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KungFu Class in Qingdao

Recently Qingdao InternChina office has been busy with helping 36 students settling down in Qingdao for the Summer School programme 2012. One of our first Cultural activities which we organised was a KungFu Class with our experienced Teacher Pan and his assistant Dan, who is an American practising with teacher Pan already for more than five years. Teacher Pan or “Pan Laoshi”, as he is titled by his disciples, started practising Chinese KungFu when he was a little boy. He had to start off in the woods as during the 60ìes Traditional Chinese Kung Fu was not very popular at that time and since then he is practising and teaching outside. You usually would find him practising at 5 o’clock in the morning, however for our German group he made an exception and started off at 2pm.
10 curious Germans joined the class and with the help of American Dan they learnt several Joint locking and self-defense techniques which are very useful and easy to apply. After watching Pan Laoshi doing a full choreography of the “Praying Mantice Style”, he gave an introduction to applications of several moves. Most of them can be used even when the defender is much smaller and skinnier – we all learnt, that is about the precise technique and the right speed than about the muscles. It was a very interesting introduction to Chinese Kung Fu and I guess on sunday it would have been just the right moment for a Chinese massage to relax the stressed muscles.

We are all very happy that you enjoyed the classes and are looking forward to our next activitiy on 4th of August: A hiking trip to Laoshan!

If you want to participate in Kungfu Classes or learn more about Chinese Culture in general, enroll in our language school or do an internship. You can just apply here:!