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We’re delighted to be offering institutions from around the world our ‘Season Pass’ to the 20+ weekly events we’re excited to be delivering!

Each academic year we host hundreds of students across a variety of remote and in-person experiences, from all over the globe. To allow those who complete the variety of options with the ability to improve their cultural fluency and international employability, we deliver at least 1 quality online event each week of the academic calendar.

Using our extensive corporate network of 800+ partner host companies who regularly host students through our programmes and our collective number of years of experience delivering programmes at scale in the higher education sector, we’re delighted to offer access to our events to a wider audience who will benefit from taking part.



Pagoda Online Events Overview

Throughout each term we’ll arrange workshops, sector-specific webinars, Q&As sessions with industry leaders, fireside chats, specific networking events, alumni reunions and social activities to ensure a well-rounded package that covers a huge variety of topics.

Throughout the academic year we’ll host 20+ events (1-2 weekly), with a sample of our most popular from this year found below:

We discussed how to set yourself apart from competition in your market, current trends and opportunities, as well as how diversity plays a key role in innovation within a team.

We were delighted to welcome an all-female line-up of guest speakers:

Adina Deacu Environmental Psychologist at Tianmei’s World

Harriet Sheffer Branding and Design Strategist at Studio Hu 糊画

Lydia JonesFounder and CEO at Housemates

Panelists: Stephen Mckiernan & Liam O’Dwyer – Hummel UK Country Sales Managers

Fireside Chat

During COVID-19 crisis, the two foundations of customer loyalty, trust and confidence, are being put to the test.
How COVID-19 has affected Customer Relationship in Hummel’s business sector?

A recognizable and loved brand is one of the most valuable assets a company owns”
What challenges hummel faced when building the brand?

Creating a sustainable business with character : The Company Karma!
How the company manages sustainability and how does they incorporate CSR into sales efforts?

Presentation by Mike Hebert, co-founder and CEO of MDT based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Being oblivious or unaware to cultural differences can make doing business more difficult or even impossible. Mike drew on ‘The Culture Map’ a tool Erin Meyer invented to divide cultural habits into eight categories and highlighted the extent to which both cultures differ. He also focused on the various cultures of the countries represented from our student cohort at the time of the event.

  • Insights into Marketing
  • Motivation and remote working
  • Networking with all Pagoda alumni and some partner companies
  • Wellness class with fitness and meditation
  • Employability in the wake of Covid
  • Employability workshops
  • Linkedin seminar – how to maximise your profile
  • Cultural webinars on China, Mexico, Vietnam & the UK
  • Strategy and leadership sessions
  • Impact of Covid on the financial sector

If you’re not sure that the events will be beneficial to your students, you can review and share our most recent and popular events that are found below!

Women in Business

Managing Across Cultures

Fireside Chat with Hummel UK




Our ‘Season Pass’ gives access to a specific number of students per event from an individual University partner. As the events are all delivered digitally, it’s incredible easy for an institution to work with Pagoda Projects and provide access to the events for their students.



Once an institution has agreed with us how many students to provide access to the events for, Pagoda Projects will provide an event summary and more information on the content, outcomes and topics of each event at the earliest possible time.



Pagoda Projects will manage the student sign-up process, reporting and communication with the students throughout the academic year. Each institution will be assigned a designated member of the team to provide a summary of which students are attending and feedback reporting.

Our weekly events will typically take place between 10am-2pm (UK time) on Tuesday and/or Thursday each week as standard, with our social events usually arranged for Friday afternoons.




Up to – 10 STUDENTS


Up to – 25 STUDENTS


Up to – 100 STUDENTS


The above pricing will give your institution access for the remainder of the 2020/21 academic year to weekly events, for the number of students most suitable to your budget and demand.

Please note – all prices are exclusive of VAT

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