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Yangshuo Pirates for 2 Days!

In the beginning of November our InternChina Zhuhai crew started another adventure. This time the destination was called: Yangshuo 阳朔 <<Yáng Shuò>> – a place with unique and truly stunning scenery.
But before I tell you about our trip, here is a little summary about Yangshuo:

Yangshuo County has a fairy-tale landscape with a lot of traditional Chinese, rural culture which has inspired many artists and poets in the past. Its history goes back to antiquity and was established in the Sui Dynasty in 590AD. The architecture and caves allow people to trace back the ancient history. Located in the Guangxi province close to Guilin, the area is a very popular tourist destination and a delightful escape from noise pollution in big cities.

InternChina - Yulong River Yangshuo
InternChina – Yulong River

The Adventure:

On a Friday we started a 7 hour bus journey from Zhuhai together with about 10 Chinese tourists whom we didn’t know before. Needless to say we were all every excited.

Once we arrived, some of us went to find a midnight bite to eat. The hotel staff told us to be aware of the local “pirates”, which from that moment became the comedy theme of our trip. Nonetheless, we found very delicious BBQ lamb close by, got comfortable on miniature stools for a little while, and made it back safe and sound to the hotel without being made to walk the plank.

InternChina - Yangshuo Lamp BBQ
InternChina – Pirates & Lamp BBQ

The next day we had an early start to finally explore the area and so we got on the bus and went to the world-famous Li River 漓 江 <<Lí Jiāng>>. There we took a boat to cruise along the river and witness the countryside imprinted on the 20CNY note. We also made the acquaintance of these lovely cormorants:

InternChina - Yangshuo LiRiver 20RMB Note Landscape
InternChina – 20RMB Note Imprint
InternChina - Li River Cormorants Yangshuo
InternChina – Li River Cormorants

Next we went to XingPing old town aka XingPing fishing village 兴坪镇 <<Xīngpíng Zhèn>> – a street with many small shops and food stalls.

InternChina - Yangshuo XingPing Old Town
InternChina – XingPing Old Town

We were prepared for temperatures around 10-15 degrees, however, it turned out to be very sunny and warm that weekend and thus we were not equipped with the appropriate clothes. Speaking of clothes, this brings me to the next point on our budget list: Trying on traditional Chinese outfits at The Big Banyan Tree 大榕树 <<Dà Róng Shù>>. So on top of what were already warm clothes we put another layer of the finest Chinese materials.

InternChina - Yangshuo Banyan Tree
InternChina – Posing in front of Banyan Tree

We turned into the sight-seeing highlight for many of the Chinese people around us.

About 100 selfies and group pictures later we jumped back on the bus to see the Silver Cave 银 子岩 << Yínzi Yán>>. Luckily we weren’t there during the very busy season and thus had the chance to enjoy the colourfully lit rocks in only partially crowded areas.

InternChina - Yangshuo Silver Cave
InternChina – Silver Cave

But that was not it for the day. The moon-mountain as well as avery eventful dinner was up next.

InternChina - Yangshuo Moon Mountain
InternChina – Moon Mountain

And once again we turned out to be lucky: we met one of the ethnic minority groups “Zhuang” – really lovely ladies dressed in their traditional outfits – who ended up taking many pictures with us as well! Yangshuo is home to several ethnic minority groups and wearing traditional clothes in daily life still seems to be very common there.

InternChina - Yangshuo Ethnic Minority Group Zhuang
InternChina – Ethnic Minority Group Zhuang

Last but not least we went to see a very impressive, and the world’s largest natural theatre called Impression Liu Sanjie 印象刘三姐 <<Yìn Xiàng Liú Sān Jiĕ>>. Its stage are the waters and natural islands of the Li River and the twelve mist shrouded hills are its backdrop. The performance with 600+ actors is divided into seven chapters including the preface and epilogue which captured the entire audiences’ imagination.

InternChina - Yangshuo Impression Liu Sanjie
InternChina – Impression Liu Sanjie

To round off the day we enjoyed a cool breeze around bar street and celebrated the birthday of one of our crew members!

