CEO Executive Assistant Internship

Internship Code: DUBS01

Company Description:

This company is inspired by the belief that decentralized technology, media, and social projects are the key to humanity’s future.

The core mission of the company is to stimulate the growth of the decentralized, utility-token based economy – by making it more beneficial and less risky for individuals and institutions to hold collections of utility tokens that individually have only modest liquidity. In so many cases, it is these “smaller” altcoins that are building the technology and networks critical to our future.

To effectively achieve its mission, this company is designed to leverage AI at multiple levels, including management of dynamic token-sets, predictive market-making to ease the provision of liquidity for these token-sets on DEXs, and predictive modelling-based hedging strategies.

Internship Position:

Executive Assistant to CEO

Internship Description:

  • This company is open to hosting a variety of skills from marketing and communications to admin and assistant to the CEO. The team is growing fast and they need some support on multiple fronts.
  • The intern will be exposed to one of the coolest technologies and projects on the market, and some of the most prominent thinkers in crypto and blockchain. All the management team has plenty to teach and there won’t be a lack of opportunities to learn. They’ll all take time to explain and educate the interns about what they do and how they do it, including some basic training.

Internship Requirements:

  • Applicants with a Finance background preferred, or communications
  • All applicants must have a basic understanding of blockchain/crypto
  • AI knowledge is welcome but not necessary; same as basic financial instruments knowledge
  • All fluent in English, they also need at least one native speaker for content creation
  • The intern needs to be a fast thinker and proactive and understand social media