Sydney / Australia


Marketing Assistant

Internship Reference: SYDMA01

Company Description:

Employees are increasingly disengaged from company values and feel a disconnect between their professional lives and personal wellbeing.

What is the app?

An integrated approach to aligning employee wellbeing and commercial success. The app, combined with in-house coaching in the iyarn methods of connection, facilitates the measurement and improvement of wellbeing and commercial outcomes. Inspired by the liyarn methods of connecting used by the Bardi, Western Kimberley Saltwater people, the platformĀ provides professional tools that empower users to connect, reflect and take action.

Who is it for?

Companies who find their employees disconnected from the corporate values or their own personal wellbeing.

How does the app help?

The app connects businesses with what employees think and feel. This opens pathways to conversations that can improve team engagement and well-being.

Internship Position:

Marketing Assistant

Internship Description:

With iyarn you will be assisting the marketing team with marketing activities in the lead up to London Tech Week at the beginning of September, which coincides with World Suicide Prevention Day and R U OK? Day in Australia on September 10th where the team aim to launch the App into the UK market. There will also be a similar marketing drive in the lead up to World Mental Health Day in October. Focusing on B2C and B2B marketing the team at iyarn are building strategic partnerships and case studies to create more and more bespoke features to suit every individual or enterprisesā€™ needs.

Your responsibilities would include but not be limited to the following:

  • Writing content, updating, and populating the website.
  • Website and content optimization
  • Assisting the team with creating a content strategy
  • Social Media Campaigns including Facebook (trialling & testing ROI and effectiveness)

Internship Requirements:

  • Background in marketing or business (preferable)
  • Independent
  • Dynamic, high-energy and creativity
  • Adaptable (willing to be flexible to work across large time differences)
  • Design experience beneficial but not required
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