InternChina - Yangshuo Barstreet
InternChina – Pirates occupying Barstreet

Like true pirates we woke up the next morning bright and early to continue our expedition. This time we took the bus to Yulong River 遇 龙河<< Yù lóng hé >> to go for a round of relaxed bamboo rafting. Even though the weather was drizzly that morning, we didn’t want to miss out on another great experience. The fog covering the mountain tops even gave the area a mysterious look and feel.

InternChina Yangshuo Bamboo Rafting Yu Long River
InternChina – Bamboo Rafting

After a carefree float on the river we went for lunch close by before heading back to our beloved Zhuhai!

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Zhuhai’s Ultimate Party Guide

After living in Zhuhai for about 4 months, it seems about time to speak about the after-work possibilities. No matter if you just want to sip a cocktail, have a quiet wine or want to dance to wild electronic tunes, our beautiful city can offer you all of the above!

Bar Street

Location: South, Jida/Gongbei

Being a newbie in the city you cannot miss out on Zhuhai’s 300 meter long bar street 酒吧街 «Jiǔbājiē». As soon as it gets dark, bar street lights up. Here businessmen, yuppies and tourists rub shoulders to enjoy a drink or two, play dice or on occasion rock-paper-scissors at one of the more upscale clubs or dozen open-air bars. If you want to have a taste of the local beer, go for a Haizhu.

88 (Ba Ba)

  • Being the first bar at the corner of bar street it is also the most popular bar in the city. Don’t be shy and join the locals to play a round of dice! The drinks are generally quite expensive there but don’t worry, we also have a solution for that: get yourself a can of beer at one of the shops across the street and enjoy it on one of the benches in front of the bar. 88 is open until 5am 7 days a week.
InternChina - 88 Barstreet Zhuhai Jida
InternChina – 88 on Barstreet

Cohiba (Xi Yang Hui)

  • For a more quiet beer have a seat in the outdoor area of Cohiba or listen to the live singers inside the bar. It can also be a nice break from the electronic sounds of 88. A beer costs roughly ¥20-30.
InternChina - Cohiba Barstreet Zhuhai Jida
InternChina – Cohiba on Barstreet

La Bohemia (桂缘), 珠海市水湾路酒吧街

  • La Bohemia is the first bar on bar street if coming from the North East. Its Latin dance parties on Friday nights are very popular. It is a great place to enjoy Portuguese or Mediterranean food and it also offers a large selection of cocktails and wines.

Casa Pepe

  • This is also a nice place to go if you fancy a quiet wine and some fine dining.

1520 Bar

  • 1520 is one block down from 88 towards the ocean. This bar is similar to 88 but has karaoke/ KTV rooms upstairs.



Location: North of the City Centre, Lanpu

Midtown富华里«fu4 hua2 li3» is the place to go if you want a night out with a more western atmosphere. Here we recommend A-Club and specifically their outside beer-garden area.

InternChina - Midtown Lanpu Zhuhai Aclub
InternChina – A club in Midtown


Location: South-East, Huafa Century City

In this very new and modern district of Zhuhai live most of Zhuhai’s expats. Bars and clubs we recommend you to go to are: The Factory, M2 and MiuMiu.

InternChina - Huafa Factory Zhuhai
InternChina – Factory

Whilst they have live music every Friday, The Factory is still a good place to meet friends to chat and drink, with delicious western food, live music and a round of pool. If you prefer to dance to modern electric sounds like there’s no tomorrow then make the short trip from here to M2 or MiuMiu.

InternChina - Club MiuMiu Huafa Zhuhai
InternChina – Club MiuMiu
InternChina - Club MiuMiu Huafa Zhuhai
InternChina – Club MiuMiu
InternChina - Club M2 Huafa Zhuhai
InternChina – Club M2

With a little bit of luck, you can also spot one or two fancy cars, and even a hello-kitty version of a Ferrari boasting both Zhuhai and Macau license plates:

InternChina - Club MiuMiu Huafa Zhuhai
InternChina – Club MiuMiu

Jida Beach

Location: East Coast, Jida

When the weather is good, which in Zhuhai it often is, at the bars along Jida beach you can enjoy a perfect view over the ocean. The bars are reasonably priced considering their location and have a range of alcoholic beverages and juices on offer. For low-budget travellers we strongly recommend a few “beach beers” which you can get from one of the many small shops around.

