Eating out in Zhuhai

Eating out in Zhuhai

Cold Chinese food

After what seemed like endless weeks of heavy rain and foggy (but by no means cold) weather, summer has finally hit Zhuhai. The past few days have seen a glorious streak of sunshine and heat, with temperatures ranging between 25°C and 30°C. It still rains from time to time but there’s no mistaking: summer is here and it’s only going to get hotter.
The InternChina staff and all the interns have, of course, taken advantage of the beautiful weather and are not wasting a second indoors. This weekend’s activities, for example, have included hiking, beach volleyball, sunbathing, swimming and biking. Sure, we might complain occasionally about the humidity and how it’s now impossible to stay dry, but all things considered, we are loving the summer and never want it to end.

One thing we hadn’t thought about, however, is the food. In western countries, the ultimate summer dish is the salad, and there are countless recipes for all tastes and pallets: vegetable salad, fruit salad, pasta salad, tuna salad… you name it. But the concept of salad as we know it does not apply here in China, and even though you can definitely find some yummy salads at western-style restaurants, they’re usually quite expensive and therefore not a viable option to eat on a regular basis.

So, what to eat then? As much as we love Chinese food – and we do – sometimes when it’s so hot that you break a sweat the minute you step outside the door, the last thing you want to eat is a scalding-hot noodle soup or a steaming plate of dumplings. If you’re new to China, you might start to despair, thinking “All Chinese food is hot! What am I going to eat now?” But having been here a few months – as most of us have – you begin to discover that no, all Chinese food is not hot and yes, there is quite a variety of delicious cold dishes (liang cai – 凉菜) that will freshen up your taste buds and keep you cool during the hot summer months.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

Cucumber with mashed garlic (suan ni huan gua – 蒜泥黃瓜)

Image source: Adventures with Kake

I call this “cucumber salad”, and it’s really a very simple dish: chopped cucumber, garlic, hot chilli oil and Sichuan peppers. It can be quite spicy, but I’ve found they serve it at a few restaurants and the level of spiciness varies, plus you can add some black vinegar or soy sauce to tone it down.

Cold skin noodles (liang pi – 凉皮)

Image source: Your Food Party

This is a dish that you simply must not miss while in China. These noodles (though the word “skin” is in the name, there is actually no meat) originate from Shaanxi province and, though there are many variations of the dish, most of them are served with hot chilli oil and black vinegar. My favorite version comes also with julienned cucumber, bean sprouts and peanuts on top.

Shredded potatoes (tu dou si – 土豆絲)

Image source: Adventures with Kake

Many westerners love potatoes so this is the perfect dish for them. The potatoes are served with peppers and vinegar – tangy and fresh yet quite filling.

Want to try all the different varieties of Chinese food? Apply now for an internship or send us an email for more information.

Eating out in Zhuhai

Seafood Street in Zhuhai

The easiest and best way to eat some fresh seafood in Zhuhai is to go the seafood street. You can select your own live seafood and just bring it to one of the restaurants on the other side of the street.

InternChina – Seafood Street

At Wanzai Seafood Street, at the Xianggang District in Zhuhai you’ll find all different kinds of crabs, oysters, prawns and fishes that you can imagine.

Just go to there, choose everything you want to have, pay a little money, walk around on that unbelievable long road full of fish with some plastic bags with live seafood in it and then choose one of the restaurants on the other side of the street and they will be prepared for your dining pleasure.

InternChina – Dinner

If you also want to join seafood in Zhuhai please apply now or send us an e-mail to!

Eating out in Zhuhai

The Cantonese Cuisine

Food is a very important thing in China. Not without any reason was Confucius casting out his wife because she was a bad chef. Since ancient time many factors have influenced the development of the Chinese kitchen.
The Cantonese kitchen, as one of the four different main styles of Chinese food, is one of the most famous way to eat in China. Happy to live in Zhuhai, where the Cantonese kitchen is well known, I want to introduce some of the best Cantonese dishes and some of the best restaurants offering those.

Dim Sum, a Cantonese term for small hearty dishes, are small bite-sized or individual portions of food which is traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small plates. Eating Dim Sum in Zhuhai is usually known as going to drink tea, as tea is typically served with Dim Sum.

InternChina – Dim Sum

Basically there are a lot of different ways to prepare Dim Sum. Rice rolls, lotus leaf rice, turnip cakes, buns, dumplings, stir fried green vegetables, steamed meatballs, spare ribs or spring rolls: the main issue is that it is deserved in small baskets or plates.

One of the best Dim Sum restaurant in Zhuhai is Jin Yue Xuan: 1-3 Floor,B,265 Ri Hua Commercial Square, South Lover Street, Gongbei, ZHUHAI.

Cantonese or Guangdong dishes are characterized by their tender and slightly sweet taste. There’s a lot of seafood, pork and chicken, which is normally deserved with head and feet. Cantonese vegetable dishes are often simply stir fried, plain or with minced garlic. The main point in preparing a Cantonese dish is that it is fresh.

