Mexico Trips 2019

These are the main, trips we will be running from Mexico in 2019.

Check the itinerary, dates of each trip and click the buttons if you would like to add one (or more!) to your programme.

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Payment for the trips will be required at least 30 days prior to your arrival date in Mexico (not 30 days before the trip date). You will be issued with an invoice when you book the trips.

A minimum number of  6 participants will be required for any trip to go ahead. 

Puebla - Cholula - Val Quirico TRIP - July 19th - 21st 2019 <-- Click to expand

Private transportation
Double and triple rooms with bathroom – one bed per person
Located in the heart of the historic  centre of Puebla
Visit to the Tuscan-style town of Val’Quirico
Visit to luciernagas (fireflies) park
Atole and cheese-bread tasting


Day 1 Friday, July 19
– Depart Mexico City to Santa Rita Tlahuapan, ejido de San Juan CuauhtĂ©moc
– Orientation and easy hike to firefly habitat
– Atole and cheese-bread tasting while watching fireflies
– Depart to Puebla and check in to hotel

Day 2 Saturday, July 20
Exploring Puebla/Cholula by tram
– Includes on-off privileges
– Onboard guide
– Stops at attractions in Puebla and Cholula (free or discounted with your IBERO student card)
– Includes Cholula Gran Pyramid stop
– OYO visits
– 6 hours of tram usage

Day 3 Sunday, July 21
-Depart to Val’Quirico – A Tuscan-style town inspired by San Quiricod’Orcia in Italy, this residential development features a beautiful esplanade where guests can enjoy fine dining, a wide selection of wines and other goodies, shop and enjoy the festive atmosphere
– Return to mexico city in the evening

Cost: $2,990 MXN
Does not include: food & drink, tickets for optional attractions.

Guanajuato - San Miguel de Allende - August 9th - 11th 2019 <-- Click to expand


Private transportation
Full house rental – private accommodation for InternMexico participants shared rooms and bathrooms (participants will have their own beds)
Walking distance to all attractions

Day 1 Friday, August 9:

– Depart Mexico City to Guanajuato by private transportation​
– Arrive to Guanajuato​ (5 hours drive) check in to hotel
– Explore the city

Day 2 Saturday, August 10:

OYO Activities: Guanajuato is a picturesque ​pueblo magico​ (magic town); guests will enjoy walking through its colonial streets, diving in to pre-hispanic history at its four archaeological zones, and visiting quaint artistic boutiques. Guests can travel back in time by checking out the impressive mummified bodies; one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city. Architectural splendour, Spanish Mexico’s historic gold rush and vice regal splendour are on full display throughout this unique mining town. Winding alleys work their way through tight colonial footpaths for visitors to get lost in, or you can find a cozy cafe to sit in and admire the colours, structures and sounds of the city. Explore the mines under the town that used to make up its busy highway system. Visit the historical monuments, take in the solid steps of the University of Guanajuato and the Anapolis inspired municipal Juárez​ Theater. Enter an old fortress that guarded the town from bandits at the ​AlhĂłndigade Granaditas​. Find the childhood home where famed Mexican Muralist​ Diego Rivera grew up​, visit goldmines, the Quixote Museum, and so much more. Nighttime Walking Tours join up with a band of wandering minstrels – take a guided tour of the city streets while music students and masters serenade and joke throughout the streets, dancing and storytelling.

Day 3 Sunday, August 11

Leave for San Miguel de Allende

You’ll definitely want to post a photo of the San Miguel Arcangel Parish on your Instagram – but you might want to bring a wide lense. This tall gothic style cathedral reaches for the heavens and is especially remarkable at sunset.

Return to Mexico city in the evening

Cost: $3,350 MXN
Does not include: food & drink, tickets for optional attractions.

Centro Historico Walking Tour - 17th August 2019 <-- Click to expand

Meeting at Palacio de Bellas Artes, we’ll take a guided tour of the historic Mexico City district, starting at the white marble art deco architecture of the ​Palacio de Bellas Artes, then take a walk to the famous Diego River a mural titled ​“Un Dia en El Parque Alameda” before going to the ​Torre Latinoamericana observatory to take in the incredible 360 degree view of the Valley of Mexico from the 44th floor and visit the building’s museum. From there, the guided tour will pass the historic buildings along ​Calle Donceles, including the post office, art museums, mining building, and more. Finally arriving in the city square, participants will get a close up visit of famous Diego Rivera murals in the Presidential Palace. We’ll also have a chance to go around the stunning National Cathedral, and the ruins of the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, represented by the ruins of the Templo Mayor.

Cost: $1,140
Does not include: refreshments

Recommended add on: Lucha Libre at Arena Coliseo Mexico City (7:30pm)

What better way to finish a tour of Mexico’s past than by watching the age-old tradition of Lucha Libre?

This savage spectacle of Mexican heritage, where luchadores (wrestlers) use any means necessary to win the glory of victory, show off their acrobatic skills both inside and outside the ring, never forgetting to give the fans a great show!
On this guided experience, you’ll participate by learning the chants from the crowd that get under the skin of these  costumed heroes. There will be tons of laughs and a great time! Don’t worry, the show is 100% safe.

Luchador mask
Best available seating
Local guide

Cost: $785 MXN
Does not include: refreshments

Mercado Coyoacán & Xochimilco - 18th August 2019 <-- Click to expand

11:00: Lunch in Mercado Coyoacán: We’ll board our private transport to Mercado Coyoacán. This market is famous for its seafood. We will be able to choose between the seafood vendors that prepare fresh ​mariscos and/or the tostada vendors that can prepare any of the 60+ tostadas that are on the menu.

13:00: Colonial Coyoacán & Artisanal Markets: Take a guided walking tour of the colonial streets of Coyoacán. Once a small town on the outskirts of Mexico City, the cobblestone streets and Spanish architecture are enough to get lost in alone. This gem of a town won’t let us stop there; we’ll have the chance to sample their famous coffee shops, ice cream parlours and churro stands while we peruse the handicrafts market.

15:00: Relax on the Waters of Xochimilco: We will make our way to the Embarcadero Cuemanco to board a traditional​ trajinera ​(barge) used in the ancient times to transport produce and cargo – today the trajineras can be hired to enjoy a relaxing time listening to live mariachi bands, eating and drinking. Guests will sample​ pulque, a traditional drink from one of the many floating vendors on the water. Our ride will be directed toward the infamous ​Isla de las Muñecas​ (Island of Dolls) where we will hear the spooky story of how this popular tourist attraction came to be. Snacks will be provided on the trajinera and there is food available for sale from boat side vendors.

Cost: $1,600 MXN
Does not include: food & drink