Research Project


Western Sydney University – Communications Research Programme (2022)

We are delighted to once again be supporting Group Research Projects for Western Sydney University in 2022!

Our mission remains focussed on increasing cultural understanding, developing employability skills and helping our participants to gain valuable experiences in new and innovative ways.

This project is fully-funded by the Australian Government’s New Colombo Plan Mobility Program. To be eligible, students must:





Various company stakeholders in China, Vietnam and Taiwan have existing materials that would benefit from your analysis. This includes representation from both the private and public sectors and a range of organisations from start-ups to multinationals

For this project, participants will work together in pairs, acting in a consultancy capacity to address the preferred research question of your chosen company.

Like a consultant, you will work from the outside looking in, but will work with the company stakeholders to better understand where your knowledge and skills could be best applied.

This project has been established to provide you with an opportunity to complete the tasks in an international context with a real company. This will help you to apply your skills and add some real-world experience to your CV. In your pairs, you will check in weekly with the company to track progress and present the findings of your research project via your final report.

These are examples of some of the companies who will be able to support your project. You will work with the company supervisor to identify your Research Question and devise your Proposal. You will then conduct research and share your findings with your company supervisor following completion of your Report.

For more detailed instructions in relation to your course please consult your COMM3008 Learning Guide.

How can this programme support your unit?

  1. Our companies will offer their own materials, such as an informational brochure, newsletter or webpage that you may feel warrants improvement.
  2. To support your research you are encouraged to discuss the context and goals of the material with the same organisation to have produced it.
  3. Determine the intended readership of the document and its aims. By interviewing the company you are able to hear this directly from the source when justifying your claims.
  4. Practice your professional communication by getting company buy-in with regards to how you articulate improvements in a sensitive and constructive manner, as well as making sure the company understands that you will be backing up the suggestions via your proposed method of analysis.
  5. International context is highly valuable, and we expect you to gain an understanding of broader cultural considerations by undertaking this programme with a company located outside Australia.
  6. Demonstrable outcomes in a true-to-life context. This means that you can not only get the practical experience of completing this unit with a real company, but you can demonstrate your achievements to future employers within your CV and LinkedIn profile.

Programme Elements include:

  • Dedicated Company Advisor
  • Access to Pagoda Projects app
  • Cultural Mentor
  • Optional Skills Courses
  • Optional Weekly Events

All students taking part in this program should submit expressions of interest via the application form below before 27th March 2022. Submissions received following this date may not be considered.

  • Choose the projects you hope to address with your partner and express interest via the application form.
  • We’ll work with you to match you with a company project.
  • We will introduce you for an introductory call with your allocated Company Advisor.
  • We will match you with your Cultural Mentor and introduce you before weekly discussions start on 6th September.
  • We will onboard you onto the Pagoda App and programme begins 4th April.
  • Discuss your Research Question/ Presentation and Proposal scope (what you will include/won’t include) with the Company Advisor during your introductory call and provide your this to both your university and your company by 17th April.
  • Conduct your research and analysis in line with your proposal.
  • Discuss weekly, assigned cultural themes with your Cultural Mentor.
  • Check in with your host organisation and Pagoda weekly during the program. 
  • Join our live events (optional)
  • Complete our courses linked to cultural understanding and employability (optional)
  • Provide your Company Advisor with your drafted findings for review.
  • Submit your final Report to both your university and Company Advisor by 5th June.
  • Have a final reflection call with your company before the programme ends on 12th June.
  • Complete our final Competency data and Program Feedback.

All students taking part in this project should submit expressions of interest via the online form below before 27th March. Submissions received following this date may not be considered. 

  • Arrange yourselves into pairs for your consultancy (as per your university’s direction) and submit an expression of interest for your preferred project by priority via the form below.
  • Projects are dependent on availability and will be assigned on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis.
  • Projects may have adapted or changed completely, it’s important that you discuss specifics with the supervisor
  • You must manage expectations of the company supervisor to make sure the project is relevant to your course whilst remaining beneficial to the company
  • It is expected that students taking part in this project will conduct themselves in a professional manner and take a proactive approach with their Company Advisors

All students must:

  • Speak to your Company Advisor once per week and provide sufficient updates on Research Project progress
  • Check-in once per week from 4th April to 12th June (via the Pagoda Projects App)
  • Organise and conduct one weekly discussion of at least 15 minutes based on the assigned topic from 4th April to 12th June
  • Present your findings to their Company Advisor
  • Do your best to attend live events, and engage as much as possible
  • Review the available online courses and complete them if it is in your interest
  • Complete the Competency and Feedback forms provided by Pagoda Projects

Remember, you can book a call with Pagoda Staff at any time via the app if you are unsure of anything or need help. We are here to support you.



