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ENZ Prime Ministers Scholarships For Asia/Latin America


Pagoda are delighted to offer a range of scholarships for 6-8 week unpaid internships in Vietnam, Taiwan or Mexico or 6 month paid placements in Taiwan.

Regardless of destination, internship and sector you choose, Pagoda will support you before, during and after the program, provide quality accommodation, assist with the required visa and be there in-country to ensure an amazing experience!



6-8 week full time internship OR 6 month paid placement.
Choose your destination, sector & host company.

Private accommodation, inclusive of all bills & Wi-Fi, on good transport links, sharing with other students on the programme.

Visa processing and comprehensive travel/medical insurance as an optional extra.

Airport pickup, transfer to accommodation, welcome pack & detailed orientation.

Regular organised events, trips & activities throughout the programme.

24/7 on-site emergency and general support from the friendly Pagoda team.

Access to Pagoda’s online Skills Courses to improve your employability, cultural fluency & digital skills.

Join over 4000 previous students in the Pagoda exclusive alumni network for future employability opportunities across the globe.



Pagoda will support you in understanding and your application to Education New Zealand, which must be completed by August 31st 2022.

There is no financial commitment or deposit required until your successful funding application has been confirmed by Education New Zealand.






Our team goes to great lengths to source meaningful internship opportunities for our participants, with extensive vetting of each company. Our internships are enjoyable, high quality and align with students’ academic and career goals.

You will be able to review the full position and company details before letting us know which you wish to apply for. We then ask you to set up an interview directly with the company and accept an offer of an internship when you’re happy with an offer.

Vietnam Testimonial

Day in the life of an intern in Vietnam

Taipei Testimonial




Formerly known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is the capital of Vietnam. This bustling city is the business and financial hub of Vietnam. With it’s classic French architecture, sleek skyscrapers and mixture of French, Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine it’s no wonder why millions of tourists visit the capital each year.


Mexico City is the capital and largest city of Mexico. The city homes 21 million people and stretches across 200 kilometers/120 miles. What began as the home of the Aztecs has now grown to become one of the most productive urban areas in the world. The city has become known for its colonial architecture, spicy delicacies and rich cultural heritage.


Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan, located in the north of the island, only a short metro ride away from the beach. The city is home to around 3 million people and one of the tallest buildings in the world (Taipei 101). Free wifi throughout the city, one of the best transportation systems and amazing street food… no wonder Taiwan wIns the top country in the world for best quality of life every year!

Vietnam Trip Example

Mexico Trip Example


What funding am I eligible for?

Please refer to Education New Zealand’s Scholarship Guidelines

What happens if the programmes are cancelled due to COVID-related restrictions?

Pagoda will be following government travel advice and we will keep you updated should any restriction changes affect your programme. In the event of a programme cancelation, your deposit and any other programme financial contribution will be refunded in full**. Alternatively, you will also have the opportunity to switch to our highly rated Global Online Internship if an in-person programme is not possible.

**Please note: As flight costs are not covered by the programme funding, Pagoda would not refund flight costs in the event of a programme cancellation. Therefore, as a precaution, we strongly advise that all flights are booked as refundable.

What are the internships can I choose from?

You can either speak with our team or browse our website at any time, which can be filtered by destination and industry. You can submit your application for as many positions as you like, however we prefer if you focus on one preferred location. You will only complete your internship with one host company.

What is the refundable deposit for and how much is it?

The deposit is $200 NZD and it is a refundable sum of money which is only required following a successful application to Education New Zealand. It guarantees your place on our programme and covers your accommodation deposit. If your accommodation is left in the same standard as it is found, your deposit will be refunded within 6 weeks after your internship programme. See our Terms & Conditions for more details.

What vaccinations will I need to travel?

Vaccinations will depend on which destination you decide on and what the relevant government and travel advice is at the time.

Once you have decided on your destination, Pagoda Projects will direct you to your GP for vaccine recommendations and COVID-related vaccine advice. You can also contact Pagoda for any additional information.

What visa will I need for the programme?

Pagoda Projects will be here to support you throughout the entire process, including the visa application. Once you have chosen a destination, we will send the steps you need to complete to apply for your visa. The visa type will depend on your chosen destination.

IMPORTANT: To avoid any complications with the visa process, your passport must be in date for more than 12 months from your programme start date, i.e. if your programme start date is December 2022, your passport expiry date cannot be any date before the 30/11/2023.

What's Pagoda's previous experience at delivering internship programmes overseas?

Established in 2007, Pagoda Projects have over a decade’s worth of experience in successfully delivering international programmes on behalf of governmental bodies and universities worldwide.

Our internship and employability programmes have spanned over 20 destinations worldwide, and have welcomed over 4000 students and counting. We are confident in our team’s ability to deliver meaningful career developing opportunities to prepare the next generation of global graduates!

What happens if my original choice of destination isn’t possible?

If for any reason you are unable to travel to the host location, you may be required to defer your programme as per Education New Zealand’s scholarship guidelines.

When will I have my internship confirmed?

Once confirming your place on the programme you will be guided through our internship placement process. Our placement processing time, including company interviews, can take from 2 to 10 weeks.  This of course depends on the availability of both interviewer (your supervisor) and interviewee (you) as well as how quickly you are able to respond to our team.  Your internship should be confirmed between September and early November 2022.

How does the internship placement process work?

Step 1: Submit an application to ENZ ASAP
Step 2: If successful, our team will work with you to confirm your internship opportunity and complete the interview process.
Step 3: Book flights, obtain relevant visa and go to your GP for vaccine advice.
Step 4: Ready to go!

Pagoda Projects will be here to support you throughout the entire process. We will keep you updated regularly and provide detailed information each step of the way.

Will there be any other students on the programme and from where?

Yes, many! Pagoda Projects works with many universities from all over the world. Therefore, it is highly likely that other students both from your university and other universities will be participating in the programme across the same dates as you.

What other costs should I budget for?

This depends on the programme funding you apply for and receive. The Prime Minister’s Scholarship is a prestigious award and as such, covers many of the costs associated with international mobility. However, you may also need budget for food, drink, social events and transport in country depending on your lifestyle choices! You will understand the funding available to you and outstanding costs expected of you before committing and paying any deposit.

It may be useful to refer to our blogs about budgeting in our various destinations, found here:

Use this link to find out the current daily exchange rates:

Are the internships paid?

Our short-term internships (8-12 weeks) are unpaid; however, our short-term internship programmes are funding driven, where the cost of Pagoda supporting you throughout the process and in-country, along with your accommodation is typically paid for on behalf of Pagoda participants.

Long term (6-12 month) placements in Taipei are paid and the amount will depend on the host organisation. Please discuss with our team to find out more.

What insurance will be required?

Fully comprehensive travel and medical insurance can be provided either by Pagoda or sourced independently. You can inform us whether you prefer to self-source your insurance or Pagoda to arrange on your behalf. Education New Zealand has a specific insurance allowance as part of the funding application.




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