InternChina – Vegetables

Here is a small list of famous Cantonese restaurants in Zhuhai:

Hengqin Oyster Restaurant (Fuxiang Bay Oyster Farm, Hengqin, Xiangzhou District)

Yuren Matou Restaurant (Wanzai Branch, No.3013, Nanwan Road, Wanzai, Xiangzhou District)

Deyue Boat (Inside Mingting Park, Yeli Island, Qinglü Road, Xiangzhou District)

Deyuefang Restaurant (Inside Mingting Park, Yeli Island, Xiangzhou District)

Shishen Restaurant (Tangjia Branch, Dieshi, Gangwan Avenue, Xiangzhou District)

For those who don’t want to go to a restaurant the several cookshops everywhere on the streets are very recommendable.

InternChina – Cookshop on the Street

Man man chi!

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Still hungry

Thanks to this update, you will have nice love handles matching your beer belly!

地三鲜: (di san xian) potatoes, green peppers and eggplant
青椒土豆片: (qing jiao tu dou pian) green peppers and potatoes stir-fried
烧芸豆 : (shao yun dou) fried green beans
木须柿子: (mu xu shi zi) egg and tomato wedges stir-fried
木须瓜片: (mu xu gua pian) egg and cucumber slices stir-fried
烧荷兰豆: (shao he lan dou) stir-fried snow peas (usu. with garlic)
炸茄盒 : (zha qie he) breaded eggplant boxesw/ meat filling
鱼香茄条: (yu xiang qie tiao) fish smelling eggplant strips
茄排: (qie pai) breaded, deep-fried eggplant strips
烧茄子: (shao qie zi) stir-fried eggplant
蚝油生菜: (hao you sheng cai) lettuce stir-fried in oyster sauce
烧白菜: (shao bai cai) fried Chinese cabbage
六合菜 : (liu he cai) six veggies; bean sprouts,mushrooms, cellophane noodles, etc.
肉磨菠菜: (rou mo bo cai) ground pork with spinach
蒜苗炒肉: (suan miao chao rou) garlic shoots and pork stir-fried


麻婆豆腐: (ma po dou fu) tofu chunks in spicy sauce (little meat)
家常豆腐: (jia chang dou fu) tofu chunks in savory sauce
麻辣豆腐: (ma la dou fu) tofu chunks in spicy and numbing sauce
青椒豆腐干: (qing jiao dou fu gan) dry tofu strips stir-fried w/ green peppers


米饭: (mi fan) white rice
蛋炒饭 : (dan chao fan) egg-fried rice (usu. w/ a little veggies)
水饺: (shui jiao) boiled Chinese ravioli
锅贴: (guo tie) pot stickers; fried Chinese ravioli
馒头: (man tou) Chinese steamed bread
炸将: (zha jiang mian) noodles with a savory, spicy sauce
担担面 : (dan dan mian) noodles with a very spicy hot sauce
牛肉面 : (niu rou mian) noodles with beef pieces and broth
蛋炒面 : (dan chao mian) egg-fried noodles
肉炒面 : (rou chao mian) pork-fried noodles
混沌: (hun dun) wontons


西红柿鸡蛋: (xihongshijidantang) tomato and egg soup
菠菜粉丝汤: (bo cai fen si tang) spinach and vermicelli soup
青菜豆腐汤: (qing cai dou fu tang) tofu and vegetable soup



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Go Karting!! Beer!! And BBQs!!

We had a really good mix of activities last weekend, and I thought it deserved a blog! We had a night out at Ye Chao (the finest and pretty much only western style club around) to say goodbye to Natasha on Friday night, a BBQ by the beach for Anja’s birthday on Saturday and go-karting on Sunday! What a few days!
I’ll stick to the go-karting, which we would’ve never have found had it not been for the efforts of our awesome English-speaking taxi driver Yang Ji Chao!
We first went to the stated address of the place and I went inside the building to check that everything was ok before we were all stranded in the middle of nowhere. My crude sign language efforts at asking whether there were go-karts were pretty hilarious, at least until Super Yang Ji Chao again came to the rescue and acted as translator. It turned out that it was actually a driving school, and she understood that I wanted to take the Chinese driving licence test! We eventually found the place around the corner, and whilst it was really expensive at European prices, had a pretty advanced track which electronically recorded your individual lap times.
After a few laps we decided to test our track times to find out the ultimate pro.
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Scorpions, Worms and Sea-Horses

Today all participants of the language courses visited a part of the old city of Qingdao where you can get all the food tourists seem to think is special for China: scorpions, maggots, grasshoppers and other insects. They also sold strange sea-food like sea-urchins, starfish, seahorses and really big worms. They kept every “food” alive in some boxes and then mostly fried it on a stick. The only thing that really looked like you could eat it were the very little scorpions, but in the end, only two brave girls of our group tried them. The rest of the group, even our teachers, was too shocked and disgusted by all the crawling worms and strange insects we weren’t able to identify. When we asked our Chinese teachers if they have ever eaten such insects or strange sea-food they just shook their heads and underlined that they would never try it. So these little street salings only seem to sell their food to foreigners who want to take photos of their braveness eaten “real Chinese food”, just like us 🙂
But, for everyone who still wants to try: go for it! It is always fun, especially for those watching your face while eating 🙂


