Chen Ying 陈鹰 (Founder of CPAZ).

9:50; official opening of CPAZ office ceremony

CPAZ opened their first satellite office in PingSha town to help the local community, the event correlated nicely with the Come Together donations to give a good head start to the humanitarian undertakings
爱心会在平沙镇开设了他们的第一间办公室,以帮助当地社区有需要的群体。刚好Come Together活动的善款筹集为他们打响了头炮。

Group Photo2
From left to right: Mr Xie(PICC Manager for Jinwan district), Mr Philippe Touzin (Come Together organizer and InternChina), Mr ChenYing (陈鹰) (Founder of CPAZ), MR Li (party committee members of Pingsha town), Mr He (PICC vice-general manager of Zhuhai, Mr Chen(Secretary of Youth League Committee of PingSha.
左一、人保财险金湾支公司经理谢团, 左二、InternChina代表和COME TOGHTER 组织者代表Philippe Touzin, 左三、珠海市爱心促进会会长陈鹰,左四、平沙镇党委委员李享贤’ 左五、人保财险何雄副总经理,  左六、平沙团委书记陈少辉委员

Ms Li

Ms Li , One of the PingSha town schools (平沙实验小学) Teachers-giving a Thank you speech

10:00, Come together 2013 representatives present the CT2013 event and amount raised for Tuition, Food, Transport and Love Bags for 141 students
10:00 Come Together 活动代表介绍了CT 2013活动和目前筹集到的金额将用于114位学生的学费,餐费,交通费和“爱心包”。

Philippe Touzin

Mr Philippe Touzin – Come Together organizer and InternChina
菲力浦-Come Together慈善活动组织者之一,来自InternChina

10:10; Ceremony of handing out the money and Love bags: to students and head teachers representing 8 schools in the local area.

A handful of student per school attended with their head teachers to receive the envelopes and bags for themselves and the other underprivileged students in their schools. These envelopes and bags will be handed out to the students on our list. The head teachers we met will all personally go to the families of the children to hand out the money and take the signatures as proof of receipt which will be available in the InternChina office for any who wish to see (this will take about 1-2 weeks to collect from the 16th of October onwards)

10:10: 典礼上移交了善款和爱心包给在当地8所学校的学生和班主任。


Group Photo3


!!!Come Together representatives handed CPAZ a BIG Cheque for 87768.7.-RMB!!! Come together 2013 活动代表爱心会移交了价值人民币87768.7元的支票。

From right to left: CPAZ volunteer, Ms Pia Faulhaber( InternChina), Monika Wilamowsky (InternChina), Ms Sunny Sui (InternChina), Mr Chen Ying 陈鹰 (founder of CPAZ), Mr Philippe Touzin (Come Together organizer and InternChina), Mr Joseph Fry ( The ODM Group representative) and Mr Luke Niederhofer ( The MindSparkz representative)

Love Bags

Handing out of Love Bags. Contents: school Bag, new uniform, pens, educational material and a Globe

student representatives
The student representatives from 8 schools in the PingSha town area

handling out of envelope containing

Handing out of envelope containing 550.-RMB: covers the cost of Tuition, Transport to school and food fees. The envelopes were then handed to the Head Teacher representatives so they could distribute it to the Parents and receives signatures as receipt.

10:20; Photography session
10:20 合影留念

Everyone Come Together!

Group Photo4

Student representatives, head teachers, CPAZ, Come Together Organisers, P.R.C PingSha government officials, PICC managers
学生代表、校长、珠海市爱心促进会、Come Together慈善活动组织者、平沙镇政府代表、中国人民财产保险公司经理

10:30; Play games and mingle with students, teachers and gvt representatives. Transferring all the bags to cars for delivery to schools.
10:30 学生,老师,政府人员与活动代表玩游戏。将所有爱心包送往学校。

IC Interns

Sunny Sui, Monika Wilamowski and PiaFaulhaber

InternChina - Come together 2013
InternChina – Come together 2013

 Joseph Fry and Luke Niederhofer

InternChina - Come together 2013 - Kids opening their Love Bags
InternChina – Come together 2013 – Kids opening their Love Bags

Philippe Touzin2

Philippe Touzin

10:40: went to visit 平沙实验小学

IC Staff

From left to Right: Monika W., Pia F., Philippe T, Joseph F and Sunny S.

1st Year students

1st Year students doing Exercise

Come together2

Come Together Organisers and CPAZ chatting with students
Come Together 组织者、珠海市爱心促进会和学生们交流

11:10-12:10; went to visit 2 families (with their children) in 2 different villages who received aid through CT-2013

11:10-12:10: 跟随两位获得CT2013捐助的学生去他们家中探望。

– 1st Village: we met the Grandparents of Student He XiaoQing(何小琴). Her Mother passed away when she was 3 years old, her father ran away a couple of months later and she has since been cared for by her Grandparents.
– 第一条村子:我们遇见了学生何小琴的祖父母。获知在小琴她3岁的时候母亲就已经去世了,两三个月后她的父亲也离家出走,现在,她跟祖父母一起生活。


