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NEWS: 50 UK Graduates Benefit From Global Internships via Innovative Online Platform

Pagoda Projects have secured a grant from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, to develop their online internship programme. Pagoda have developed their tech platform in collaboration with Manchester neighbours Padoq and are able to offer top overseas internship opportunities to 50 recent UK graduates. Internships take place with companies in Greater China, Southeast Asia, Latin America and the UK.Many recent grads who were due to take part in Pagoda’s award-winning internships in China, were given the opportunity to apply for this innovative online internship to boost their job prospects in one of the most challenging graduate job markets of all time. Pagoda have opened this programme up to grads who had planned to undertake internships in China under the British Council’s Generation UK campaign but have been unable to travel due to the pandemic.Alongside internships which begin in September 2020, participants will benefit from online events, resources, coaching and a cultural mentorship initiative. Graduates will also benefit from insights from LinkedIn Learning.



or Phone
+44 161 818 8824


Pagoda Projects founder Jamie Bettles says that “The grant will be a real game-changer as we build a programme which benefits all of our stakeholders: Graduates, businesses, universities, communities and our growing team. The collaboration with Padoq is particularly exciting as we both continue to scale our businesses.” Hannah Silverleaf, Outward Mobility Manager from British Council China commented “We’d like to congratulate Pagoda Projects on being awarded this grant from Innovate UK, which will provide a fantastic opportunity for young people to still gain valuable experiences and support in a challenging jobs market.”For further information please reach out to Jamie Bettles, Managing Director by email at or by phone at +44 (0) 161 8188824.

Rebekah - Generation UK trip to the New Yuan Ming Palace
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Generation UK Funded Internships – Apply now!

Funded Internships in China

Generation UK – China was launched by the British Council in 2013. By 2020, it aims to help 80,000 students from the UK boost their employability, enhance their long-term job prospects, and develop a global mind-set through study and work experience opportunities in China.

The programme offers funded internship placements and academic scholarships for UK students to gain international experience in China. By encouraging UK students to engage with China, Generation UK aims to bring young people from both countries closer together, increase mutual understanding, and pave the way to lasting links and partnerships between the UK and China.

The Generation UK – China campaign is supported by all four government administrations in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

Find out more and apply here.  Continue reading below about the experience of a 2018 Generation UK participant.

Rebekah’s Internship Experience in Zhuhai

”My name is Rebekah Kane and I’m a Computer Science student at Queen’s University in Belfast, here in Zhuhai for 2 months on a Generation UK programme.

I’m living in an apartment with two other girls who are all on the same program as me but we’re working at different companies.

I work as an IT intern in a Western-based manufacturing company here, in Zhuhai.”

What skills have you developed?

There are so many skills that I have learned over the past 8 weeks, on a personal and a professional level. So, I think for me what I’ve probably grown most in is confidence. You kind of have to be confident, whether you’re used to it or not, to tackle the cultural differences and to be the best person you can be in work and to get all the tasks done on time. Your communication improves, and your interpersonal skills definitely improve and you just become a lot more independent.

Were you worried about coming to China?

Before coming to China, yeah, I think it’s natural. There were definitely things that were playing on my mind. I’d never traveled so far alone before, especially to such a different culture and something that I was so not used to, so that was definitely something that played on my mind. But then as soon as I got off the plane and the InternChina people were waiting for me, it was such a relief. We got a taxi, sorted out my SIM-card and yeah, everyone was so friendly. So, nerves before going, but not so much once I got here.

How are you enjoying the programme so far?

I have definitely enjoyed the programme so far. I didn’t really know what to expect coming over here but everything has been amazing. The people are so good, the food is much nicer than I thought it would be, and I’m a vegetarian, so I didn’t really know what to expect. We have done so much traveling. So, my first weekend we went to Yangshuo and we went to… we did a lot of walking, a lot of hiking. We hiked up Moon Hill which was beautiful, and we saw the most gorgeous mountains. The whole, just atmosphere there, is just really really amazing. And then we did a weekend trip to Wai Ling Ding Island, which is right in between Zhuhai and Hong Kong. We camped on the beach there for a night and that was amazing, so so far it’s just been really really good.

What do you do in your free time?

So far I’ve spent my free time just sort of exploring. There’s so much to do in Zhuhai, especially being beside the sea and beside so many cities. So we’ve done a couple of weekend trips to Guangzhou, and we’re going to Shenzhen this weekend. Also just exploring what Zhuhai has to offer. The food is amazing; it is really really nice. And there’s loads of parks and beaches, and the history of Zhuhai too is really impressive. So yeah, there’s always something to do.