For this project, the companies would like participants to reflect upon their outward-facing materials or a selection of them and provide insights and recommendations based on the research you will conduct. These companies would like to gain insight into how they are perceived by an impartial audience and receive suggestions on how materials could be generally improved and made more fit for their purpose. In order to do so, it is important that participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the products and services offered by their chosen company, understand who the materials are intended for and how they are distributed.

It may be required for companies to provide participants with a list of contacts who can be contacted for the purpose of conducting any necessary surveys or research. However, some companies may be less inclined for their network to be contacted for the sake of this exercise in which case other stakeholders and research methods may have to be identified. In most cases, companies will be happy to support you in identifying the target audience. All findings should be delivered via a final report and draw on your research to assess the suitability of the specified materials in terms of content and overall look and feel.


These companies would benefit from an exercise to assist them in gaining an understanding of their overall branding and image. In a fast-paced world, it’s important that companies are representing themselves in the best possible way to make sure that they are engaging their customers from the outset and perhaps more importantly, that their product or service isn’t being let down by their image. Whilst larger companies may benefit from experienced professionals responsible for the overall company image, small and medium-sized businesses more often have no such luxury.

It is expected that all participants taking on this research project will invest time to understand the company’s target audience and desired image. You will also be expected to contribute your recommendations on whether the desired image is culturally appropriate, considering your own reading and drawing on the results of the research you conduct. Participants should provide an impartial overview of their research outcomes to the company as part of their final report and include recommendations as to potential improvements to appeal to their target audience(s).


The customer journey is a key part of the success or failure of any given company. Some companies have indicated their desire to better understand the experience of those accessing their service, typically via online channels such as their website. The types of questions these companies would like answered as part of your research may include, ‘Is it simple to understand the product/service? Is it easy to find out more? Is there a clear call to action in relation to their service and sales channels?’

Many companies are also interested in the accessibility of their services i.e. for partially-sighted users and those with other disabilities. Some may wish to have a general understanding of how the look and feel can be refreshed to more contemporary standards via the incorporation of different mediums (use of video as opposed to a wall of text), understand thoughts on their use of certain fonts or colour schemes and the way in which their information is presented. Your report should indicate a balanced and impartial reflection of what your research has indicated could be addressed as a priority, for example in the instance of a dysfunctional user experience that could be frustrating existing or potential clients.


Focus – Leveraging Audience Engagement

Sustainable Vietnam (SutainableVN) is a gathering point for those looking to know and be inspired by sustainability partnerships and impact. The focus is to lift up topics, people and issues in a positive and inspiring forum and highlight engagement, progress and impact. Since our launch there has been good engagement, but we are now looking at ways to take our marketing and website platforms to the next level and increase engagement. Our goal/objective is to find ways to still keep the ‘ blog’ feeling and still keep it accessible but now take it to the next level of engagement in terms of how to lift up the articles and LIVE chats and we’d like the team to review our website and social media platforms to see how well we match up to this goal/objective and what recommendations they may have.

WEBSITEFocus – Promotional Package Research for Humane Animal Trap

This Australian owned company’s business is all about reducing costs, ensuring quality and thereby creating value together in partnership with their clients and top China OEM factories. This is a fast growing company and is quickly expanding within China and Internationally. They reduce costs through identifying the most efficient Chinese manufactures, connecting clients with them directly, utilizing local input-cost and pricing knowledge, optimizing logistics and grouping buying power from several clients with similar sourcing needs. It manages the entire China supply chain – factory sourcing, production planning, quality assurance and logistics, providing a single dependable point of contact across multiple time zones, for all technical and commercial issues. – Machine Learning/ Big Data Branding Review and Competitor Analysis

This Hong Kong company has branches based in Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Macau and Aukland, New Zealand. They deal with technologies which aim to improve banking, documentation automation, and ATM software. This includes developing A.I. technologies linked closely to banking to improve security and allow better analysis of data. This company is looking to develop, especially within China, and wants to offer the opportunity to properly train and learn about their business and company.

