Workplace Basics for Graduates

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Course overview: This course is designed to equip all students and recent graduates with the basic skills needed when entering the workplace. There is a large focus on understanding how to adapt from in-person to remote work in regards to productivity and time management, effective communication and the use of digital platforms.

The course will also provide learners with the skills needed to identify your current skillset, recognise the skills you’re lacking, and provide actionable examples of how to improve these and meet employer’s demands.

+ Pagoda Competencies

+ By the end of this course, we hope you will be able to:

  • Recognise the best methods of creating an organised and creative environment to manage tasks and time efficiently using CRM software, scheduling, and other methods
  • Gain a clear understanding of how to communicate effectively within a professional team and have the basic skills to lead a digital meeting
  • Identify your strengths and gain an understanding of how to exercise these to the best standard, as well as weaknesses and the most effective actions to improve on these

+ Graduate skills outcomes:

  • Have a clear grasp of your current skillset, the competencies involved in these skills and examples for each
  • Have a chart of your daily routine in hour blocks and your motivation levels and workflow
  • Have personal examples of problem-solving techniques and situations

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Posted 4 months ago
Teaching an "old dog" new tricks

Although I've worked within an established institution for over 30 years, my career has never yeilded the fruits of my labour. The TEDTalks have given me an insight into why and together with my degree from UCLAN I hope to address my role in the future. I'm seriously considering taking a sabbatical to priortise my life values and up skill in other areas of the working world. Thanks Pagoda

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