How has the experience improved your employability?

Definitely yes, my internship has without a doubt helped me prepare for my future career. I don’t even know what I want to do whenever I graduate yet, but I do know that the skills that I’ve learned whilst I’m here, both the personal ones and the professional ones they will look amazing, not only on my CV but they will help me in interviews, they will help me to apply it in any job I decide to do. And saying that in your early 20s, you went to somewhere literally right across the world, to work for a couple of months… That’s amazing, that shows that you have drive – so definitely will look great on my CV.

Would you recommend an internship in China?

Without a doubt I would recommend an internship with InternChina to my friends. I think the main reason is because it’s been so much fun. All of us, all the interns that are here at the same time as me, we’ve all learned so much whilst we’re here. And yeah, the support system here is also really really good.

Any advice for future interns?

I think the best advice that I can give is just say yes to everything. There’s so many opportunities over here that there are not back home. Back home you can really get in the way of being like “Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow, or I’ll do it next week” but you don’t always have next week over here So, just say yes, to new opportunities, to meeting new people, and you’ll have a really good time.

Are you interested in applying for a Generation UK funded internship just like Rebekah? Then apply now, before the deadline on 2nd December 2018! 

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CTC and CPAZ hold charity event in Pingsha

On May 8th 2018 more than 30 representatives from CPAZ, CTC & InternChina visited the Pingsha Experimental Primary School to distribute funds raised at the Come Together Charity Music Festival 2017 and provide care packs to a total of 50 disadvantaged students.

The bursary money totalled 82,500 RMB, meaning over 1500 RMB was raised for each child in need!

This is CPAZ’s 12th year in a row working with families to support the education of those in need in Pingsha, and the 5th year that the CTC – Come Together Charity Music Festival has raised money for CPAZ’s mission. The day started when representatives of CTC and CPAZ distributed a total of 82,500 RMB to 50 local children in need.

The bursary for each child was 1,500 RMB, along with a care package which including a backpack and school supplies. Afterwards, representatives split into groups to visit some of the families who receive the bursary.

Come Together Community

Come Together Community (CTC) is made up of a collection of like-minded fellows who care about the community, helping out, and making a difference. The founders of CTC have collectively lived in Zhuhai and China for over 40 years, and consider Zhuhai home.

InternChina is a proud sponsor of CTC, and also one of the official organisers of CTC’s annual charity music festival each year, Come Together. The aim of the NGO is to help people in Zhuhai by uniting the expat and local communities to fundraise for charitable causes and local philanthropies.

Come Together Music Festival

In November 2017, the 6th annual Come Together Charity Music Festival was held. It was an extremely successful event, with a total of 900+ people attending and raising a total of 255,000 RMB. The event has volunteers, bands and sponsor work alongside food and beverage vendors, the schools, the venue and more local groups to raise money for local children in need.

As CTC firmly believes transparency is of utmost importance, you can view all the income and expenses of the Come Together Music Festival 2017 here to see how they got the total amount of 255,000 RMB.


The Charity Promotion Association of Zhuhai (CPAZ) is a registered CSO (Civil Society Organisation) in China. They work to promote social activism and public welfare with the aim of providing compassionate assistance to vulnerable sectors of society.  They operate a range of projects with the aim of helping financially destitute, disadvantaged people and particularly young students living as orphans or with single parents.

Come Together Community's WeChat QR Code

Want to experience charity events like these yourself? APPLY NOW!

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InternChina wins Greater China Educations Links Award for 2nd year running

Hi Everyone!

On Friday 23rd February we were awarded the Department for International Trade’s “Greater China Education Links Award” for the second year running. When I posted the good news on LinkedIn, the post was pretty popular and I was so happy to see people congratulating us. I also realised that a lot of people probably didn’t realise that we entered these awards or know much about what they represent. I thought I’d do a blog to talk about the awards, explain the basis for our entry and give some much-needed thanks to the people who made it possible.

I think it’s fair to say that the North of England Greater China awards is pretty niche! It just so happens to be our niche! The awards form part of a fantastic annual event held at the Lowry Theatre in Salford Quays, which celebrates the Chinese New Year and brings together organisations in the North of England who work with China. The Northern Powerhouse is rapidly increasing it’s links in Greater China and the achievements of organisations at the forefront of this trend are celebrated at the event, which comprises a welcome reception, dinner and awards ceremony.