WEBSITEFocus – Magazine campaign – English-language testing/exams
Magazine campaign – In-service education for Language Teachers

This organisation is a Tokyo based online digital magazine platform for English language teachers.

The companies aim is to make the magazine the place to go if your an English Language teacher, they aim to get the best information to readers in the form of articles, audio & video. They improve the lives of teachers by helping them access the best people possible from the field of language learning.

The magazine has ambitions to continue to grow and change, and endeavours to listen to and acknowledge its reader’s views. They plan to cover as much of the world of English teaching as possible and to feature what matters to their readers wherever they are.

WEBSITEFocus – Chinese Cultural Heritage Engagement

We are focussed on introducing visitors to the rich culture and heritage of our area. It is primarily a farming area and we aim to improve understanding and introduce hands-on farming to our visitors of all ages. This includes rice growing, and growing as wide a range of vegetables and fruit that can grow readily in the fertile clays of Guangdong. We also aim to review handling pests and diseases but while not aiming for strict “organic” status to keep insecticides and fertilisers to a minimum by crop rotation and such measures. We have 2 hectares given over to about 20 vegetables at any one time. We also have a pond currently growing lotus which we want to develop ecologically to wider species diversity, possibly encouraging wetland species as well. Visitors come to stay with us for recreation and because of the region’s relevance to emigration of overseas Chinese, architecture and watchtower fortresses.


WEBSITEFocus – Digate – your e-commerce gatekeeper SAAS solution

This company helps launch foreign organisations into the Chinese market by assisting with social media marketing, IT solutions and e-commerce. This company has experienced rapid growth from a small start up to now employing 18 members of staff across both its Chengdu and Beijing Offices. With clients mainly based in Israel they are now looking to expand into the European and US markets helping firms in these locations crack the Chinese market.

This organisation works with a variety of different clients bringing a range of different sectors into the Chinese market including; Technology; Agriculture and Consumer Products.

Located in the software park area of Chengdu this company has a modern work space located in an up and coming part of the city. The young team and their aspirational goals make this a very exciting internship opportunity.


WEBSITEFocus – Do our materials appropriately communicate our service offering?

Located in Zhuhai, China and operate as a commercial brewing equipment designer, consultant, manufacturer and installer. Whether working with experienced brewers or new entrants to the craft beer industry, we make it easy to bring the clients craft beer to life.


WEBSITEFocus – Helpdesk Ticket Analysis Project
Competitor Analysis Research Project

The company is a French brand inspiring a change in the mobile accessories market. With our excellent design and materials production know-how, we produce innovative, exciting smart phone and tablet accessories for people who appreciate quality that doesn’t cost the earth. Every step of the design and manufacturing process is managed by us to ensure high, consistent standards. We work only with manufacturers and distributors who share our commitment to innovation, creativity and fun. And we’re with them for the long term, helping them to grow as we grow.


WEBSITEFocus – Singapore E-Commerce Research Project
Ergonomic Product Market Research Project

Our company was established in 2013 and located in Shenzhen, China. We are a manufacturer of digital accessories and have integrated design, research and production. We are committed to the research and development of USB 3.0 products and charging products, including USB 3.0 hub, card reader, multi-port charger, multi-function adapter and super intelligent products.

We offer a strict quality and production management system to provide professional OEM and ODM services for well-known foreign brands.

With an excellent appearance and product design, our company has attracted many customers’ attention at domestic and international exhibitions.


WEBSITEFocus – Motorcycle product research
Bathroom Cabinet Distribution

We currently supply a motorcycle helmet cleaner product in Australia – to a few agents and motorcycle outlets.
We also sell online via a Website and with limited Facebook marketing.
Want to review option on expanding fast into more retail outlets
Research, who are the motorcycle accessories & related products distributors in Australia / NZ
Who are the main players?
Are these the same in New Zealand?
Who are the main retail franchisors (or 3 stores as minimum)
Research, number of registered road bike riders in each state / Territory of Aust / NZ
We want to find the most cost-effective way to gain maximum exposure to those who will be most responsive to this product range in Australia. (riders and retailers who could resell these)
We would also like to understand which marketing techniques and/or social media platforms result in the most genuine interest in our products.


