Creative Web Development Intern

Position Code: MADIT15

Organisation Description:

This Host Company creates unique digital experiences, taking technology and creativity to the next level.

Always looking for innovative andĀ immersiveĀ territories for brands, generating a direct connection with users through engaging and differentiatingĀ content.


Creative Web Development Intern

Internship Description:

Possible tasks and projects include:

  • Development of some modules in the company’s product offering
  • Collaboration in the development of projects forĀ the Host CompaniesĀ clients
  • Communicating with product managers, designers and developers on requirements and task evaluation
  • Participate in discussions about technology, infrastructure and consider the pros/cons of a technology choice based on business value, scalability, maintainability, performance and project delivery
  • Working within a team to develop projects to required specifications
  • Creation of demos and promotional experiences to showcase concepts

N.B. tasks and projects may vary depending on current priorities. Specific projects and responsibilities will be discussed during an interview.

Internship Requirements:

Knowledge of Front-End technologies: HTML5/CSS3, native JavaScript and its specificities, Canvas, WebGL, GSAP, Three.js, Pixi.js, JS frameworks React (Next) or Vue (Nuxt)

  • Willing to learn
  • Used to using Webpack and Babel
  • Knowledge of Object Oriented development and used Design Patterns
  • Know how to optimize your code and make it as efficient as possible
  • Know how to develop multi-browser / multi-device code, know their particularities

Donā€™t exactly match these requirements? If you have the enthusiasm and want to learn ā€“ then speak to Pagoda about this position and we’ll see what is possible!