InternChina View over Zhuhai Jida Beach (2)
InternChina – View of Jida Beach

Very close to Jida Beach you can find London Lounge, which is a very popular bar amongst expats. Their Chinese as well as Western staff are always ready to crack a joke and also the Open-Mic sessions every second Thursday are worth checking out!

InternChina - London Lounge Zhuhai Jida
InternChina – London Lounge


If you also want to experience Zhuhai and get a tour around the city, apply now!

Things To Do in Zhuhai, Travel, Weekend Trips, Zhuhai Blogs, Zhuhai InternChina Events

A Stormy Island & Creepy Crawlies

The destination for our InternChina Zhuhai trip last week was called Wailingding Dao – one of Zhuhai’s 146 islands.We left on Saturday around noon. The stormy weather did not stop us from pursuing our plans.

InternChina - Rainy times
InternChina – Rainy Times

When we arrived, we dropped off our stuff at the hotel, got a bite to eat and started to explore the island. Without having a specific route in mind, we first explored the coastline of the island. The view was beautiful, in spite of the rain. Some pretty hard-core Chinese tourists even went into the sea for a swim!

InternChina - perfect Weather for the Beach
InternChina – Perfect Weather For The Beach

Approx. 500 steps later, our route led us a little more inland. The walking track was a simple alley of trees and bushes. We hiked along it for almost an hour until we unsuspectingly identified horrendous creatures in the bushes (well at least according to some of the girls ;P). Others found them rather interesting: massive spiders. From that point on, we saw them everywhere. Next to us, above us… everywhere!

InternChina - Spider spotting
InternChina – Spider Spotting

So after making the acquaintance of these charming insects we spotted remains from the island’s old military base as well as an abandoned quarry. There, our mission was to take the best IC-Flag picture ever! I guess we were pretty close, don’t you think?


InternChina - Best Photo Mission
InternChina – Best Photo Mission
InternChina - Best Photo Mission
InternChina – Best Photo Mission

One-hundred group pictures and selfies later, we thought it might be a good idea to head back to civilisation before sunset, and so we did. We walked all the way back through the spider jungle and all the while it was getting darker and darker. It was an unreal experience; very cool but at the same time a tiny bit scary as the creepy crawlies could have just fallen on our heads.

InternChina - Say Hi to Walter
InternChina – Say Hi to Walter

When we got back to the small area around the port, we watched the day fade away by sitting on the beach, and listening to the sound of the waves crashing in the sea.


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An adventurous Hike to a Waterfall

On a Sunday, two days after my arrival in Zhuhai, I joined a day trip organized by one of the other IC office interns. I was told it was going to be a one hour bus drive and a one hour hike until we would reach a waterfall where we could go for a swim. By that time I did not know how amazing this trip was going to be.
At 10:00 in the morning we got on the bus to a town called  金星村, which is close to a mountain called 黄茅田 (or here the Google maps address: Sheng Dao, Taishan Shi, Jiangmen Shi, Guangdong Sheng).

InternChina - Hiking up the Mountain
InternChina – Hiking up the Mountain

We were a group of twenty enthusiastic interns who could not wait to see this supposedly beautiful waterfall. So we got off the bus, put sunscreen on, and started hiking.
After five to ten minutes of walking, the hiking track became quite adventurous. We strode through little streams, jumped from one stone to another, walked through bushes and had to be careful while walking along some pretty steep hillsides… oh and not to forget about all the Chinese paparazzi who came along and wanted to take selfies with us!