WEBSITEFocus – Data Analysis & Engaging with Talent

The company provides comprehensive information and related services required by expatriates living and working in China. All-around services include but are not limited to Visa Application, Work Documentation, Information Consulting, Living, Transportation, Translation, and Emergency Support.

We provide reliable professional residential services and support to expatriates in China.
The website itself is an information and service platform created for expatriates in China. It is not only a window for foreigners to know and understand China, but also an online service platform. The website has a variety of information about local policies, business, lives; additionally, it offers information about online buying and selling second-hand goods, import goods and local goods.

The company is operated by a young and passionate team which is composed of experienced local and expatriate staff


WEBSITEFocus – Media & Events Company Competitor Analysis

This is a Chinese owned, professional publishing and events company with a focus on print consumables (ink, toner etc) and 3D printing. They launched successfully in 2007 and are now the leading media company within these industries, in the world.

Their core products are:

  • Several big trade shows
  • Monthly magazines in 5 different languages (English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Korean)
  • A weekly TV show
  • A news service on their website and social media

Number of Staff: ca. 50


WEBSITEFocus – Training Program Expansion

Established in 2015, this company offers high quality, fast-paced training for engineers across Android, iOS, Ruby on Rails, and React Native. Their curriculum was originally developed in Silicon Valley and is in official use at many leading tech companies, such as Facebook, Netflix, and Intuit. In Vietnam, they use this same curriculum in addition to curriculum we’ve developed on our own, and have taught over 300 engineers. Some of their alumni have gone on to work at leading tech companies such as Uber, TinyPulse, Lazada, Wizeline, Sentio, Saleshood, Tiki, Mingle, and Silicon Straits.

WEBSITEFocus – Concept Businesses, Real Value

The company is an international investment firm, that works with international investors and connecting them with large scale real estate projects in the United States, China and Vietnam. The company currently has projects in tandem with the University of Montana as well as in Sarasota, FL and other parts of the United States.
Interns will have the opportunity to work alongside the American CEO and founder to has spent his entire career in Asia.

They are looking for an office assistant (intern position) with social media and/or marketing skills to assist both sales and marketing team. The ideal candidate must be a team player, trustworthy, have a strong ability to multi-task, be extremely organized and have a love for social media.

Number of Staff: 30


WEBSITEFocus – Client Engagement via Social Media

Infinity Financial Solutions is a leading provider of financial services in Asia. Our mission is to help make people’s lives better through good financial planning. We are dedicated to providing individually tailored solutions to our personal and corporate clients. When it comes to financial planning, we recognise that everyone has different goals and aspirations. This is why we have made it our core philosophy to focus on each individual client to find the solution that best meets their objectives. One of our biggest strengths is our independence, which enables us to provide impartial, unbiased advice. We provide a wide range of services to both individual and corporate clients. For individuals, Infinity offers advice to protect, build and maximise our clients’​ wealth. We help with investments, pensions, savings, trusts, offshore banking and insurance. Our corporate division helps companies with a range of issues, such as establishing employee benefits including group pension schemes
and employee medical cover. We also assist with offshore company formation, corporate insurance and risk management


WEBSITEFocus – Competitor Analysis Research Project

This magazine company is the number one seller in the City. They are cool, edgy and always the people to turn to to find out whats happening in Qingdao. The English magazine and WeChat account serve as Qingdao’s Official Guide, in addition to comprehensive contract publishing (print and web), event services, translation and sourcing. They also organise city-wide events from pub crawls to concerts, fun runs and more making it the perfect place for creative people to thrive. This is a great platform for interns to publish and showcase their own writing skills and build up a strong portfolio of professional work.


WEBSITEFocus – Financing the Circular Economy

This Centre for Circular Economy is directly affiliated with a Shenzhen-based University. It is an interdisciplinary centre that connects the universities’ varied colleges around the concept of the circular economy.

