InternChina Accommodation Choices

Independence & Immersion

As part of the InternChina programme, you have the choice to stay in a shared apartment with other interns or live in a homestay with a Chinese family.
In a homestay, you will be fully immersed in to family life and be welcomed as a valued member of the home, gaining an insight and deeper understanding of Chinese culture, heritage and language. Not only will you live with each other, you will eat together and share a truly worthwhile experience that you will not find anywhere else.

In an apartment, you will typically share with two other interns, with your own fully furnished private bedroom, communal kitchen, bathroom and living area. Giving you the opportunity to experience the independence of living away from home as well as the confidence to explore and socialise with other participants.


For interns who prefer more privacy and independent living, we book well equipped apartments in Qingdao, Zhuhai, Chengdu & Dalian which are well connected to central areas conveniently by local transport links.
You would typically be sharing with 2 other InternChina interns. A great way to make new friends and explore the new city and culture together!

Every apartment has its own kitchen, equipped with cooking utensils, cutlery, a bathroom with hot water 24 hours a day, bright rooms with air-conditioning, washing machine, TV set, couch, desks, chairs and we also provide a wireless internet connection in every apartment, up and running upon arrival. We also put a few things to eat and drink in the refrigerator, so that clients can have a snack and a drink of water when they arrive.

Our standard prices, as listed on our prices page, are based on a private room in a shared apartment with other interns. This also includes all bills such as water, electricity, gas and WIFI so you don’t need to worry about sorting those.
If you’re interested in a studio apartment (single occupancy), we would be more than happy to arrange this. Prices are available on request, please contact us directly.



We have arranged host families for hundreds of interns for almost a decade, facilitating unique experiences and cultural insights which you will not get anywhere else in the world. We have a network of over 500 families in our destinations, who are all keen to host interns like you. China is gradually opening up to the world, so our programme is not only designed to give international students an insight into Chinese culture, but giving many local families an insight into foreign culture.
Our comprehensive matching process will help find the perfect family for you!

You will be treated as a normal member of the family during your stay and therefore get a perfect insight into Chinese daily habits and customs. You will get to know the family well, so that you can go beyond typical small talk which Chinese people often have with foreigners. The family will include you in their daily activities – this can be simply watching TV, but you might also play Chinese games such as Mah-jong, go for trips out and around the city to their favourite places, go for meals with their friends and much more! You should bear in mind that life in a homestay is not like living on your own in an apartment. You will have your own bedroom, but to a certain extent you must give up some independence and regularly spend time with the family. Chinese culture can be conservative and young people are not usually seen in clubs and bars during the week. This means that you may have to limit the evenings you spend in bars, clubs and restaurants to once or twice a week.

We make sure each family’s apartment has a western-style toilet and is furnished with standard home appliances like internet, a TV, washing machine, refrigerator, microwave etc. For special requests we will always do our best to make sure your host family has the facilities or can provide for your special dietary needs as you require. We always try to find a family near your internship company or our language school but some travel by bus or taxi might be inevitable. We have offices and international staff in all our cities, so we can mediate between you and your host family in the event of any problem to ensure your stay is comfortable. If there are unsolvable problems we also guarantee to find a new family within 10 days, but can usually place you in a new family within 2-3 days, depending on the season.

We set down some basic rules for staying in a host family, which will also be defined in your welcome package upon arrival. You should behave in the same way that you would also expect from a guest in your own home. We have a lot of families who have stayed in contact with their previous guests after they have gone back to their home country. We hope your homestay will be the start of a lifelong friendship and in the long term the programme will enable a better understanding between different cultures.

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Homestay Experience in Qingdao, Meet the Family

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