Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Project Intern

Position Code: TOSC04

Organisation Description:

This host company is a non-profit organization comprised of a worldwide network of patient groups, with more than 80 member organizations from over 50 countries. Their vision is to see equity in lymphoma outcomes across borders. They strive to enable global impact by fostering a lymphoma ecosystem that ensures local change and evidence-based action.

The host company seeks an individual enrolled in the Pagoda Projects internship programme to complete their cohort placement remotely within their organization.

The ideal candidate will have exceptional organizational skills, a demonstrated ability to set priorities and meet deadlines, and excellent written and verbal communication skills in the English language. Additionally, they will be knowledgeable and skilled with Microsoft Office and Teams.


Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Project Intern

Internship Description:

The HTA project aims to promote the inclusion of patients in health technology assessment to help achieve better health outcomes, inform decision-making and embed patient values as a key pillar in the drug review process.

The project will aim to facilitate a greater understanding of patient involvement in HTA; the rationale for patient involvement in HTA processes, and the value of evidence-based data to inform HTA decision-making. The project will also strive to provide practical learning opportunities and exposure to project management in a real-world setting.

The project is expected to align with the following strategic goals:

  • Influence global/regional policies to increase access locally
  • Develop member advocates to act locally
  • Ensure impact
  • Accelerate uptake of policy
  • Facilitate knowledge into action

The project may involve the following contributions or considerations:

  • Global mapping of regulatory bodies, registries and HTA stakeholders
  • Mapping of the HTA landscape by region
  • Global, regional or country-level HTA-related policies and/or practices
  • Strategies to increase patient involvement and/or the inclusion of caregiver perspectives in HTA processes (for instance, knowledge and information sharing, tools and resources, report development, policy briefs, and more.)
  • Other project-related priorities, actions/activities and/or strategies as directed

N.B. tasks and projects may vary depending on current priorities. Specific projects and responsibilities will be discussed during an interview.

Internship Requirements:

  • A post-graduate or graduate student preferably with a background in one of the following: biomedicine; health/life sciences/healthcare; public health, or health policy
  • Keen interest in the research and development of innovative therapies for patients with lymphoma
  • General understanding in the drug regulatory approval process or a desire to understand HTA processes
  • An ability to comprehend and help to succinctly summarize evidence-based data and/or information
  • Knowledgeable about how to conduct literature research and/or a keen interest in learning
  • The ability to concisely summarize key findings, learnings and/or takeaways
  • An aptitude for working autonomously to complete tasks
  • Previous skills and/or an interest in project management
  • An interest in patient advocacy and/or the non-governmental sector at the global level

Don’t exactly match these requirements? If you have the enthusiasm and want to learn – then speak to Pagoda about this position and we’ll see what is possible!