The evening is a fantastic way to meet new people with a shared interest in China and meet up with some of our existing partners from institutions such as DIT, CBBC, Manchester China Forum and universities such as UCLan and Manchester Metropolitan University.

Our entry was based on the following key areas in which InternChina has excelled during the Year of the Rooster:

  • Growth of our team, adding 6 new members in 2017
  • 60% revenue increase year-on-year
  • 585 participants placed in China in 2017
  • Continuing to deliver programmes for the British Council
  • 70% of our UK participants in 2017 came from low-income families as part of our government and university funded programmes
  • In 2017 we will delivered a large-scale programme fully funded by Education New Zealand
  • During 2018 we will deliver funded programmes for UK universities worth over £250,000
  • Raised £2,000 for Zhuhai Autism Society and CPAZ Zhuhai charities
  • Developing innovative procedures and best practice related to supporting participants with mental health difficulties

The winners of this year’s awards were:

Greater China Business Award: Colloids
Rising Star of 2018: AFL Architects
Education Links Award: Intern China Ltd

A special award was presented to Gerry Yeung OBE DL. He received The Recognition Award, for his work in supporting commercial, educational, charitable and cultural links between the North West and China.

Our prize is a return business class flight to China courtesy of Cathay Pacific and fabulous bottle of champagne, generously donated by Randall & Aubin.

After a phenomenally good experience with Cathay Pacific last year, I am very grateful to Keith Harrison and his team for their generous prize again this year. The direct service from Manchester to Hong Kong is a travel geek’s dream – the timings are perfect, the plane on the route is brand new, the service is top-notch and the lounge in Hong Kong is like a 5* hotel.

Unfortunately, only myself and my wife Helen were able to enjoy the awards evening in Manchester, but the way we’re going, we might have to book a table next year and bring some more of our team along! Our awards entry was based upon the hard work and achievements our team have made in China over the past 10 years. I am so proud of our fantastic team who have helped to deliver our programmes in China and build meaningful partnerships in order to fund the experience for young people. I’ll make sure I tag everyone on LinkedIn when I share this blog, cheesy as this will sound… the award belongs to you guys!

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So good I had to come back!

Hi all, 大家好! My name is James and I’m currently interning in the Chengdu branch of InternChina. Having been on an internship through InternChina in Qingdao I knew I had to return to China. What better way than to work for the company that made my last experience here so enjoyable?
Having experienced the beaches, sunshine and delicious seafood on offer in Qingdao I fancied a different experience this time choosing to head to Chengdu.


Dongmen Bridge

Chengdu is one of the largest cities in China with a population of over 14 million. Whilst this may seem daunting, the friendly locals and laidback lifestyle quickly distract from the vastness of this huge metropolis. The city itself is located in the west of China, in Sichuan province, far away from the much-industrialised eastern coast. This allows you access to some fantastic scenery and countryside only a short trip outside of the city. Located near the Tibetan Plateau there is easy access to skiing in the winter  and outdoor activities all year round.

Hot What?

CD - Hot Pot

The local food in Chengdu is internationally famed for its MaLa麻辣 (spicy and numbing) flavour with many dishes having this delicious spicy kick. The most famous dish being Hot Pot served in a large dish of bubbling spicy broth filled with your choice of vegetables and meats. This dish is to die for! The local delicacies don’t end there with a variety of different noodle dishes to please any palate. Including TianShuiMian 甜水面 (sweet water noodles) and DanDanMian 担担面 (peddler’s noodles) to name a few.

What to see in Chengdu?

CD - Global Century Building

With the city of Chengdu spreading far and wide there is so much to feast your eyes on. With towering mega structures like the West Pearl Tower 四川广播电视塔, at over 300m tall. Stunning architecture as seen at DongMen Bridge 东门桥, the postcard picture perfect iconic image of Chengdu. Chengdu is even home to the largest building in the world the New Century Global Centre. There is so much beauty in the structures around the city. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle there are also many parks dotted around including People’s park. Here you can join the locals and relax enjoying a cup of hot tea in one of the cities many teahouses.

Overall the city of Chengdu has an unbelievable amount to offer whether you’re coming for the food, the sights or to escape don’t hesitate.

What are you waiting for? Take a look at some of our opportunities now!

