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Apple Festival

Apples, apples and APPLES!My name is Jan and I am a student from Germany.
I’m visiting the 10th class of my high school in Ladenburg near to Heidelberg. Right now, I am visiting China for three weeks during of a school exchange. One of these weeks we are doing an internship and I decided to do it at InternChina.
The first day was very great. The people here are very friendly and funny. On the second day another German intern offered me and two classmates to join him to an “Apple Festival”. A little bus picked us up the next morning and we drove to a little town near.
The first thing we saw was a huge stage with a lot of big speakers on each side and we had to walk over a red carpet. One festival volunteer guided us to a table with the sign “foreign friends” on it. And now we saw why this festival was called Apple Festival. On each table there were lots of huge apples. Everywhere there were cameras focused on us because the Chinese people don’t often get to see foreigners. After the first ceremony with guns and fireworks a festival volunteer guided us to some tables next to the stage. On these tables there were different kinds of apples from regional farmers. I think we had try billions of these apples. The boss of the company told us that the province is very proud about their bio-apples.

After that, we met the mayor of this little town. He showed us the production facility. The working conditions for the workers are very different to the conditions of European countries. And every time, there were one or two cameras focused on us.

So my conclusion is that the apple festival was very pompous. It was very funny being something “special”

Jan Rohark