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Guide to Chengdu´s Nightlife I

Chengdu is a really vibrant and energetic city, that offers you the opportunity to experience the fast-growing modern China as well as the mythical ancient China while doing an internship in a company or take part in our language classes here. Apart from that there is also a really diverse nightlife that caters for all different tastes of music, beer and atmosphere. In fact Chengdu is meant to have the highest density of clubs and bars per capita in China.

Living in Chengdu for more than 4 months now, I had the chance to do in depth research into Chengdu’s nightlife and want to share my insights with you. Since there are so many places to go to, I will split it up in two blogs in which I try to give you an overview of the bars in the different city areas – but this list is far from complete.

Yu Lin (玉林)

Yu Lin is a traditional local living area in the city centre, which fortunately has been spared by the recent building boom and has a really nice and relaxed vibe to it. You can find hundreds of little eateries that offer delicious food to very affordable prices. Additionally Yu Lin boasts a wide range of small bars with regular live music from local and foreign artist. Places to go

  Machupichu (马丘比丘): a small and chilled bar hidden in a side street off Yu Lin Nan Lu (玉林南路) with live music on the weekends. When I asked the Dutch owner why he chose the name he said, because like the ancient Inca town, his bar is small and hard to find 😉

Little Bar (小酒) old & new: with two locations in Yu Lin, this bar is a one of the oldest establishments in Chengdu. The old branch is really relaxed place where you can have a beer with friends and mingle with the locals. Whereas the new bar is the bigger one of the Little Bar’s and has a decent sized stage and dance floor to host the weekly live shows.

 Tong Zi Lin (桐梓林)

Tong Zi Lin is the place where most foreigners live in Chengdu, hence has a bit more westernized bar and club scene.

Shamrock: This sports bar is popular which shows a lot live matches (rugby, AFL, NFL, etc.) and also
is the home base of the local Western-Chinese rugby team. Ladies night on Fridays.

Jellyfish: Very popular with foreigners (males) and Chinese (girls) alike, this is the place to work on your international relations. 😉 They have a new larger location in

Beer Nest I :- A great bar opposite the Poly Centre with a variety of > 60 beers, wines, whiskeys, cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks. There is a cozy upstairs sitting area with sofas and a lovely outside terrace where you can enjoy long summer nights.
The Beer Nest II (Bar and restaurant) :- A second Beer Nest? Yes! But in contrast to the first Beer Nest, this one offers imported and mostly craft draft beers and tasty European food as well. Additionally, this location also offers great events like their bi-weekly Quiz Night and monthly Entrepreneurship Meetup- how cool is that?

Jiu Yan Qiao (九眼)

Close to Sichuan University campus, there are various bars and clubs in this area. The surrounding street BBQ places are always good for a midnight snack after long night out.

Lan Town: Regular events with DJs from Chengdu and other Chinese cities playing a wide range of music from Hip Hop to Dub Step and Drum and Bass make this a place worth visiting if you are up for more urban sounds.

Muse: You can find a Muse in almost every major city in China and the concept is always the same: stylish interior, pumping sounds and the occasional dance show on the stage. Good for a fun evening and a couple of whiskeys mixed with green tea.

 Dong Men Da Qiao (东门大桥)

Hemp House (麻糖): Relaxed atmosphere with a big outside area to linger around with a chilled Beer Lao after work. In the evenings they have either live bands or DJs playing until late at night.

For event listings in Chengdu check out and

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Wutao´s introduction blog

 I was stunned when I saw the proudly displayed billboard advertising the city of Chengdu in the airport of Frankfurt, Germany. The poster read “Half of the Fortune Global 500 are in my hometown. Can Do! Chengdu!” Alongside this slogan, there was an image of a panda wearing a jacket, decorated with the logos of major international brands.

Chengdu is changing fast



I’m Wutao from Chengdu. I haven’t lived in my hometown for 2 years. Throughout my time studying in Germany, I have always thought about life in my home city. Thanks to my experience in Europe, I’ve been very interested in presenting the Chinese culture to foreigners and learning more about theirs. I feel so lucky to have been given the chance to work with InternChina during my holidays.