From Left to Right: Grandfather/Legal guardian of student, Mr Chen Ying 陈鹰(CPAZ), and student

2nd Village: three students lived in this house with their mother (the father ran away several years ago). The two brothers are sick with haemophilia(血友病) and need weekly medication. They were not in school that day due to having a fever. The mother was very kind and hospitable. We chatted and introduced to the children where were from. It was the first time they had met foreigners, not counting 5 nationalities! They were quite shy but very nice. The CPAZ volunteers decided to give a on the spot additional donation for this family, which led to emotions swelling high, and tears on both sides.
– 第二条村子:三位孩子和他们的母亲一起住(父亲几年前离家出走了)。其中两兄弟都患有血友病,需要每周用药。今天由于发烧所以没上学。母亲非常善良好客。我们给孩子们介绍我们来自哪里。这是他们第一次遇见外国人,还是来自5个不同国籍!他们很害羞,但非常友好。爱心会志愿者决定,当场为这个家庭给予额外的捐款,他们母亲当即流下了感激的泪水。

2nd Village

2nd Village

Group Photo

from Left to Right: 1stStudent, 2nd Student (brothers), Philippe T., CPAZ Volunteer, CPAZ volunteer, PiaF.
从左到右:学生、学生(兄弟)、菲力浦、珠海市爱心促进会志愿者、珠海市爱心促进会志愿者、Pia F.


12:30: Lunch in local restaurant with CT-2013, head teachers, gvt officials for Pingsha and PICC managers

12:30: CT-2013和校长,平沙政府人员代表和PICC经理在当地餐厅就餐


14:00: Event officially over and everyone returned home




Remember to keep September 2014 free in your calendar for Come Together 2014!!!

请在您的日程上为20149Come Together慈善活动留下空位


 Links to published media



-News Articles on Come Together 2013 – 16/10/2013


CPAZ websites:



DeltaBrides珠三角纵横 website for Come together 2013




-Where to find pictures?





What’s Next? How can YOU help?



Email: info@internchina.com & jj@deltabridges.com



Come Together 2014 is currently in the process of being organized so that we can effectively lobby and secure bigger donations for next year’s event. But WE NEED YOUR HELP! How? Easy:


1)      Donations pledged to the Charity

2)      Prizes for the lucky draws

3)      Cash Sponsorships to cover the costs of the event (even though the actual costs are pretty low, it would be great if all could be covered so that all the profit from the drinks could directly go to the charity fund)

4)      Alcohol Sponsorships (to be sold during venue-to raise funds)

5)      Band to perform!

6)      Volunteers to help with the above and with the event itself.











Email: info@internchina.comjj@deltabridges.com



Remember to keep September 2014 free in your calendar for Come Together 2014!!!

请在您的日程上为20149Come Together慈善活动留下空位!

If you want to come join us and spread the love while also gaining valuable experience abroad, then apply now!

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The Zhuhai “Come Together” charity event

This past weekend, the InternChina Zhuhai office was main organizer of the “Come Together” charity event, which took place on September 8th from 3pm to 9pm at the Live bar. Everything at the event was completely donated: The owner of the Live bar didn´t charge any fee, the local bars took part and donated the beers and spirits, the restaurants donated raffle prizes.
One night before the event the Zhuhai Office went out to the clubs and bars in Zhuhai to promote this event! It was fun and a nice experience to see how different the reactions of Foreign and Chinese people are when you start talking about this kind of events.

On Sunday September 8th we had about 30 volunteers helping out with preparation before the event, selling beers and spirits, cleaning and collecting the donations. Chinese and Foreigners came together to work for a good thing. Four live bands: Tommy Chung, The Buhao Boys, Phil O´Flaherty and The High Rollers were playing during the event and ensured a great atmosphere.

InternChina- The High Rollers performing at Come Together 2013

In addition, there were raffle prizes including a night in a five star hotel in Zhuhai or a day in a hot spring. We also had a date night auction where the highest bidder won an evening of the volunteer auctionees time.

InternChina- One of the lucky prize winners!

The money for beers, spirits, raffle tickets and the money we raise with the auction went directly into donation boxes. In total we raised over 100,000 RMB. All the money is going to the organization “Cpaz”. With this amount of money “Cpaz” is able to support around 160 children without a Zhuhai “hukou” in education. It covers lunch,transportation, study material, school uniform and a school bag for one term. It was a day full of fun and positive energy because everyone knew we came together for the children!

InternChina- The Zhuhai office celebrating a successful Come Together 2013
Homestay Experience, Qingdao InternChina Events

InternChina’s Qingdao Host-Family Lunch

InternChina – Host Family Dinner

Last week on Sunday 2nd December, InternChina’s Qingdao office organized lunch buffet in Qingdao’s famous Copthorne Hotel (国敦大酒店).

We invited all our host families to say thank you for so many years of co-operation: Putting up with different students from all over the world, treating them like family members and taking time to integrate them into their families is a lot to ask and we know that!