The goal of the centre is to conduct research, organise events and conferences, as well as teach.


WEBSITEFocus – Strategic Marketing Consulting for Tech Manufacturer

Titoma designs and manufactures electronic products in Taiwan and China, avoiding unnecessary iterations by designing next to the factories, preventing problems using our experience to solve issues on the spot.

We take responsibility for the complete project, from industrial design and firmware all the way to mass manufacturing and logistics. Companies rely on us to avoid being stuck in the middle of any number of suppliers all pointing fingers at one another if something goes wrong.

For quite a few years we cooperated with local factories to do majority of the electronic design, but even with tight on the ground management that approach had too many problems, so we now do all electronic hardware design and firmware development in-house.

To create a successful electronic device you need the expertise of a lot of different companies and experts. Our team has the full breadth of skills and experience, and our Taiwan head office is right in the middle of Asia’s silicon valley, where devices such as Pebble and Nest had to be completely redesigned to make them manufacturable.

While we work very closely with various vendors at the same time we also act as the IP Custodian for our clients, sharing info with suppliers only on a need to know basis.

We focus on embedded devices in mid-range production quantities, from 50 high-tech security systems for airports to 50,000 dive planners, as long as the value per order is at least US $ 100K.


WEBSITEFocus – Sustainable Development Goals Analysis
Finding a business model to help charities to reinvest their funds efficiently
Marketing Strategy & Students’ engagement

This start-up is China’s first Consultancy Company to take into consideration the influence that Environmental Psychology (EP) has on language learning and personal development. Through event planning and management, they design learning environments to help individuals maximize their learning outcomes. The start-up environment is a very fast-paced environment and participants should be prepared for a more flexible internship experience.

As they are promoting a rather abstract concept, this company organises lots of events to: 1) promote the company and its field of activity 2) make more people experience for themselves the differences between a learning environment tailored with EP knowledge compared to a traditional one 3) promote the idea that learning happens everywhere, in multiple forms.


WEBSITEFocus – Buyer Persona & Niche Sales

A gifting service that makes every city just 3 hours away

“After being in a long-distance relationship, we quickly found out how difficult it was to stay connected beyond our normal communication patterns. Conquering both the time zone differences and distance is no easy feat; sending a simple message with a cup of coffee could at times be a difficult task.”

So, in February 2016, we set out to fix this issue that couples in a long-distance relationship face every day by launching the first cross-regional gifting service, which delivered Starbucks coffee to loved ones in San Francisco and Taiwan. Started by a group of talented young entrepreneurs, we set out to turn the tide for people in long-distance relationships which also include families, students studying abroad, people working abroad and of course, international business partners. We were (and still are) insistent on providing tangible gifts, that are personalized, regionalized, and most importantly, delivered in 3-hours.

In 2017, we officially launched Giftpack, a platform that makes every city just 3 hours away. In just a few clicks on our App or Website, you can order a gift that is carefully curated by some of the best product and service providers in the respective region of your loved one; and your gift will be delivered in 3 hours by one of our well-trained packers. From now on, your heart can easily fly across any region no matter how far it is.


WEBSITEFocus – Audience Profiling for App Users

This company is a young and fast-growing organisation, which was founded in 2014. It is located at Tianfu Software Park which is rumored to become the new Silicon Valley in Chengdu’s Hi-Tech Zone. The company has already developed several social apps which are available for iPhone and Android for people seeking friendship, dating, relationship and marriage around the world.

They are also working on some exciting projects that involve AI, machine learning and Blockchain technologies. Their products has been featured on all major media like Financial Times, CNN, The New York Times, Fox News, The Evening Standard and mentioned by Jimmy Kimmel on ABC.

This Chengdu based firm are the perfect startup team, in which most of the staff come from one of the best IT companies – Tencent in China. They were in charge of developing mobile products like WeChat, QQ browser and so on. Here, any creative ideas or dreams could come true.

They provide services ranging from the development of apps & websites, research and development of new products for others, computer programming, maintenance of computer software and so forth.

Number of Staff: 100

Focus – Business Analysis for Language Learning Center

Setting cultural communication as the vision, international community as the target and professional teaching service as the mission this organisation focus on creating an immersing environment for expats to learn Chinese language whilst developing a better understanding of the people and place, where they live and work.

