Social Media Marketing Internship

Internship Code: DUBS02

Company Description:

The company was founded in 2019 and is an eCommerce beauty business based out of Canada that is launching its first products in June this year. The first products will be two coffee & wine-infused amino acid beauty bars sold in a beautiful decorative box. Customers from all over the world will be able to order from the company.

The company’s concept of duality extends to self-care and community care; in taking care of yourself, you activate the ability to care for others, including your community. In caring for the people that surround you, you receive the energy to care for yourself. Therefore, their first products contain the elements that embrace the energies of Yin and Yang: a bar that propels the force of your physical being, and another that gently calms your spirit.

In line with their ethos of being socially responsible and giving back to the world, their business model focuses on social change and making a positive impact on global communities. With that in mind, the company is giving part of its proceeds to charity.

Internship Position:

Social Media Marketing Internship

Internship Description:

The intern will be responsible for the following:

  • Creating Marketing and Social Media Campaigns and Strategies
  • Launch and Create TikTok & Facebook Account
  • Reach out to Influencers and Ambassadors for Collabs
  • Create content and videos for ads on various platforms
  • Tracking and Analyzing Marketing Activities
  • Create Presentations and Brochures
  • Lead Generation
  • Assist with Shopify site admin
  • market and Competitor Research
  • Research Beauty Industry Trends
  • Come up with creative ideas
  • Ad-hoc tasks

What you will get out of it:

  • Learn about how to launch and start a small business
  • See a business grow from the ground up
  • How to leverage social media to increase sales
  • How to find, establish and build partnerships
  • The ins and outs of an Ecommerce business
  • Work directly with the founder of the company
  • Contribute to a company that is giving back to the world

Internship Requirements:

  • Major in Marketing, Communications, Business, English, Languages and Humanities Related subjects
  • Strong skills in Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok etc.)
  • Basic WordPress skills a plus
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Innovative mindset
  • Outgoing and social personality
  • Passion for skincare & beauty products
  • Have an affinity towards design and all things aesthetic