UCLan MA IBC Placements


Welcome to our placement programme for MA Intercultural Business Communications students from UCLan. We hope that through our guided programme, you will learn vital employability skills and discover placement opportunities as part of your UCLan degree. This page outlines the basics of our programme, schedule and next steps.

When you’re ready to get started, we’d like you to complete our application form.


During June to August, Pagoda will run 10 pre-placement sessions. 1 hour online coaching seminar per week over a 10-week period. The schedule for these session will be sent to you in May.

During August & September, we will introduce your applications to suitable companies based on your preferences and goals. If companies are interested in your application, we will introduce you to the company for a phone or video interview. Our team are on hand to support you during the application process. You will not be ‘allocated’ or ‘guaranteed’ a placement; you need to work hard and perform well during application process in order to secure a placement.

We aim to finalize your placements by October or November.

The cost of Pagoda Projects’ support throughout the process is covered in full by UCLan.

Internship Case Study: Riya




During June to August, you will take part in online sessions delivered by the Pagoda team. These include skills courses, webinars, Q&A sessions, interviews and coaching sessions. Click here to view the itinerary.



After a competitive application process, successful participants will complete their work placements. Our placements can take pace in person in Manchester, or completed remotely with a company based in one of our other global destinations.



Following your placement, we gather extensive feedback and work with the UCLan team to guide you into the next phase of your graduate career journey.



The majority of our placements are based in Manchester. We have a limited number of placements based in other UK cities and a further selection of placements in our global destinations: Greater China, Vietnam & Mexico.

A full listing of our internships can be found here. Many of the internships are not available as paid placements as part of this programme, but the listings should give you an insight into the kinds of organisations we work with.