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Latest Growth at IC – introducing Rosey, Coral, Dom and Liam

I have some great news to share on the blog: InternChina has recently hired 4 amazing people, who have joined our teams in China and the UK over the past few weeks.
These new recruits represent a big step forward for InternChina and I’m sure it will be an exciting period ahead. The new recruits are, in no particular order; Rosey Ogden, Coral Simpson, Dominic (Dom) Hughes and Liam Dempsey. We conducted a competitive application process over the past few months and received some outstanding applications for the roles. I really think we have chosen 4 wonderful people, who will bring fresh ideas, enthusiasm and experience to our team.

Three of our new recruits will be taking on Branch Management roles in China:

Coral Simpson will be taking over as our new Zhuhai Branch Manager. Coral was a fantastic intern in our Zhuhai office as part of her placement year in 2015/16. Click the photo to connect with Coral on LinkedIn.


Dom Hughes will become our new Qingdao Branch Manager. Dom completed an internship through IC in Qingdao in 2015 and still holds the title of that translation company’s ‘best intern ever’ :). Click the photo to connect with Dom on LinkedIn.


Liam Dempsey will be taking over as our new Chengdu Branch Manager. Liam completed an internship in Zhuhai through IC in 2012/13 and has remained a good friend of IC ever since. Click the photo to connect with Liam on LinkedIn.

We have one new recruit in our Manchester office…

Rosey Ogden will be working as part of our busy UK team, processing applications, assisting with pre-departure support and attending events to promote IC throughout the UK. Rosey was an outstanding intern in our Qingdao office as part of her placement year in 2015/16. Click the photo to connect with Rosey on LinkedIn.

I’m sure Rosey, Coral, Dom and Liam will be blogging and posting on our social media channels over the coming weeks and months!

I’m happy to say that our current branch managers in Qingdao, Chengdu and Zhuhai are all staying with IC and moving into exciting new roles within our growing organisation:

Clare Harding will be our new Europe Partnerships Manager, starting in October 2017. Clare will be responsible for university partnerships, promotion and bookings for mainland Europe. Clare will be based in our Manchester office.

Paul Bailey will be working on partnership development, based in Zhuhai. He’ll be focussed primarily on our partnerships with universities and government in Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific, but also generating new partnerships worldwide, including Chinese university partnerships, supporting me with North American partners and supporting Clare with EU partners.

Paul Yeandle will take on the regal title of China General Manager! Paul will be responsible for overseeing the bookings process in China, programme continuity & innovation, China team management & development, monitoring & improving the participant experience, Chinese university partnership development and the overall mastery of our internal processes. Paul will remain in Chengdu.

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Summerschool Trips Part 1

Goodbye Deutschland, Folge 1: Shanghai




Juli 2016, 17:15 Uhr, Frankfurt: Jetzt heißt es erst einmal tschüss Deutschland – und ni hao China! Gemeinsam, teilweise noch im Halbschlaf, erreichten wir 10 Stunden später den Flughafen in Shanghai. Für Jetlag oder Schlaf war keine Zeit – nachdem wir unser Gepäck im Hotel abgeladen hatten, ging es direkt los zum Pearl Tower. Von hier aus hat man eine super Aussicht über die gesamte Stadt – aber auch auf ziemlich viel Smog. Schon am ersten Tag stellten wir fest, dass unsere Gruppe ein sehr beliebtes Fotomotiv der chinesischen Touristen war. Während der Großteil von uns anfangs noch etwas bescheiden mit der Aufmerksamkeit unserer chinesischen Fans umging, hatten andere wiederum viel Freude daran, näheren Kontakt zu den Groupies herzustellen.

Die zweite Erkenntnisse des ersten Tages: es ist verdammt heiß in China! Falls ihr also vorhabt im Sommer nach China zu kommen, braucht ihr wirklich keine lange Hose. „Aber was, wenn es abends abkühlt?“ Es kühlt nicht ab. Niemals. Zwar haben zwei Mutige unter uns am ersten Tag noch versucht, eine lange Hose zu tragen, nach zwei Minuten bei gefühlten 40° wurden die dann allerdings ganz schnell in die letzte Ecke des Kleiderschranks verbannt.