In 2006, Chengdu was officially named the best city for tourism in China. Chengdu is famous for its unique cuisine, fine weather and the surrounding tourist attractions. In ancient times, Chengdu was famous for its crop production and was known as “The Country of Heaven”. The city has maintained its agricultural heritage.


With such an ancient history, I wondered how Chengdu would cope with modernization.

I boarded the plane with questions in mind. The surprise became stronger as soon as I arrived in Chnegdu Airport: A modern 4 Floors Terminal catering for international flights. Two Metro lines which are connecting the cities with its suburbs. The new BRT system (Bus Rapid Transit), which runs on the new built flyover upon the whole Chengdu 2nd ring. None of these facilities were available when I was living in Chengdu two years ago! The city had changed rapidly.


Similarly, the lifestyle in Chengdu had undergone a huge transformation. I was taken by surprise during a dinner with friends: Instead of asking the waiter to take order, my friend grabbed out his smart phone and chose from the digital menu and paid online.


Wutao in Ethiopia


With all these positive surprises I arrived in Chengdu as a local but also as a newcomer. Over the next two months I will be completing an internship as part of the InternChina team based in Chengdu. I’m already excited to welcome our new interns and discover with them more about the city!




If you want to enjoy Chengdu´s fast growth send your CV and cover letter to


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Chengdu: China’s Silicon Valley

Currently producing roughly one fifth of all computers in the world, Chengdu remains to be one of China’s best kept secrets[1]. The city continues to be sporadically acknowledged in the same breath as the country’s other manufacturing hubs of Shenzhen and Guangzhou, yet has been growing at a faster rate for the past 5 years than any other major city center in China. Now specializing in high tech commodities, Chengdu is poised to become China’s own response to America’s Silicon Valley. With a combination of government support and a fertile business environment, the city’s high tech aspirations are centered on the Tianfu High Tech Industrial Park.


Beginning back in 2001 when Intel opened up one of the largest chip assembly and testing plants in the world, Chengdu has zipped past its once humble agriculture origins into the 21st century, managing to attract the likes of Texas Instrument, Motorola, Foxconn, and many others into the region[2]. Through a combination of favourable corporate taxes and the offering of highly subsidized office spaces for domestic firms, the city’s IT field has managed to grow at a dazzling 40% per year. Providing both the infrastructure and human capital desired by international corporations, opportunity is abound in the city once known as “the Country of Heaven”. Once producing crops for the nation, Chengdu now has positioned itself to be the country’s main tech hub. Home to some of China’s best and brightest tech universities, the city’s potential appears to be limitless in the coming years!

Chengdu: A city on the rise!

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Conquering Emei Shan: 10 000 Steps to Heaven

The Chengdu community of InternChina visited one of four sacred Buddhist mountains in China, Emei Shan. Moreover, it is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Personally, I totally agree with the UNESCO.

Since the national park is pretty huge, we decided to make a two day trip to the area. We started early in the morning in Chengdu and took a bus to Emei Shan City. When we arrived we had early lunch to energize us before the hiking. Straight from the beginning the hiking was quite challenging. But we had had the goal of reaching the mountaintop, so we did not lose our ambition. Firstly, we explored the main valley of the mountain range.

The Nature of Emei Shan natural park is breathtakingly beautiful. This is a place of pure nature! (I felt a bit like walking through Jurassic Park)

After climbing a lot of steps up and down we met the Emei Shan’s famous wild monkeys. Thea’s meeting with the monkeys was a bit more intimate than ours. Therefore, Thea generously donated a bottle of her water to please the monkeys. We were really tired after a long day of hiking and climbing, so we looked for a nice hostel. Some local helped us find a decent place in the middle of the mountains. Since we were obviously really hungry we were happy about the great local food served at the hostel. Everybody enjoyed a satisfying dinner.


