Digital Marketing

On the 12th of November, we hosted a fantastic webinar event on Digital Marketing.

The digital marketing industry has become a world of its own in recent years- it encompasses the way of using the internet, social media, and other digital tools to reach audiences. It is a space that is highly customer-based and very interactive, as nowadays everything seems to happen online or through social media.

There are many paths when it comes to marketing on the internet, from social media to e-mail marketing, but it all comes down to the same purpose, to provide genuine value to consumers. 

Digital Marketing

”Having a strong [online] presence is also important because basically this is where users go at the moment looking for something.” – Anne Piotrowski

It has been rewarding listening to the experiences and the thoughts of our inspiring guest speakers:

Anne Piotrowski

Anne Piotrowski – Digital Growth marketing expert from Germany

Lived and worked internationally

Accelerated growth strategist at Google’s European HQ (Dublin)

Also passionate about sustainability and environmental protection!

James Nellany – Global Head of Digital Marketing at Naked Wines

Experience in scaling, digital investment with all major digital marketing channels

Formerly a consultant and analyst at Accenture

Triathlon and endurance sport fanatic

Vicki Offland

Vicki Offland – Programme Manager at InternVietnam 

Topics Discussed:

In our webinar event, we covered the basics such as what does the world of “digital marketing” consist of? In which fields is it necessary to be used, and how can we improve our skills if we would like to pursue a career in digital marketing?

The topic is broad, but our guest experts Anne and James definitely covered as much ground as they could, providing invaluable examples from their own experiences and advice for the next generation of digital marketers. From e-mail marketing to social media, every marketing channel is an opportunity to grow and develop a business, and there is more than one path to becoming a successful digital marketer.

Digital Marketing
Top quotes:

”Marketing is a big field. In this case, try to get as little clients as possible because it would help them to achieve their goals. ” – Anne Piotrowski

”Thinking outside of the box is important, this might start with even an internship or setting up a business.” – James Nellany


The world of digital marketing is about providing value to consumers in a space that more and more audiences and leads exist in. It offers new opportunities to connect to customers in a highly personalized way- and is often separate from a general marketing department because of how direct these connections can be. Without a doubt, the internet takes marketing to a whole new level where the focus moves away from ads, and towards relevant storytelling and improving the customer experience.

Watch the Pagoda Projects Digital Marketing Webinar here.

Golden Tip:

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” – Tom Fishburne, Founder of Marketoonist

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