unbenannt                           2




Unsere Wegbegleiter für die nächsten 2 Wochen (liebe Grüße an dieser Stelle an Amber, Jack und Dave) brachten ein abwechslungsreiches Programm für uns mit. Dabei war der Kulturschock in Shanghai gar nicht so groß wie erwartet. Abgesehen von ziemlich vielen Chinesen ist die Stadt (zumindest auf den ersten Blick) gar nicht so „typisch chinesisch“, wie man es sich vielleicht vorstellt. Es gibt viele Hochhäuser, die Innenstadt ist sehr modernund beherbergt eine Shopping Mall nach der anderen. Besonders die Nanjing Road ließ das Herz des ein oder anderen Shopaholics höher schlagen. Perfekt zur „Abkühlung“ nach einem langen, anstrengenden Shopping Tag ist übrigens die Captain’s Bar. Hier hat man von einer gemütlichen Dachterrasse eine unschlagbare Aussicht auf den Bund (Adresse: 37 Fuzhou Lu, in der Nähe der Sichuan Zhong Lu). Neben Shoppingcentern und Hochhäusern gibt es aber auch in Shanghai und Umgebung Orte und Sehenswürdigkeiten, die etwas mehr von China und der alten Tradition preisgeben.












Unter anderem Zhou Zhuang: Liebevoll auch als das kleine Venedig Chinas bezeichnet. Die Wasserstadt ist nur gute zwei Stunden von Shanghai entfernt. Einen Tagesausflug ist der Ort auf jeden Fall wert, hier gibt es viele kunsthandwerkliche Stände, Häuser, Tempel und sogar ein kleines Theater.. und viele Mücken, das Mückenspray ist ein guter, wenn nicht sogar dein bester Freund und Begleiter in China!

Für Kunstliebhaber und Bummler aus Leidenschaft ist Tianzifang der perfekte place to be. In den labyrinthartigen Gassen gibt es Boutiquen, Bars, Restaurants, Kunstgalerien und Souvenirs überall. Wer jetzt auch noch gerne verhandelt, sollte am besten sofort einen Flug nach Shanghai buchen und sich auf den Weg zur Taikang Road Lane 210 ((平原坊) 泰康路274弄) machen!

Schneller als erwartet war unsere erste Woche in Shanghai dann auch schon vorbei und es ging weiter nach Beijing. Was wir dort erlebt haben, erfahrt ihr in der nächsten Folge von Goodbye Deutschland..

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Doing business in China for the first time

你们 好!
My name is Mai, I’m majoring in Economics and Culture of China at University of Hamburg in Germany and I’ve just arrived a week ago in beautiful Chengdu.

I’ve been to China a few times already, my first time in China I visited Beijing for a two-week school exchange in 2010 and then four years later, I attended the Nankai University in Tianjin for a Summer School Programme. This is now my third time in China,  I’m here for a three month internship in the InternChina Office in Chengdu.

InternChina - Calligraphy classes at Nankai University
InternChina – Calligraphy classes at Nankai University

Although my major is Chinese related, I have always been interested in other Asian cultures, as well.  Therefore, I decided to spend a year abroad in Seoul, South Korea engrossing myself into as many asian cultures and environments as possible.

InternChina - Hiking on Suraksan in South Korea
InternChina – Hiking on Suraksan in South Korea

After my studies abroad, I’m now back in China to experience what it’s like to do business in China whilst collecting a few more practical skills, particularly within the field of Marketing since I’m intending to do my Master’s degree in Marketing or Business Development Studies.

What I really like about Chengdu is that it differs from the other cities I’ve visited so far in China: Chengdu is a well-developed and yet impulsive city that still seems to have preserved the tradition very well – it’s a city between modernity and tradition that makes my stay here both very interesting and challenging.

InternChina - View from Anshun Bridge in Chengdu
InternChina – View from Anshun Bridge in Chengdu

I’m sure that there are three exciting months coming ahead with the great people I’m surrounded by as well as good and spicy Sichuan food!

If you want to experience China, apply here now!

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Back in Chengdu – The start of my internship!

Hello, I’m Harriet and I’ve just arrived from rainy old London to intern at the InternChina Chengdu Office for 3 months!
Although it’s not my first time in China, as I have spent some time working in Shanghai in the past and studied at Beijing Normal University, it wasn’t until I was lucky enough travel to Chengdu last year for the Generation UK 2 week program, that I realised how special a city Chengdu really is. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep away for long…

InternChina -GenerationUK-Trip
InternChina – Generation UK Trip

I graduated last summer from SOAS in Chinese and Economics and began to work at a business consultancy. It was interesting and I definitely learnt a lot, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was missing out on being somewhere really exciting.