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Trip to Macau

Hello everyone, my name is Nicolas, I am just finishing my internship with Intern China.
I’m writing this post to relate my trip to Macau. The experience was very good. Macau is located next to Zhuhai, you just have to walk thru the border. It is a good opportunity for Intern in Zhuhai, one of the cities where Intern China is based, who wants to go out of mainland China. First, after you pass the border, there is an information desk where you can take a very good map of Macau which is in fact 3 different islands connected together. Just with that, you can plan your entire trip there. Macau was a Portuguese colony until 1999, before returning to China, so it is quite different from other Chinese city. You can see the big influence of Portuguese in a lot of the buildings which make you feel a little like in Europe but with a Chinese touch, it is very special. There is a lot of historic place to visit like different church, some museum, park, etc. All of the place you can visit is well explain and illustrated in the map and some brief historic information is also available. Just in the street, there is a lot of tourism and the people are really nice and helpful. It is really nice to walk on the old center of Macau with all the Portuguese building; there is a very good atmosphere. When the night is coming, the city is changing completely with all the light of the numerous casinos and hotels. You can fell that you are in a king of an Asian Las Vegas. There are a lot of casinos, some of them worth a visit. It is very special and unique feeling to be in a city with a completely feeling at day and at night. Also, I found that it is possible to visit a lot in 2-3 days compare to Hong Kong which needs much more time to visit and to have the impression that you really visit the city.

Things are more expensive then in China, specially the hotel. I personally stayed in the Regency Hotel which is quite nice and is one of the more affordable (comparing to a lot of other one). There is a lot of different restaurant, activity and attraction.

I truly suggest you to visit Macau if you have 2-3 days and you feel you don’t have enough time to go far or to visit a huge city. Macau has different charms that can please a lot of people.

I wish you a great time in China!


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Hello lovelies!

Last night we all went go karting once again in Gongbei!  The experience was equally exhilarating as last time although I find myself lamenting the lack of propositions to engage in halotry – perhaps I looked considerably less desperate this time around.  Who knows.

Let’s do this chronologically, though.

Before go karting, we, i.e. myself, Jamie, Leo, Nicolas, James and Andy(Andrea) met up at Alain’s Belgium Beer Bar (A’S BBB) to enjoy a few bottles of scrumptious Belgian beer along with some over-due dosage of western gastronomy.  I had the most deliciously sweet beer ever.  I would compare it to … nothing.  Perhaps it is better described as what Willy Wonka would brew in his factory.  I can just image the fat German kid aka Augustus Gloop downing the illustrious Belgian brew from the quaint waters (beer?) of the alcoholic paradise candy river.  Yes, it was that good.

Most of us had a delightful pizza which was surprisingly lusciously toothsome.  Although a no-contender compared to a real, fresh Italian pizza, the pizza at Alain’s was, nevertheless, legit.

When it came to paying the bill, however, the tides changed.  Our favourite advertising/media firm Delta Bridges had a profile of Alain’s on their website and had a large image proclaiming that there was 30% off all alcohol from 17.30 to 20.30 EVERY NIGHT!  The discount, however, was seemingly nonexistent!  We pushed for it but the manager claimed that it was only valid for one type of beer.  NB: the ad said ALL alcohol. After we pushed some more, the cheque went down again but for an apparently random amount.

Brief review of Alain’s: delicious food, illustrious beer and lacklustre management.

GOKARTING, as previously stated, was wonderful.  It was Leo’s FIRST TIME EVER driving any type of vehicle and I must say that he managed quite well.  After the first round, Jamie was 1st and I was 2nd.  The second round, however, was a bit bizarre.  During the first round I had noticed that they were wielding the frames of some gokarts together and I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of driving one of these polished turds for my second round.  What a disaster.  The car kept spinning out and was just plain crazy.  Moreover, on my last lap, my brakes stopped working and I smashed into a barrier at the first bend.  Wonderful.

Damn you, polished jalopy turd.

A typhoon is coming to Zhuhai.  JOY!

Write to you all on Monday



PS – Make sure to check out the pictures along with the score cards from last night in the gallery!


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Cooking class in Zhuhai

Hey folks, this is Alex. I recently started my internship at the Intern China Business Exchange subsidiary in Zhuhai and it is really great so far. The entire team is very cool and they had just organised a cultural activity – a cooking class. Well, it was at least supposed to be one but it turned out to be an evening with lots of Qingdao beer and karaoke! To start from the beginning, when we arrived at the restaurant it was so packed that the chef didn´t really have the time to show us how to prepare local dishes; and instead the owner arranged a truly opulent dinner for us. The food was absolutely scrumptious and this event was a perfect opportunity to meet and exchange with the other interns here in Zhuhai. However, after that many dishes and bottles of beer it had become so late that the kitchen staff was already finishing work and powering on the KARAOKE machine. The good thing was that I was able to avoid singing and thus “enjoy” completely the performances of the restaurant employees. Nevertheless, we still got the chance to go in the kitchen and watch the chef preparing a fast dish. I really hope there will be more “cooking classes” while I´m here. 😉