Pagoda Leaderboard - How To Get Started

To encourage you to keep improving your skills throughout the Programme, Pagoda has launched a competitive Leaderboard! Stay motivated with Pagoda Badges and Points to help you achieve your goals and learning objectives while having fun with peer-learning and the support of our team.

Earn points, unlock new badges, and watch your ranking rise as you master new skills, participate in challenges, and contribute to the programme. The more you participate, the more you earn!

Password: pagoda2020


Your ranking on the Leaderboard is based on a badge and points system.
By completing key programme requirements and earning achievements, you win badges.
Each badge is worth a certain number of points that will push your ranking up the Leaderboard.

Example: The achievement Complete the 4 Skills Courses will reward the Initiate Badge, which values 100 Pagoda points.

The points will give you access to a specific rank:

  • Aprentice – 100 Pagoda Points
  • Journeyman – 500 Pagoda Points
  • Pathfinder – 1000 Pagoda Points
  • Adventurer – 2000 Pagoda Points
  • Hero – 3500 Pagoda Points
  • Legend – 5000 Pagoda Points

You will be able to track your progress in two different ways: Leaderboard and Progress Map.
All the required steps to award the digital Badges are available on the Badges & Achievements Page


You can claim points for various actions:

  1. Submitting your Check-ins:
  2. Completing  Skills Courses
  3. Attending our Online Events
  4. Completing Marketing Challenges

Please note that some Badges can require you to do an action several times before awarding the badge

Example: Dear Diary Badge rewards a participant for completing at least 4 check-ins

For any questions or issues about the Leaderboard, please submit your issue in our Helpdesk



Create an account here and use specific username: first name. surname.

Please note that this account will be also used to access our Skills courses. However, if you have a skills course account, then you should be able to access it already.


Access My Pagoda Dashboard through the Pagoda App (Leaderboard)