Chengdu isn’t like many other cities; in the early noughties western regions of China started to receive funding as a part of the ‘Develop the West’ initiative, and the effects can really be felt in Chengdu – as China’s Eastern coast slows, Chengdu buzzes with high levels of growth and this can be seen everywhere; new buildings seem spring up overnight and exciting start-ups flock to  the high-tech zone. But that’s not the only thing that makes Chengdu special.

Despite the booming economy, the pace of life here remains relaxed, everyone is pretty chilled out. The food – which is hot and spicy and tingles with Sichuan pepper, was almost enough alone to persuade me to come back!

InternChina – Internship Barbecue

So when I landed on Sunday night, and was met by Cassie from the airport who took me to my apartment in a really bustling part of Chengdu, and we tucked into a big feast of yúxiāngqiézi (fish flavour aubergine) and huíguōròu (twice cooked pork) I couldn’t help but feel very lucky! I’m really excited to start my internship at InternChina, I know I have a lot to learn from the great team here.

InternChina - Cassie-Chinesefood
InternChina – Cassie enjoying Chinese food


Do you want to experience how exciting interning in China can be first hand? Apply now!

back to chengdu

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Neues Büro in Mainz

InternChina ist nun auch offiziell auf dem europäischen Festland vertreten. Wir haben ein Büro in Mainz eröffnet, eine Stadt, die durch die zentrale Lage und Nähe zum Frankfurter Flughafen überzeugt.

InternChina-Büro in Mainz
InternChina-Büro in Mainz

Der Gründer InternChinas, Frank Lenhardt, zog mit seiner Familie nach Mainz. Dort baut er mit seiner Frau, Yi Fan (一凡), die Europapräsenz InternChinas auf. Er hat sich aus einer Vielzahl von Gründen für Mainz entschieden. Zunächst einmal ist Frank selber aus genau dieser Gegend, also ist dieser Schritt gen Heimat für ihn eine Art Rückkehr dahin, wo alles angefangen hat. Dem kommt hinzu, dass er seine Familie in China gegründet hat und deshalb haben weder seine Frau, noch seine Kinder jemals in Deutschland gelebt. Also verbindet Frank Familie mit Beruf und während er InternChinas Europageschäft erweitert, zeigt er gleichzeitig seiner Familie die deutsche Kultur und wie es sich in Deutschland so lebt – und welcher Ort ist besser dafür als der, an dem Frank selbst aufgewachsen ist.


Außerdem spricht Frank von Haus aus sowohl Französisch, als auch Deutsch, weshalb er bestens geeignet für die Erschließung neuer Märkte in Europa ist. Bis dato hatte InternChina nämlich noch keine Zweigstelle in Europa, was die Akquise neuer Kunden dort erschwert hat. Durch Franks und Yi Fans Unterstützung vor Ort haben wir nun die Möglichkeit genau diesen Schlüsselmarkt zu erschließen und dadurch die Bekanntheit InternChinas bei möglichen Partnern in ganz Europa zu steigern. An dieser Stelle kommt die Nähe Mainz‘ an Frankreich, wie auch die zentrale Lage in Deutschland und Europa generell gelegen. Auch liegt Mainz äußerst nah an dem Frankfurter Flughafen, der Direktflüge zu vielen InternChinastädten in China und natürlich auch Manchester anbietet. Das kommende Jahr in Mainz wird also hauptsächlich durch Marketings geprägt werden, da Frank von Stadt zu Stadt von Uni zu Uni zieht, um für InternChina zu werben. Es sind bereits 50 Besuche bei verschiedensten Instituten fest eingeplant.

InternChina-Mainz in Europa
InternChina-Mainz in Europa

Der Standort Mainz hat jedoch auch andere Vorteile. In England hat InternChina eine Partnerschaft mit dem sogenannten Generation UK-Programm für Studenten, das den kompletten Auslandsaufenthalt des Praktikanten bezahlt – ein sehr verlockendes Angebot für viele Studenten. Ähnliche Programme und Möglichkeiten eröffnen sich uns jetzt auch in Frankreich und Deutschland mit dem dafür notwendigen Standort in Deutschland; das macht unsere Angebote noch attraktiver für Studenten.

Somit erhoffen wir uns mit dem neuen Standort Mainz mehr Marktpräsenz in Europa zu erlangen.