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Chengdu hosts Fortune Global Forum 2013

The Shangri La hotel, one of Chengdu’s ritziest places. A hotel chain with a great reputation!

The Fortune Global Forum has come and gone in Chengdu, but the city has never looked more beautiful. Sunny blue skies above, a cool breeze in the air… the city’s hoping fortune will continue to smile upon its residents long after their esteemed guests leave. For the past weekend, Chengdu has played host to some of the most influential people in international business, in hopes of attracting further investment interests in the burgeoning western city. The centre of China’s “Go West” initiative, Chengdu has been an economic hub for western China for the past few years; the Forum was seen by many as the city’s coming out party for the world, allowing businesses to become familiar with the country beyond the usual Beijing/Shanghai mix.

Glamorous Shangri La overlooking the city

The effects of the Forum’s arrival were visible, with many beautification projects coming to fruition in the days leading up to the big event. Flowers were replanted, fountains were constructed, and rules were enforced to put the city’s best face forward.

Pandas were added to the gardens: the region's most iconic image

With already 200 of the Fortune 500 companies located in Chengdu and a growing automobile industry (Volvo has recently opened up a plant, adding to Toyota, Volkswagen, and numerous other car manufacturers in the region), the city is clearly vying to add to its already extensive list of multinationals. Attempting to attract companies by enforcing stricter IP regulations than other areas, Chengdu is clearly a city on the rise filled with opportunities waiting to blossom!

Pedestrian rules are enforced!

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Before your stay, Internship Experience

A few tips from our Zhuhai Office Manager

So you are thinking of doing an internship abroad.
Perhaps you’ve already made up your mind that you want to come to China. You have just discovered our website through one of our partner universities or on the web, have browsed around for a bit and found the most important pages: Internships, Studying Chinese, Accommodation, References and now this great, juicy-looking page: the Intern China Blog. So much interesting information, and so varied (don’t forget to check out our most recent posts on all the different topics!). But still you might think:

“I have questions… and it’s China – far away, different language, different customs – I’m not sure who I could talk to about this or if anyone can really help me…”

If this is the case, here’s what you can do:

1. Call our offices! Hop over to this page and pick who you want to contact; you can even email our General Manager in the UK to arrange convenient time-zone phone calls.

2. Write to our enquiries email, which will automatically forward your email to the Manager of the city you are interested in. If you are still unsure about the city, then don’t worry: any of my colleagues and I, can help. So email me!

3. Browse through our site or FAQ list.  Here are few questions that come up quite often (I will try to answer each one as best I can):

a. Will there be other foreigners in Zhuhai/Qingdao/Chengdu?

YES. InternChina is a growing company so there are interns all year round in our cities. They are doing internships, language classes or just enjoying the cultural exchange experience of living with a Chinese family. Some have finished their internships and decided to stay on longer as they’ve had such a good time. We even have a few who have been given full-time jobs at the end of their internship!

InternChina organises meals, events, trips and other activities which enable you to meet lots of new people and create strong friendships. Additionally, we are located in three economic hubs in China, so there are also many western companies whose employees live here full-time. This means that during your internship you might work with some foreigners or even meet a few when you go out for a meal or to the bar streets.

b. Will I be able to discover the culture and people whilst having a busy internship schedule?

YES. Zhuhai, Qingdao and Chengdu are three very different cities yet very similar in the sense that they are big enough to attract foreign companies and heavy government investment, but also small enough that you will need to learn the culture and some language to move around. It’s very different from Beijing or Shanghai – where foreigners tend to group together, speak English and in general only go to places targeted at expats.

Remember you are coming to China to discover the culture, the people, the places, the business world, the food, the crazy firework parties…. and this can only be done by being in China and living the Chinese way of life. The locals won’t invite you out, to dinners or special events if they do not get to know you! So get out there, take a foreign friend with you as support and go practice the language and communicate! This is the best way to improve your Chinese and Guanxi.

c. Will InternChina be available to help me out when I am actually in China?

YES. InternChina will always be there to help you on-site. We place interns only in the cities where we have offices: Zhuhai, Qingdao and Chengdu.

On your arrival in China you will come to our office where we will give you an introduction to your city using the awesome Welcome Package and answer any questions you might have. The main reason for this is so that you get to know us, where our office is located and how to get to there. So, if there is an issue and you need our assistance with anything, you’ll know exactly where you can find us, and we can also come find you quickly. Fortunately we are all very experienced and issues get solved simply and efficiently by our foreign and Chinese staff, so most visits usually tend to be of a tea-and-cake nature.

Remember, InternChina does not only provide you with an internship and accommodation, but also with:
– Social support
– Regular dinners, events and trips
– Cultural discovery
– Advice, assistance and help regarding all facets of your life in China


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