Business Consultant Trainee

Position Code: LISBS18

Company Introduction:

This is a consultancy company that delivers the best sustainable business solutions for corporate clients, with operational bases in Lisbon and Brussels. Each client is unique. Each client has its own specific solution. This ecosystem is organically designed to embrace future-led challenges. The nature of their clients is entrepreneurial, innovative, and risk-taking.

The company combines Behavior, Business, and Policy units to support their client’s transformation into the 21st Century, where uncertainty, urgency, and unpredictability are constant.

Role: Business Consultant Trainee

Internship Description:

  • Internal Operations Support & Development
  • Operations, Legal, Business, and Finance external projects development
  • Research
  • Financial Development
  • Marketing development
  • HR Development
  • Client & Supplier facing Communications


  • Project Management Basic Knowledge
  • English (High proficiency)
  • Self Starter Mentality
  • Responsible
  • Dedicated
  • Innovative and Entrepreneur Mindset
  • Communication Skills
  • Fast-paced mentality
  • Problem Solver