We all knew the earlier we get to the mountaintop the better. Hence, we woke up at 4.30. To win some time we took a bus to come closer to the mountaintop. This two hour ride was an adventure for itself. The driver seemed to be quite ambitious and did not hesitate to use every chance to speed up. After making progress, we conveniently had to climb the last stage to the mountaintop – another 2 miles of steps up atan altitude of over two thousand meters. This was a massive challenge for everybody of us because none of us actually never been on a mountaintop like this before. We started questioning ourselves if it was a good decision to do this trip but we were so close to our goal.

And when we reached the mountaintop we immediately recognized that every step was absolutely worth climbing!

3099 meters.

We were surrounded by clouds. This was an amazing experience. There is a huge Buddhist statue on the mountaintop which is really impressive as well as beautiful. Considering the fact that this is a mountaintop the area is surprisingly spacious. Next to the statue and temple there are numerous viewpoints. It truly is amazing! Peering down from our high perch made all the other mountains seem so small, similar to how you look to the clouds from a plane. At some point we were able to take a look down into the depth. This makes you feel quite humble. Emei Shan is truly a majestic place.

For some Chinese people we seemed to as much an attraction as the mountain itself. A lot of people asked us to take a picture with them. This procedure nearly lasted 15 minutes. But we did not mind at all and were happy to do it. In total we spend two hours on the mountain. Then we split up. Some of us wanted to have the adventure of using the cable car in this height, some of us climbed the stairs back down.

All in all, this trip had been really great and definitely the best nature trip I’ve done so far. I’m curious what will be my next adventures in China but it will be really hard for any sight to compete with Emei Shan.

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Chengdu´s New Century Global Center – Visiting the biggest building in the world

This Saturday I visited the biggest building in the world, Chengdu’s New Century Global Center. This thing is really huge. It contains a shopping mall, plenty of restaurants, bars, cafes, offices, theatres, two 5 star hotels, a skating ring (which is quite comfortable in Chengdu’s tropical summer) and much much more…

Pictures don't capture the full size of the building!

This huge building has even made it possible for us to have a beach in Chengdu! Why settle for the coastal cities of Zhuhai and Qingdao with their natural beaches, when the economic hub of Western China now has a splendid artificial beach indoors! This beach will always be clean and you don’t need to be afraid of any sharks.

Home to it's own theme park, the New Century building offers something for the whole family

Moreover, “The Paradise Island Waterpark” offers a 24 hour artificial sun. This will be a great asset during cloudy winter days, which means that you will be able to enjoy a beautiful beach all year long!

All three IC cities home to beaches!

There is so much to see and do in the shopping mall. The Center has so much to offer that it feels like a small town. It would be possible to live in the Global Center and never have to leave!

The size of the building is just astonishing. When I walked out of the metro station and saw the Global Center for the first time, I instantly felt really, really small. You will not see many buildings on this planet that will give you this impression.

I actually wanted to walk around the New Century Global Center. Since there are still some construction sites I couldn’t finish the lap. The final completion will be in August. Therefore, the InternChina team will definitely come back to discover every corner of this architectural phenomenon.

With over 1 million square metres in office space, the centre is guaranteed to become one of the cities newest hubs

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From Zhuhai to Chengdu: Jack’s First Week in China

I couldn’t have asked for a more adventurous first week in China. As soon as my ferry docked in Zhuhai I was met with an array of exciting new sounds, smells and tastes. I was able to explore the city straight away and it wasn’t long before I had adjusted to the heat and humidity and was able to settle into the Chinese way of life!

Zhuhai's Iconic Fisher Girl Statue

By the end of the working week I had barely scratched the surface of what Zhuhai has to offer and still had so much more to see and do. However, this would have to wait as I planned to get back on the plane to spend a weekend with the interns in the Chengdu office! Living in China gives you easy access to a range of incredible places and enables you to travel around and see the sights – a trip to Chengdu was the perfect opportunity for me to do this!

