Global Online Internships 2022 – (For students at Australian & New Zealand Universities)

New for 2022, Pagoda are offering both full-time and part-time online internship programmes across all sectors with rolling start dates from Semester 1. You will gain skills highly valued by employers, enhance your cultural understanding and become work ready.

This is real-work experience with a company in one of our many international host locations. The programme also features an individually matched Cultural Mentor, regular online events and online courses. Full or partial funding may be available from your university*

*This is a fee-based programme which may be fully or partially offset by government or university grants, of which we have many available with our university partners. Both the fee and programme specifics may vary depending on the requirements of your university, such as host location, start-date, duration, min/maximum number of hours or inclusion of language training. We suggest enquiring to find out further details and your funding eligibility.





  • Browse over 500 online internship listings and find your perfect position from around the world!
  • Chat with our experienced placement team, undertake interviews and secure your position.
  • Be paired with a cultural mentor from one of our amazing overseas destinations and provided the platform to discuss interesting topics selected by Pagoda.
  • Live virtual events across various themes, including skills development, cultural understanding, and interesting insight to a variety of industries.
  • Complete the digitally delivered Pagoda Skills Courses focusing on improving your employability, cultural fluency and digital skills.
  • Become part of our global network of students and graduates completing various Pagoda programmes from around the world.
  • Dedicated check in service and staff on-hand at the touch of a button through the Pagoda Projects APP to assist you throughout the internship.
  • Enjoy all the benefits of being a Pagoda Alumni member with dedicated Linkedin / Facebook groups & know about Pagoda Job opportunities first!


Flexible start dates*

The internships on offer can be completed full-time (i.e. during your Winter or Summer Break), or part-time (i.e. reduced hours during semester time to fit around your existing commitments).

Because of the associated commitment with an internship, we recommend a minimum duration of 6 weeks for full-time or 10 weeks for part-time in order to complete the programme. However, shorter durations may be possible depending on your ability to commit to a more intensive schedule. There are no programme cost differences associated with duration. In most cases, students who opt to complete the programme over a longer period of time will benefit from a greater number of host companies being able to consider hosting you for an internship.

Deadline to apply*

Because we are accepting applications on a rolling basis, there is no specific Pagoda deadline date to apply for this programme. However, we recommend applying 10 weeks prior to your preferred start date to ensure enough time for the placement/interview process, establish your funding eligibility and process associated funding before commencement.

*Please note that there may be specific start dates, durations and additional application deadlines required by your university. We strongly recommend enquiring to find out more. In most cases the requirements specific to your university can be found on the associated university page for Pagoda Projects. 



Submit a quick application below to register your interest.


One of the Pagoda team will be in touch to inform you of any funding we have in place with your university along with any associated costs and refundable deposit.  Once you understand your funding eligibility and associated costs (if any), our staff will review available internship opportunities to discuss with you and provide you with the booking form to sign.


Pagoda will introduce you to your preferred company to finalising an internship, provide all the onboarding instructions and welcome you to the digital world of Pagoda!


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  • Destination





What are the skills courses?

Skill courses aim to encourage the development of students, as well as recent graduates, by teaching fundamental elements that are needed to improve your ‘work readiness’ for a post-pandemic business world.

Our courses focus on Employability, Digital Competency and Intercultural Fluency. We believe this framework will provide you with the agility needed for a global and ever-changing workplace. We’ll give you the aptitude to communicate effectively within an international work-group or team so you can tackle the job market with awareness, preparation and confidence. You’ll also have an amazing understanding of ‘digital’ for once you’ve gained employment.

As qualifications have become a significant measure in terms of employability, each course provides a certificate of completion to show in your job applications.


Why are they important?

On a survey conducted by Universities UK which asked about what’s most important for getting a job, the survey showed that ‘for both graduates of all levels and subject areas, skills and competencies came first (82.4% reported this to be a formal or important requirement), followed by relevant work experience (66.7%)’. Similarly, 87% of employers listed attitudes and aptitudes for work more important than relevant work experience, degree result and degree subject when hiring a graduate.

This coherence between student and employer views supports our framework in being able to provide learners with accessible skills courses that can be integrated into professional internships; this would allow them to achieve both the first and second most important values when attaining employment. For non-placement learners, these courses may be integrated into course projects or their own self-development actions, allowing the learner to practice their new skills in real-time.



This course is designed to provide an understanding of the importance of adaptability when dealing with intercultural communication in both the workplace and society. There will be a focus on the foundations of intercultural understanding and developing the individual’s cultural fluency, as well as various case studies focusing on Greater China, Mexico and Vietnam.

By the end of this course, students will have achieved the following:

  • Have created a written article examining the culture of a specific country
  • Have self-assessed their knowledge of intercultural communication and how they can improve management of these
  • Understand how to adapt this knowledge into the real working world through business-scenario case studies

This course aims to improve employability skills through self-awareness, skills awareness and enhancing career readiness. This course will equip the individual with the tools to identify their current skillset, understand those that need developing and transfer their skills to different job specifications using personal examples to showcase these. The aim of this course is to build confidence when applying for the next career step as well as provide a broader set of skills and attributes to ensure success throughout their working life.

By the end of this course, students will have achieved the following:

  • Have an improved CV and understand how to tailor this to different applications
  • Have created a basic template for a cover letter linked to their skillset and examples which can later be adapted
  • Be more self-aware and understand the skills that need to be developed

This course introduces the fundamentals of digital networking, digital marketing, and digital presentations skills. This course will introduce LinkedIn features and making the most of the LinkedIn profile, key differences and benefits between a variety of social media platforms, basic knowledge of SEO and SEM and techniques to improve public speaking skills in a digital context.

By the end of this course, students will have achieved the following:

  • Have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile and know how best to use this to their advantage
  • Have learned the digital marketing basics and will be aware of how to adapt content and SEO techniques to specific goals
  • Have mastered public speaking and digital presentations and will be aware of online resources that provide practice of these

This course is designed to equip all students and recent graduates with the basic skills needed when entering the workplace. There will be a large focus on understanding how to adapt from in-person to remote work in regards to productivity and time management, communication and the use of digital platforms. The course will also provide learners with the skills needed to identify their current skillset, recognise the skills they’re lacking, and provide actionable examples of how to improve these and meet employer’s demands.

By the end of this course, students will have achieved the following:

  • Have recognised the best methods of creating an organised and creative environment to manage tasks and time efficiently using CRM software, scheduling and other methods.
  • Have a clear understanding of how to communicate effectively within a professional team and have the basic skills to lead a digital meeting.
  • Have identified their strengths and gained an understanding of how to exercise these to the best standard, as well as weaknesses and the most effective actions to improve on these.



You will be partnered with a Cultural Mentor who will help you to increase your cultural awareness.

  • You’ll schedule one audio or video call each week and exchange common interests and areas of study.
  • Pagoda will provide you with a theme (e.g. festivals/traditions, food, music/arts etc.) to discuss knowledge and experiences in relation to the home country culture.
  • You’ll produce a weekly cultural blog sharing what you have learnt with inclusions of videos, pictures etc.
  • Interact with your cultural mentor and intern community in online events and discussions.