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China strengthens its grip on global trade

I thought I’d share this article I read in the Guardian the other week:

China never ceases to amaze me when it comes to the sheer scale of the engineering projects that have been undertaken since its economic rise and emergence as a global superpower. For me the new canal through Nicaragua, for which a Chinese firm has secured a 100-year lease to build and manage, has to be one of the most ambitious and significant projects of recent times. The ramifications of this route on global trade will be huge and China’s position in the newly shaped landscape will arguably be right at the top of the pile.


The environmental and human impact of such huge projects under Chinese stewardship at home and overseas often comes into question and China’s role in international development projects is a very interesting subject. All of these issues are part of the unprecedented development of the world’s most populous country and contribute to making it so interesting as a case study.

Tanker squeezes through the existing route - the Panama Canal
Tanker squeezes through the existing route - the Panama Canal

For me these are two of the biggest reasons to come to China, do an internship and experience the development of the country first hand:

1. The development of China is one of the most fascinating stories of modern times. Imagine visiting Japan or the USA during their periods of economic growth. China is the success story of our generation and the unique elements of social and cultural change are just as fascinating as the economic change.

2. China is cementing its position as an economic superpower for the future, but the way China is developing and the way it goes about doing business is rooted in hundreds of years of tradition. These values are not going to change quickly and the number of westerners learning Chinese is still relatively low compared to the number of people learning English as a second language. By learning Chinese and understanding Chinese business culture, you are putting yourself in a prime position to be able to work with one of the world’s economic superpowers.

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