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Riding the Buses in Qingdao

We ride the buses to get everywhere in Qingdao.  There are over 130 buses and trolley buses (some are even on the electric lines) that are in rotation in Qingdao.  Most all the buses cost only 1RMB which is very cheap.  If you want to ride the really nice ones they cost 2RMB (this is due to the Olympics back in 2008).  Some buses have a card scanner other buses have a person that comes around and collects the money.  All the buses have a metal slot where you can put cash or coins in.  10 wu jiao = 1RMB = a bus ride (get it, its easy).  If you ride the bus for a long time sometimes you may have to pay 1 extra RMB.  The buses run from early in the morning until around 10pm at night… After that if you are out you need to get a taxi.
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