InternChina - Hiking up the Mountain
InternChina – Hiking up the Mountain

It was very hot and humid that day. Accordingly, we were melting in the sun until we finally reached the swimming hole. Within seconds, all of us jumped into the water to cool off. At last we then knew that the hike was totally worth it. The view from the top was stunning and we stayed for the whole afternoon.

InternChina - Finally reached the waterhole
InternChina – Finally reached the waterhole

And after that… well… we had to go all the way back to the town where the bus had been waiting for us. It turned out the way down was even more challenging than the way up. We had such a good time and it was a great opportunity for me to get to know the interns in Zhuhai. Even though I still had a jetlag, I’m very glad I joined the group that day..





If you also want to experience the real China and get working experience, apply now!

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Internship not to be spent alone

Ni Hao,
Zhuhai has been voted the most livable and romantic city in China. Therefore, I would advise anyone who has never been to China, to make Zhuhai a must see destination! InternChina is always planning different activities and trips for all of the current interns. Let me give you a little bit of an insight of the trips I have been planning over this summer.

  • Waterfall trip

The Waterfall Trip was organized by a friend of mine. I helped him organize it by bringing many interns on the trip. The waterfall was about an hour from Zhuhai. Once we arrived there, we had to hike for another hour to get to the waterfall. The water was splendid, the waterfall was beautiful. We were surrounded by nature with no one else but our big group. I would definitely recommend anyone coming to Zhuhai, to go to this waterfall.


  • Taekwondo class

We had the incredible chance to participate in a Taekwondo class with the help of Henry, our customer relations staff. Many interns had never tried this sport discipline. I, myself was pretty impressed on how difficult the moves can be. Some interns were so interesting in it that they signed up to go to the classes twice a week. Come to Zhuhai, you’ll get to train with black belts and learn how to do some wonderful kicks!


  • Movie night

Many of the interns had wanted to see a movie. Of course when Jurassic World came out, we jumped on the occasion to go watch it. We booked the tickets online and got our 3D glasses. The movie was spectacular, we only payed 49 RMB + 10 RMB glasses and it was totally worth it. The movie theatres in China are spectacular (well almost spectacular)! The seats can fall backwards laying almost all the way down. The downside of Chinese movie theatres is the people talking on their phones but if you pick the right seats, you should not hear them too much!


  • Zhuhai International Circuit

All of the interns had the chance to go to the Pan Delta Super Race Festival. The festival took place at the Zhuhai International Circuit and was held from the 19th of June to the 21st of June. Zhuhai often hosts race festivals which is always interesting for the interns to see. If the interns want, there is also a go kart track available next to the circuit.


  • Island trip

With the help of an agency, we were able to spend a lovely weekend on Dong’ao Island. The island was splendid, surrounded by nature and clear, clean water. We all spent a wonderful Saturday afternoon at the beach before sleeping in tents by the ocean. Zhuhai has hundreds of different islands to be discovered. Come to Zhuhai to explore these fantastic treasured islands!


  • Chinese Corner

Many of the interns in Zhuhai do not speak Chinese. In fact most of the interns come to China with no Chinese language skills. Chinese Corner is a FREE class that is taught by kind Chinese ladies. The class can be joined by any foreigners and is always welcoming newbies. Recently we went on a field trip to the supermarket to apply what we had learned the week before about fruits and vegetables.


Thought these activities were fun? InternChina offers more than an internship! Hop on a plane and get to China, we are looking forward to meeting you!


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The New Jida Beach – An Illuminated Night at the Sea

There are a lot of beautiful places in Zhuhai but there is nothing more relaxing than taking a stroll down Jida Beach at night. The beach has recently been modernized and is now full of boardwalks with beautiful LED lighting. Right next to the beach, there are brand  new, cozy little bars and cafes.

The romantic and leisurely atmosphere you get while walking down the mildly illuminated path gives you an awesome holiday feeling. There is some romantic music playing in the background and the night breeze from the sea is the right combination to give you an unforgettable memory of your time in romantic Zhuhai.


Our Managing Director Jamie Bettles recently returned to Zhuhai and commented on the development of Jida Beach. Make sure to check out this video.