They advocate putting people first and customise personalised language courses for students. So far, it has provided language services to students from more than 20 countries. They are committed to providing students with interesting content and practical language courses.

Besides language courses and workshops, they also organise Cultural events to help Chinese learners understand how profound Chinese culture is. To date, they have held more than 30 events with up to 1000 attendees.

The event themes include Tea Ceremonies, Chinese Painting, Mahjong, Tie-dye, Shadow Puppets, Silver Handicrafts, Han Fu, Gu Qin, and events based on Traditional Festivals. The cultural events help expats feel more engaged in Chinese environment, which helps them understand more about the language nuances.


WEBSITEFocus – Analysis of Australia Mining Chemicals Market

Our company is located in Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong Province, and forms part of China’s ambitious plans as being the transportation hub of the Greater Bay Area policy. Our company has recently expanded its business operations to source, procure and export mining chemicals for the Australian and African market.

Through collaborating with Australian university students, we hope to be able to analyse the Australian mining chemicals market and decision making process for product segments such as water treatment chemicals, dust control chemicals, flotation chemicals and extraction chemicals. Depending on research time available, we hope students will be able to focus primarily on the following:
– investigate market data on flotation chemicals (collectors, depressants, flocculants, frothers, dispersants) and extraction chemicals (Diluents, Extractants) for the Australian market;
– conduct research into the major purchasing decision criteria for flotation and extraction chemicals;
– scoping out opportunity of launching a b2b e-commerce marketplace where mining companies can safely procure chemicals from China for flotation and extraction chemicals.

We hope to ultimately use this data to launch a website or b2b online marketplace targeted specifically for the Australia market.

Focus – Building a Sport Community
Regional Expansion

This platform is an easy to use (web)application to make reservations at your favourite sports facilities and find opponents. For users, it provides a free and easy way to make bookings, invite friends or other opponents and make payments to allow you to play your favourite sports. In addition, by using the platform users will be eligible for promotions and giveaways. For facility owners, they provide an easy to use (semi-automated) reservation system, which will enable easier management of reservations and related finances. Furthermore, they will increase the visibility of your location on our platform and provide online marketing activities to be able to increase the client base. Further to our (web)application, their activities include: Sports events, organize tournaments (with and for our partners), promotional activities for brands/sponsors, competitions (leagues) and much more.


WEBSITEFocus – How to outreach YouTubers?
How much does Youtube Video engagement cost in different countries or markets?
Estimating Audience Demographics for Youtube from Publicly Available Information

At East West IMG we believe that influencer marketing is the most important advancement in digital advertising since it’s inception. But we also believe that brands aren’t utilizing the full potential of influencer marketing as it can be extremely difficult to nearly impossible to discover the optimal influencers to work with. Then there are several increasingly difficult questions for the brand to answer such as, “How do we know the influencer’s following is real?”, “Is the quote they gave us competitive?”, or “How can we engage with this influencer in a way which is natural for their audience?”

East West IMG looks to answer these questions and many more by combining large amounts of data we collect ourselves with an internal creative marketing process to make sure the branding can land with the influencer’s audience. Operating since 2019, we’ve continued to evolve to match the needs of our those we work with.

We also provide services to brands that only need a portion of what we offer such as influencer data or helping prepare marketing copy for an influencer campaign.

The world deserves to hear about your brand so let us help you spread the message.


WEBSITEFocus – PR & Media Company Profiling a Scheduling App
PR & Media Company Free Independent Traveller Analysis

This PR and Media company was founded in 2008 in Macau, and aims to culturally forge bridges between the people of the Greater Bay Area of China (GBA), progressive cities of high GDP around the Pearl River Delta, with a focus on the English speaking business community. The company also provides the only media that covers the 11 cities of the area, offering city specific information as well as raising integration awareness. In order to achieve those goals, the company has created several media platforms that complement each other.

“Our customers choose us for the international standards we are able to provide. They mostly include Local Governments, Foreign Consulates and Chambers, as well as enterprises specialised in urban development, MICE, hospitality and tourism.”




