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Our most popular programme consists of group classes which run from Monday to Friday, where you will attend classes from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm (3 hours), with a 10 minute break in-between each 50 minutes of study.
Tailored for all levels – You will be allocated to the correct class depending on your current level. This initial placement still can be changed if the allocated class does not suit the ability.
Small groups for richer learning – We guarantee that group sizes will never exceed 10 people and typically groups are 3-6 people at any one time.
Boast about it – Every participant will be provided with a certificate confirming their participation and level of Chinese at the end of each course. The curriculum with roughly follow the official HSK requirements, so you will be well equipped to sit the official Chinese Language exams, should you wish to.

The Linguist

Coming to China just to learn the language? Then this course is for you. Take group classes from 9-12 Monday to Friday, then you have the afternoons to go out and use your Chinese in the real world!
Regardless of your level, we have a class for you!

Why not combine your classes with a homestay with a Chinese family to really immerse yourself and practice your speaking and listening!?

The All Rounder

Planning to get work experience in China?
Combine your internship with our language classes for an enriched learning experience in China. Great for your CV too!
You would attend classes in the mornings from 9-12, then work at your internship after lunch.

Please get in touch to learn more about this unique opportunity.

The Zen Master

Already doing an internship or the linguist full time but want more?
We offer hourly 1 to 1 classes with experienced teachers in our partner language schools. You can buy as many hours as you like and are free to attend them in the evenings or weekends at your convenience.

The perfect way to learn fast and get ahead!




Our partner schools use a range of books which are very similar to the official HSK books, but in our experience offer a more comprehensive and interesting curriculum, which can easily be adapted to include more useful day-to-day vocabulary and scenarios. Each student at our school is provided with a textbook, which is included in the price. As you keep the teaching materials, you can continue learning after returning home, so the classes in China can be the start of a life-long learning process.


Together with English, Chinese is one of the most spoken languages of the world. It is difficult to measure, but certain sources mention that nowadays more then 22 % of the world population speak Chinese, including countries in Southeast Asia such as Singapore , Indonesia , Malaysia and Thailand.

Apart from the characters, the pronunciation of the four tones and the intonation of emotion will be the most difficult part for westerners who learn Chinese. However, there are also some easy parts about learning language in comparison to European languages: The grammar is quite simple, with no conjugation of verbs, no articles and easy sentence structures. We have found that learning Chinese is also much more fun than learning European languages as it is so fundamentally different and you don’t need to get too bogged down in learning grammar.

It is said that only 1% of the western world can speak any Chinese… this means if you’re able to converse in Mandarin then you will stand out from the crowd and greatly enhance your employability!
It’s fairly obvious that foreign language skills are a desirable feature on anyone’s CV, but do they actually make you any more employable? In an increasingly global world, where business, trade and knowledge transfer have few boundaries, the answer is an unequivocal yes.

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