In the evening there is also a brand new, colorful lightshow, with little fountains moving with to the music. A lot of couples will take a walk here which contributes to the relaxed feeling. Children will play in the water fountains and tourists take pictures of the scene.

It doesn’t matter if you want to drink a beer, a fancy cocktail or just have a nice cup of coffee. These little bars and cafes will give you the relaxed feeling of being on a honeymoon in the Caribbean. The atmosphere is peaceful and and the staff are very friendly and speak good English.

If you are currently in Zhuhai, I highly suggest that you take a walk in this beautiful seaside area and enjoy the unique atmosphere. If you are not in Zhuhai, come and join us and have one of the greatest times of your life.




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From China to…

One of the benefits of living in China is that you are well positioned to dip into new countries.  For those with a love of finding new places and experiencing interesting cultures it’s possible to conveniently and cheaply arrange flights all over Asia via low-cost local carriers.  Whilst China has an array of popular tourist destinations; The Great Wall, The Terracotta Warriors of Xi An, the Yangzi and Yangshuo rivers as well as the scenic masterpieces of Zhangjiajie and Jiuzhaigou tend to top the list, there are other unique and cost effective options well within reach from most of China.

InternChina - From china to... (Source:
InternChina – From china to… (Source:

Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou in the South East are excellent international hubs.  Beijing, Nanning and Shanghai have excellent low-cost flights if travelling from the north east.  Chengdu, Nanning and Kunming are some of the busiest in the west and south-west of China.  All provide excellent options for South East Asian destinations such as the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar and Cambodia to name but a popular few.

Once upon a time you may have spent months of planning and coughed up a large amount of cash for your big trip to Asia.  However once you’re based in China, even for a short time, it’s a massive plus to be able to arrange last minute holidays at low cost.  This is exciting to those who only have the slightest interest in travelling but for keen explorers it’s a golden ticket!  Why not experience China for an internship and springboard onto other Asian destinations to satisfy the wanderer in you?  Go on, spread your wings!

Find out more about our programmes here

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Imperial Hot Springs Zhuhai

What would be a better option than going to a hot spring on a cold and rainy day in January? What if you just want to relax and maybe cure your hangover? Hot Springs? For suuuuuure!

So we put our bikinis and swimmming trunks on, jumped into a cab as we were running late and headed out to Doumen. The taxi ride takes about one hour, and costs 130RMB.

This is the address you would need to show the driver: 广东省珠海市斗门区斗门镇黄杨大道西珠海御温泉, Huangyang Av. West, Doumen, Zhuhai

Once there you can enter a wonderful world of 30 different hotsprings with different fragrances, temperatures and sizes. You will get slippers, towels and a rope. Your stuff will be placed securely in a locker.

Also included in the 168 RMB entrance fee are free sandwiches, fruits and various drinks, like water, coke, tea and coffee.

If you are tired of chilling in the hot springs or it simply got too hot for you, you can take a nap on the hot stones. There are also different extra services you can choose from like backrubs and massages, but this will be at additional costs.

Once you are finished have a shower, shampoo, conditioner and body soap get provided, so you can go home clean and relaxed.

If you are looking for a cheaper way of transportation take bus 609 back home. It only costs 6 RMB but takes about one and a half hours if the traffic is good.

My personal recommendation is the Coffee Hot Spring. Just aaaawweeesome!


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Unterwegs in Zhuhai

“Was bietet sich in einer Küstenstadt mehr an als ein Trip zu einer der nahegelegenen Inseln?“, dachte ich mir. Gedacht, getan, geplant:
Die einfachste zu erreichende Insel von Zhuhai aus ist Qi’ao Dao (Dao= Chinesisch für Insel), da diese durch eine große Brücke mit dem Festland verbunden ist. Idealerweise fährt ein Bus von Zhuhai bis in die Mitte der Insel; Unsere Reisekosten beschränkten sich also auf 2-5 RMB pro Fahrt.
Auf der Insel angekommen, mieteten wir uns Fahrräder (10RMB) um auf Erkundungstour zu gehen.
Zuerst ging es für die IC Bikergang durch die engen Gassen der Altstadt von Qi’ao Dao.