Relaxing temple in Zhuhai helps escape from the bustle of the city

Chengdu is an incredible city and it was great to be shown around by the Internchina locals! During my stay I was able to try an entirely different type of Chinese cuisine: Chuanchuan, (which was amazing and VERY spicy!!). However, the highlight of my trip was seeing the iconic Chengdu giant pandas. As you can see from the picture below, I was not disappointed!

Chengdu's most famous asset: The Giant Panda

Exploring different areas of China is a fantastic excuse to try new things and gain new experiences. Whilst in Chengdu I saw the Sichuan opera which was an incredible spectacle of musical theatre and artistic talent. During the day I even had my ears cleaned in “The People’s Park” which was definitely something I wouldn’t have done back in the UK!

Dina and Jack having their ears cleaned by professionals!

After a jam-packed first week my jet-lag was finally starting to catch up on me. It was good to know that a warm and tropical Zhuhai was waiting for me when I got off the plane! Having already seen pandas, experienced an ear-cleaning tradition and visited the Sichuan opera in my first week I can’t wait to see what else China has to offer!

Zhuhai: Always sunny, always gorgeous

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Zhuhai Meets Chengdu at the Sichuan Opera House

Chinese opera is a popular form of drama and musical theatre in China with roots going back to as far as the third century CE. There are numerous regional branches of Chinese opera, of which the Sichuanese opera is one of the most famous types. Regionally Chengdu remains to be the main home of Sichuanese opera. Being right in the middle of an Ancient Chinese art source, we just could not miss the opportunity to see a play.


Luckily, on the same weekend when Chengdu office branch organized this activity for the interns our dear fellow colleagues from the Zhuhai office were in town too and joined us. We met at the Lazy Bones Hostel (highly recommended!), where our two office branches met for the first time and had a very nice dinner together after introducing ourselves.

Chengdu Interns meeting Zhuhai Interns for the first time!

All of us already heard of Chinese opera before, some having saw it on TV, but to actually be in the theatre in person was a lot more exciting. A wide variety of artistic talents were presented by the opera troupe, from historical drama and love stories to comedy and acrobatics. Some of us really enjoyed the puppet play, though the shadow play was also very interesting, especially when it spit fire.


But still, the most famous and exciting stunt is the face-changing. Fortunately, our event-organizer Chris got us seats in the very front rows. Even though we still couldn’t figure out the secret of this old traditional performance, it made it all the more exciting.

Face Changing: Sichuan Opera's Greatest Secret

Of course we could not call it a night yet and went out for couple drinks after the show. After the traditional Ancient Chinese opera we went straight to Shamrock, Chengdu’s local expat watering hole, which gave the night the perfect touch and culture balance.

InternChina ending the night at the Shamrock, a local expat bar

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Mosche’s Eclectic Food Challenge: American Pizza vs. Chinese BBQ

Chinese versus Western Cuisine
The InternChina team Chengdu finished the last week with an epic food clash of Western & Chinese cuisine. As per Thursday night tradition, we went to Mike’s Pizza kitchen, Chengdu’s premiere pizzeria. Friday night saw us join a neighbouring company in our we office building to celebrate a classic Chinese BBQ.

Mike’s Pizza kitchen provides really good Western food (which is rare for China). Paul, who already lived for almost two years in China and is currently one of our interns in Chengdu, said it was the best pizza in China he’d ever tasted (also happened to be his first in three months). So, it would have been good anyway, but I completely agree with Paul that Mike’s pizza kitchen is a top notch place to enjoy Western cuisine in Chengdu.

IC’s Master Chef, Kenny Qing

In comparison to that, we had some Chinese BBQ on the next day. We bought a lot of local specialties, ranging from beef, chicken, pork and a lot of local vegetables to put on the grill.Of course we had some cold beers, too (it wouldn’t have been a real BBQ without a chilled beer!)

