Durham University – Vietnam Summer Internship Programme 2023



Pagoda are delighted to be working with Durham University, to offer our fully supported overseas internship opportunities, for summer 2023!

Students taking part will have the option of hundreds of specific internships, across a variety of sectors in Hanoi (Vietnam), and full support from the Pagoda team for this funded programme.

Regardless of what internship and sector you choose, Pagoda will support you before, during and after the programme, source quality accommodation, assist with the required visa and be there in-country to ensure amazing summer experience!

Programme Dates: 26th June – 18th August 2023

Join Pagoda for an online info session where you can learn more about the programme and ask questions. Even if you can’t make it, register and we’ll send you the recording!



8-week full time summer internship in Vietnam.
Choose your sector & host company.

Private accommodation, inclusive of all bills & Wi-Fi, on good transport links, sharing with other students on the programme.

Visa processing and comprehensive travel/medical insurance as an optional extra.

Airport pickup, transfer to accommodation, welcome pack & detailed orientation.

Regular organised events, trips & activities throughout the programme.

24/7 on-site emergency and general support from the friendly Pagoda team.

Access to Pagoda’s online Skills Courses to improve your employability, cultural fluency & digital skills.

Join over 4000 previous students in the Pagoda exclusive alumni network for future employability opportunities across the globe.



Durham University have secured government funding to help a limited number of their current students fully cover the cost of the programme and accommodation in Vietnam.

Before the programme, your university will be able to confirm the exact amount of funding you’re eligible for, what (if any) contribution costs to Pagoda will be needed and if there’s the additional funding to cover the flights etc.

Eligibility Criteria:
You must be an undergraduate student not in your final year of study and you must come from a family who has a household income, as assessed by Student Finance England (or an equivalent income level verified by the University if you are an international student), of below £47,200 per annum.

Additionally, students should meet one of the following criteria:

  • Have participated in the Supported Progression Scheme or Sutton Trust Summer School at Durham University
  • Be from a minority ethnic group
  • If a UK student, your home address is in an area of low progression to higher education (ie your postcode is listed as 1 or 2 in the POLAR4 column on the POLAR checking tool
  • You are a care-leaver (at any time) or an estranged student
  • You have declared a disability to the University
  • You have asylum seeker or refugee status


Pagoda will be taking applications from students over winter 2022, with the aim of providing confirmation and acceptances onto the programme by early 2023.

Application Deadline: 9th December 2022



Apply through your university at the link below and they will get back to you soon! Once checked for eligibility, a member of our team will arrange to interview with you.



Our team will recommend internships based on your preferences. You can choose which companies you would like to apply for. We will help you secure your ideal internship.
Once agreed, our pre-departure team will provide more information about the programme/visa etc and assist if you have any questions.



The internship programmes begin and Pagoda will have supported you through each step of the process. You will be greeted at the airport, transferred over to your accommodation and be introduced to all the fellow students from various universities across the UK who are completing a similar programme.






Choose from 100’s of internship opportunities, across a wide variety of sectors, company sizes and roles.

Our team goes to great lengths to source meaningful internship opportunities for our participants, with extensive vetting of each company. Our internships are enjoyable, high quality and align with students’ academic and career goals.

The process of securing an internship will begin in spring 2023, where you will be able to review the full position and company outline for the huge number of opportunities. You select which to apply for, interview direct with the companies and accept an offer of an internship from whichever you’re happy to complete!

Example of our Vietnam Internship Programme

A day in the life of an intern in Vietnam



The on-site Pagoda team in each destination sources and manages apartment accommodation for participants, in line with our accommodation quality policy.

You will always be provided your own private bedroom and any shared facilities will always be with Pagoda participants only. Female-only accommodation is available and provided at no additional cost, with all located on good transport links in secure area of the cities where Pagoda delivers programmes.



Our Student Support Outline gives a comprehensive guide to our support. 24/7 emergency support is included in every in-person programme.