Old city of Qi'ao Dao
Old town of Qi’ao Dao

Der erste Stopp war ein kleiner Tempel mit Kanonen vor seinen Toren. Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts gelang es damit den Inselbewohner erfolgreich die britischen Opiumverkäufer und Streitmächte im ersten Opiumkrieg abzuwehren.
Nächster Halt für uns war ein kleiner Strand mit umliegenden seafood restaurants.


Nach einem kurzen Fußbad und einer Kletterpartie über Felsen knurrte uns der Magen und wir begaben uns auf die Suche nach einem passenden Restaurant.Nach ein paar Minuten startete das Festmahl: Von Tintenfisch über Shrimps, bis hin zu Flunder wurde alles aufgetischt. Super lecker!
Weiter ging die Biketour zum “wet forest” einem hübschen Mangrovenwald durch den sich ein Holzsteg zieht. Zusammen mit einigen chinesischen Familien erfreuten wir uns der Natur, während eine leichte Brise durch das Schilf wehte. Nach einer kleinen Eis- und Wasser-Pause an einem winzigen Stand, ging es zurück zu unserem Fahrradverleih.

Internchina bike gang
Internchina bike gang

Im Bus nach Hause sahen alle glücklich, aber ziemlich erschöpft aus. Einer der wenigen Samstage an dem das Bett Zuhause wohl verlockender ist als Barstreet!

Hast du auch Lust auf mehr als nur ein Praktikum? Komm nach China!

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RemaxAsia Expo Zhuhai – The World´s Largest Expo for Print Consumable

Next week, the 8th RemaxAsia trade show, the largest imaging consumables event will be held in Zhuhai.
RemaxAsia Expo Logo

Tony Lee, Managing Director of Recycling Times Media explains. “This year, our RemaxAsia Expo will be newer, larger, and better and promising to deliver remanufacturers and distributors needing local solutions and new business opportunities.”

The expo will run 3 days, Thursday October 16 through to Saturday October 18, 2014. The RT Imaging Summit will run the day before on Wednesday October 15 at the Holiday Inn Hotel,Zhuhai.

Despite the imaging industry (ink, –list types of products) facing tough global downturns, the annual RemaxAsia has broken many records. In 2012, there were 425 exhibits covering 30,000 square meters. There was a larger presence by HP, Xerox, Lexmark, Canon and other original printer manufacturers, with some speaking during the conference sessionsto the visitors. The Zhuhai event attracted more than 9,035 visitors from 75 countries around the globe at the massive Zhuhai Airshow Centre. The one-day Conference@2012 attracted 192 delegates, including representatives from the major original equipment makers (OEMs) as well as the aftermarket sector. It succeeded in giving voice to the concerns and interests on both sides of the replacement cartridge industry.

Also, the Professional Digital Press and Commercial Printing Show in China, iPrint (China) Expo, will be also held at the same time and place, as a 3D printing conference about the technology and applications of3D Printing. A 3.000 m² 3D printing zone has been allotted at the exhibition. Visitors will be able to experience first-hand the fascinating 3D printers, digital press and commercial printing equipment and personalized 3D printing products.

Organizers already expect there will be 450 exhibitors and more than 12,000 visitors attending the RemaxAsia 2014.Also the company is proud to say that the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China has announced its recommended list of significant and influential Chinese expos. RemaxAsia Expo ranks 11th out of 115 events and is the only office products expo in China to be published in the list.

About the organizers: Recycling Times Media Corporation is a leading provider of news and business opportunities for the global printer cartridge remanufacturing industry. They provide to their clients (exhibitors, advertisers, sponsors, readers, browsers and visitors) with the best business experience by publishing efficient, reliable, factual news and editorial and running first class events, as RemaxAsia Expo, which educate, inform, network and provide business opportunities for the computer printing industry—particularly the aftermarket sector.


Front gate of RemaxAsia Expo