The Chinese style of making a BBQ seems to be a little more spontaneous (maybe we are too fastidious when preparing our BBQ back in the West). Put on a open coal grill, the meats and vegetables are seasoned ad hoc depending on an individual’s preference. Regardless, it was still really tasty! The combination of the different local spices and herbs blended well with the succulent morsels of meat. All Chengdu interns were glad to have this BBQ to cap off the week.

Good food, good beer, good company, all smiles!

For me, the result of the food clash in regards to taste was a draw. But the atmosphere of a decent BBQ with a lot of friendly people can’t be beaten by a dinner at a restaurant. All in all, I can say that I really enjoy the local food. Still, from time to time, a good home cooked Western meal is needed to keep me close to home.

Like exposing your palate to new interesting flavours? Why not come to China! Apply now or send us an email for more information.

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Introducing Mosche Orth and his Panda Adventure

Hello, this is Mosche. I am the new intern in the InternChina Chengdu office. I am 24 years old and I am studying Political Science in Hanover, Germany. Since I started taking Chinese classes at my university and I have always been interested in China (I watched too many Jackie Chan movies as a teenager!) , I thought it was a nice idea to get some real China experience, so I chose Chengdu because it’s not as Western as Beijing or Shanghai. I arrived on Saturday morning in this beautiful city of Western China. Well, what to start off with in China I personally couldn’t wait to see China’s greatest national treasure.  It´s not the Great Wall or the Terracotta Army (though I guess those must be fantastic, too) It is the GIANT PANDA!!!

Rain or shine pandas always make you smile!

Luckily, yesterday, the InternChina Chengdu team plus a local host family visited the Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding near to Chengdu, which is the biggest Panda research centre in China (and probably the world). Most of us saw these precious Chinese animals for the first time. I consider the panda to be a very cute animal; seeing the Giant Panda for the first time was a humbling experience.

Panda getting a bit too intimate with Mosche

Furthermore, we met the Red Panda (Shifu from Kung Fu Panda). Since they aren’t caged, we were literally able to have some body contact. Fortunately, it only tried to bite the Chinese visitor after me.

Master Shifu approaching!

Last but not least, we finished the day with a local culinary speciality: Fish head Hotpot. There is a not so spicy and a spicy version (a non-spicy version was nought to be found!). Since I did a previous internship in Singapore I am used to hot food, I dared to take the spicy version of the hotpot and it was delicious. The restaurant also offered an all-you-can-drink bar for free, making the combination of a delicious local dish and free beer a nice cap to my first day in China.

Hot pot: A lovely way to end our day!

To sum it up, thanks to the InternChina team in Chengdu, I had a great start in my new home for the next five months. I am looking forward to further great trips, challenges and chilly evenings in Chengdu and China.

Feel like exploring China’s national treasures with Mosche? Come to China! Apply now for an internship or send us an email for more information.

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Kenny’s take on Tai Chi: Finding Balance in Life and Body

In ancient China, people believed in a concept of universal movement: Tai ji, commonly associated with the significantly more popular expression of Yin and Yang. They saw our universe as being in constant motion, the ultimate motion producing Yang (positive part) and Yin (negative part), creating a balanced universe. Yang was associated with flowing movement, Yin with tranquility. Reconciling these two conflicting energies becomes the central principle of Tai Ji. The duality of Yin and Yang furthermore can be found in real world divisions, from sensations like hot and cold, light and dark, men and women, etc.

Image Source: Baidu

These philosophical principles are applied to the body in the martial art of tai ji quan (aka. Tai-chi). Its core tenants view the body as a balanced system; if our body is out of balance, its effects are seen through both physical and mental discomfort. Tai ji quan was thus practiced to rebalance the body, taking on the more combative name of shadow boxing. Now known for both its health and restorative benefits, tai ji quan is actively practiced by many around the world.

Ben balancing out his energy!

Here is our intern Ben he was learning Taiji with his host family

Like to find balance in your life and learn more about tai-chi? Come to China!  Apply now or send us an email for more information.