Our local teams organise regular optional social, networking and travel activities for participants. This includes weekly dinners and weekend trips to fit around participants’ schedules. Our local knowledge helps students discover hidden gems and visit sites on a student budget.

Vietnam Trip Example



Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam, embodying a rich intersection of old and new. With imperial landmarks and colonial facades meeting modern invigoration, the city has the gravity of a historical and cultural centre. Recognised by Unesco as a ‘Design City’, there is a creative vibrancy to enjoy alongside the legendary street kitchens and traditional tones of the Old Quarter. And if you fancy getting away from the city, there is no shortage of rugged vistas and captivating seascapes to venture to.


What happens if the programmes are cancelled due to COVID-related restrictions?

Pagoda Projects will be following government travel advice and we will keep you updated should any restriction changes affect your programme. In the event of a programme cancelation, your deposit and any other programme financial contribution will be refunded in full**. Alternatively, you will also have the opportunity to switch to a remote internship if an in-person programme is not possible and your university agrees to this format.

**Please note: As flight costs are not covered by the programme funding, Pagoda would not refund flight costs in the event of a programme cancellation. Therefore, as a precaution, we strongly advise that all flights are booked as refundable.

What are the internships can I choose from?

In early 2023 Pagoda will circulate a list of available opportunities. From there, you will be able to choose a position from our website, which can be searched by filtering by destination and industry. You can submit your application for as many positions as you like, as long as it is in your selected destination. However, you can only choose one company to proceed your internship with after various interviews with potential host companies.

What is the refundable deposit for and how much is it?

The deposit is £200 and it is a refundable sum of money which guarantees your place on our programme and covers your accommodation deposit. If your accommodation is left in the same standard as it is found, your deposit will be refunded within 6 weeks after your internship programme. See our Terms & Conditions for more details.

What vaccinations will I need to travel?

Vaccinations will depend on which destination you decide on and what the relevant government and travel advice is at the time.

Once you have decided on your destination, Pagoda Projects will direct you to your GP for vaccine recommendations and COVID-related vaccine advice. You can also contact Pagoda for any additional information.

What visa will I need for the programme?

Pagoda Projects will be here to support you throughout the entire process, including the visa application. Once you have chosen a destination, we will send the steps you need to complete to apply for your visa. The visa type will depend on your chosen destination.

IMPORTANT: To avoid any complications with the visa process, your passport must be in date for more than 12 months from your programme start date, i.e. if your programme start date is 20/06/2023, your passport expiry date cannot be any date before the 21/06/2024.

Will there be any other students on the programme and from where?

Yes, many! Pagoda Projects works with many universities from all over the world. Therefore, it is highly likely that other students both from your university and other universities will be participating in the programme across the same dates as you.

What other costs should I budget for?

Accommodation costs are covered by the programme funding. However, there are daily costs you should budget for, including food, drink, social events and transport.

Use this link to find out the current exchange rates: https://www.xe.com/currency/gbp-british-pound/

Are the internships paid?

Our short-term internships (8-12 weeks) are unpaid; however, our short-term internship programmes are university-funded where the cost of Pagoda supporting you throughout the process and in-country, along with your accommodation is typically paid for on behalf of Pagoda participants.

What insurance will be required?

Fully comprehensive travel and medical insurance will be provided either by Pagoda or your University. This is subject to review depending on the latest government travel advice, but no student completing any Pagoda programme will be able to take part without the appropriate insurance.

What's Pagoda's previous experience at delivering internship programmes overseas?

Established in 2007, Pagoda Projects have over a decade’s worth of experience in successfully delivering international programmes on behalf of governmental bodies and universities worldwide.

Our internship and employability programmes have spanned over 20 destinations worldwide, and have welcomed over 4000 students and counting. We are confident in our team’s ability to deliver meaningful career developing opportunities to prepare the next generation of global graduates!