Pagoda Projects – Sample Proposal

History of PP – Run through the company, the staff, the existing partnerships/programmes we deliver, awards we’ve won and number of participants who’ve completed the programme.

Programme options – explain in more details the differences between the programmes and what’s included.

Pricing – explain the cost per student for each of the standard programmes we offer in the different destinations and that there’s no minimum numbers required.

(reckon we’ll need to do a page for each of our markets in the end so UK, USA, Canada, Aus, NZ and so on…. just so the spelling, currency and terminology is relevant to who we’re sending this out to)

Marketing content – Here we need to embed a programme specific video, images to some good LinkedIn and some other SM posts we’ve done to promote the opportunity, sample flyer we can create, an image of a sample landing page and make it clear that this comes as standard with our partnerships.

Timeline – Nice image would be good, showing signing a doc to a plane taking off? Just need to chat about the things we want to include, like applications window, promotion of programme, screening, confirming who’s taking part, pre-departure briefing and departure. Be better if this was in more general terms and no dates specifically mentioned.

Toolkit docs – I think it would be good to also include these documents here, with buttons for each document so they know the boring stuff is well taken care of.

Sample contract – Need a short blurb explaining that it’s a sample contract, we’re happy to amend and a link to the PDF doc.

Call to action – Next steps of finalising a partnership, requesting a call back or the end goal – request a contract!