Business Intelligence Internship

Internship Code: SEBS03

Company Description:

This company is a start-up in aquaculture technology headquartered in Korea. They have developed their own tech for shrimp farming based on mimicking nature and reproducing the natural ecosystem inside their farm.

They combine this with a cloud-based smart farm management system to offer a unique system that achieves outstanding performance by industry standards.

This company has been among the finalists in the Future Food Asia 2020 Challenge for start-ups in food and Ag-tech and has been selected this year as part of the prestigious Unreasonable program.

Internship Position:

Business Intelligence Internship

Internship Description:

As a Business Intelligence Intern, you will be involved in several aspects of the company business development and strategy tasks, including:

  • Market research and updates on target markets
  • Reviewing the adequate approach for each market
  • Intelligence on competitors
  • Identifying and approaching potential partners
  • Participating in some pitches and presentations
  • Support in the marketing material development for adequate markets
  • Finally, as a Start-up on start-up mode, occasionally everyone does everything, therefore, depending on the intern’s willingness and competence, you may be entrusted with more responsibility

Internship Requirements:

  • Business, or Business-related major is preferred. Other majors may be accepted if the candidate can demonstrate strong business acumen and understanding
  • Strong understanding of market dynamics, corporate strategy and a good grasp of corporate finance
  • Good presentation and communication skills
  • Fluent English, and excellent writing skills, other languages (particularly Mandarin, Korean, Arabic and Spanish) would be appreciated
  • High autonomy, we are looking for someone who can take initiative and not wait for orders