InternChina – Delicious Food

Staying in a host-family means a lot of effort for both sides: The student has to get used to a completely different way of life and has to integrate him- or herself into Chinese family life and the Chinese family has to learn about a new culture, too.
But staying in a Chinese family will mean a big boost for your Chinese knowledge. It’s one of the best ways to learn Mandarin Chinese, and there is no need to be afraid, all our host-families have a least one person who is able to speak English. Our host-families are also very caring. They provide breakfast and dinner for all our students and sometimes will also take you to enjoy family activities on the weekends, that’s why we thought a mixed lunch would be perfect for everyone. Combining Western and Chinese cuisine, making both sides more eager to know more about the other – you will not only learn about Chinese culture but also about your own. Being a part of a Chinese family will be a unique chance and we want to thank all our host-families to make this great experience possible!

Read more about staying in host-families here!


Are you interested in making all these experiences together with one of our host families?
Send us an application to info@internchina.com or have a look at our Website!

Zhuhai InternChina Events

Come together Charity in Zhuhai

Giving 60 children the opportunity to go to school- that was the headline of the day in Zhuhai. On September 1st InternChina helped organise a Charity-Event ‘Come together’ in the Beishan theatre to help raise money to buy children equipment to go to school.

InternChina – Charity

The collected money from the Charity Event ‘Come together’ was given to the children today at their new school. The head-organizers of ‘Come together’ gave the envelopes to the children and got compensated with an affecting speech of one of the kids.

InternChina – Donation

InternChina and a lot of InternChina interns helped to collect money for the school education of 50 children. Several live bands and DJs, a BBQ, a donation and a raffle helped to collect enough money to buy 60 children their whole school equipment.

InternChina – School

After the event was such a big success and after everyone saw the smiling children practicing their English, everybody was sure, that there will be a ‘Come together’ next year.

InternChina – Happy Children

Thanks again everybody for helping and for making all of this happen.

Zhuhai InternChina Events

‘Come together’-Charity Event

Helping to provide local Chinese children with an education at school while listening to great live-music. For most of us here in Zhuhai, that was the main priority this weekend. On Saturday 1st InternChina helped organise a Charity-Event ‘Come together’ in the Beishan theatre to help raise money to buy children equipment to go to school.

InternChina – Donation

Several bands from HongKong and Macau, like The High Rollers, Tommy Chung and the Chicago Blues and The Bu Hao Boys came to be a part of ‘Come together’ and made sure the Event became a big Party. While helping to collect money for a good cause, people also had a good time dancing and laughing the whole night, in very impressive scenery.

InternChina – Band

The Beishan Theatre and the Beishan Hall were built in the Qing dynasty, where the traditional Chinese Flair will hook you in immediately. Beishan was surrounded by small alleys, small Chinese shops, where men were playing cards till late at night and people were enjoying a barbecue on the street. It really did feel like you are in a completely different world.

InternChina – Zhuhai

Having fun in that incredible atmosphere made everyone excited to help out and be part of this charity project.  All the intern volunteers had important tasks that they needed to do which included: coordinating the seven live bands, helping with the sound and light on stage, arranging the raffle and the donation and a lot more.

InternChina – Moderator

The money raised means that there is enough money collected to buy more than 50 kids their whole school equipment, so overall the charity event was a success!

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1st Bar Tour in Qingdao

Hi everybody!
This is Stefan from Internchina Qingdao blogging. Some news to update you: Internchina Qingdao office is proud to present its first Bar Tour on February 11th! It was an amazing pub crawl well organized by Franzi for her very last weekend in Qingdao as an Internchina intern 🙁 Thank you so much for everything!
Back to topic: 15 participants divided in groups of 3 people (with at least one girl in each group to keep fair conditions) tried their best to be the first group in the last bar, in order to get the prize of free beer. We had quite a lot new arrivals these days so it totally made sense to let them get to know Qingdao’s nightlife and the new intern community. Despite the competitive character, the atmosphere was relaxed and – for sure – everybody had great times. Altogether 6 Bars were involved and had great offers of 7 drinks and snacks. For every Bar each participant got his Bar Visa stamped to make sure, no one skips a Bar to be the first group. Although there was not really a danger of people skipping drinks, which they would get for special offer . We started at Diner22 with a cocktail of our choice and some snacks to be prepared for the evening. The route for the next stops (Terrazzo, Old Jack’s, Charlie’s Bar and LPG) could be chosen by every group itself. However, except one group we all took the same ways, enjoying the drinks together. The variety of drinks we got in every Bar ranged from Cocktails, over beer, shots, wine and Long drinks. That night’s destination that had to be reached safely and with full stamp card, was Carnegie’s in Zhonglian Plaza. Oh and… well, guess who’s team won? I had loved to drink my winner beer but someone stole it!… The destination Zhonglian Plaza was of course also well chosen, since it is well known party area in Qingdao. For those who still didn’t had enough after 6 Bars and at least 7 drinks, there is Ye Chao Club right next door of Carnegie’s. Fortunately, everybody made it to the final stop without any bigger incidents.
The next Bar Tour will be in March, the exact date will be announced soon! Hard to top that pub crawl but we are working hard on it 🙂

Hopefully see you on the next tour then!


Stefan – Bar Tour Champion February 2012