Throughout each programme we’ll arrange live workshops, sector-specific webinars, Q&As sessions with industry leaders, fireside chats, specific networking events, alumni reunions and social activities to ensure a well-rounded events package that covers a huge variety of topics.

All the events will be delivered virtually, meaning you can access from anywhere in the world.

Each event is no more than an hour long and typically takes place on weekdays only. The event schedule including content of sessions, speakers and topics to be discussed will be communicated via the app.


What are the skills courses?

Pagoda Projects have developed a series of skills courses set to encourage the development of student and recent graduate’ current skillset with the fundamental elements needed to improve their ‘work readiness’ for a post-pandemic business world.

As qualifications remain a vital measure of achievement, a certificate is provided following each completed course.

Why are they important?

Based on the Universities UK – Higher Education in England: Provision, Skills and Graduates Survey, ‘for both graduates of all levels and subject areas, skills and competencies came first (82.4% reported this to be a formal or important requirement), followed by relevant work experience (66.7%)’ when asked what mattered most when entering the labour market and attaining a job. Similarly, 87% of employers listed attitudes and aptitudes for work more important than relevant work experience, degree result and degree subject when hiring a graduate.



This course is designed to provide an understanding of the importance of adaptability when dealing with intercultural communication in both the workplace and society. There will be a focus on the foundations of intercultural understanding and developing the individual’s cultural fluency, as well as various case studies focusing on Greater China, Mexico and Vietnam.

By completing this course, students will be working towards the following key competencies:





By the end of this course, students will have achieved the following:

  • Have created a written article examining the culture of a specific country
  • Have self-assessed their knowledge of intercultural communication and how they can improve management of these
  • Understand how to adapt this knowledge into the real working world through business-scenario case studies

This course aims to improve employability skills through self-awareness, skills awareness and enhancing career readiness. This course will equip the individual with the tools to identify their current skillset, understand those that need developing and transfer their skills to different job specifications using personal examples to showcase these. The aim of this course is to build confidence when applying for the next career step as well as provide a broader set of skills and attributes to ensure success throughout their working life.

By completing this course, students will be working towards the following key competencies:


By the end of this course, students will have achieved the following:

  • Have an improved CV and understand how to tailor this to different applications
  • Have created a basic template for a cover letter linked to their skillset and examples which can later be adapted
  • Be more self-aware and understand the skills that need to be developed

This course introduces the fundamentals of digital networking, digital marketing, and digital presentations skills. This course will introduce LinkedIn features and making the most of the LinkedIn profile, key differences and benefits between a variety of social media platforms, basic knowledge of SEO and SEM and techniques to improve public speaking skills in a digital context.

By completing this course, students will be working towards the following key competencies:

By the end of this course, students will have achieved the following:

  • Have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile and know how best to use this to their advantage
  • Have learned the digital marketing basics and will be aware of how to adapt content and SEO techniques to specific goals
  • Have mastered public speaking and digital presentations and will be aware of online resources that provide practice of these

This course is designed to equip all students and recent graduates with the basic skills needed when entering the workplace. There will be a large focus on understanding how to adapt from in-person to remote work in regards to productivity and time management, communication and the use of digital platforms. The course will also provide learners with the skills needed to identify their current skillset, recognise the skills they’re lacking, and provide actionable examples of how to improve these and meet employer’s demands.

By completing this course, students will be working towards the following key competencies:

By the end of this course, students will have achieved the following:

  • Have recognised the best methods of creating an organised and creative environment to manage tasks and time efficiently using CRM software, scheduling and other methods.
  • Have a clear understanding of how to communicate effectively within a professional team and have the basic skills to lead a digital meeting.
  • Have identified their strengths and gained an understanding of how to exercise these to the best standard, as well as weaknesses and the most effective actions to improve on these.



You will be partnered with a ‘Cultural Mentor’, who will help you to increase your cultural awareness.

  • Schedule one audio or video call each week.
  • We provide you with a weekly theme (e.g. festivals/traditions, food music/arts etc.) to discuss and share knowledge and experiences in relation to your respective home country cultures
  • Share what you have learned each week in your ‘Cultural Journal’ as part of you weekly check-in, with inclusions of videos, pictures etc. if you wish
  • Interact with your Cultural Mentor and wider community in online events and discussions