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Things to Know Before You Visit China

If you are interested in China, your friends may have asked you all kinds of strange questions but without fail the conversation always turns to “Do they eat dogs and cats?”.
The answer is: Eating dogs and cats is becoming unpopular.

Having the second largest economy and some of the most developed cities; in China people are starting to prefer to keep cats and dogs as pets. There may be some restaurants selling dog meat, but if you ask local Chinese people where to get dog meat, they may be surprised or offended.
The Chinese government and also several animal rights activists as well as animal rescue teams are trying to ban the dog meat festival held in China.

InternChina - Chinese kids and their dog
InternChina – Chinese kids and their dog
InternChina - chinese animal rescue
InternChina – chinese animal rescue
InternChina - Man with his dog
InternChina – Man with his dog

I’ve often heard about foreigners who were, so to say, pressured by their Chinese host family, coworkers or friends to eat a lot and to try lots of different dishes.
BUT what you need to know about Chinese culture is…

No matter how much they may be eager to accept food, drink or gifts, proper Chinese etiquette prevents them from doing anything that makes them appear greedy or overly eager to receive them, so if you should politely refuse a couple of times before taking it. The same goes for compliments.

The next step is to never drink alcohol without offering a toast! This not only shows your gratitude toward the host and your regard for the other guests, but it also prevents you from drinking too much too quickly. If someone toasts you with a Ganbei be sure to watch out, Chinese know how to put a foreigner under the table in no time.

Also don’t worry about accessing your favourite websites here in China, as you can always rely on a VPN to surf the net.

InternChina - Yes you can!
InternChina – Yes you can!

When you arrive at the airport in China, don’t be surprised because you won’t necessarily be the tallest person in the room. Chinese people are getting quite tall these days, due to diet and advances in nutrition.

And last but not least: Do you REALLY think every Chinese person do these sorts of Kung Fu moves?

InternChina - Everybody was Kung Fu fighting
InternChina – Everybody was Kung Fu fighting

Trust me, this kind of thing does not happen (often).

But I’m sure you will enjoy your stay in China as much as I am!!!


Apply now for an internship!

before you come to china

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Crazy Weather

Dear reader,
When you read this I might already be drowned by heavy rain or burned by scorching sunlight. The past few day’s weather in Zhuhai has been crazy!

“April, April, der macht was er will.”

This weekend – which was a long one thanks to the Chinese Qingming Holiday – is a good example of crazy weather. Starting with a sunny Friday morning, which really got our office in the holiday spirit, but then continued with clouds and mist. It was still quite warm though. After work we went for dinner, drinks and Go-Karting – it was the first time ever for me… I loved it!! 😀

Then we had an awesome Saturday with sunshine all day. As I had a visitor from Harbin, we went to a palace which is a replica of the summer palace in Beijing. We walked around in the park behind it and climbed a mountain to have a look over Zhuhai. From the peak we could also see Macau. Afterwards we went to the beach, grabbing a cold drink on our way. The day ended with a Korean BBQ, a walk on Barstreet and dancing in a club called Miu Miu. We have some quite descent dancers in our interns group!

As you can imagine, our Sunday started rather late. But it wasn’t too bad as it was raining. On our way to get some waffles and noodles for brunch, we had to negotiate our way around and over puddles. Sure the paper bag with our waffles inside got wet and ripped. Although we didn’t mind as I managed to save the waffles. Being back in the apartment we crawled underneath our blankets on the couch and watched a movie while enjoying our food. It was really cozy. ^.^

For dinner we met some interns at a Muslim restaurant, and then we went to their apartment for a relaxing bottle or two of Tsingtao and some baijiu! It was interesting to listen to some of  the stories from our interns who have already been here for quite a long time. Most of them were quite tired from the weekend’s partying  so far and some had to work the next day, so we didn’t stay up too late.

I was in a fortunate position as I had the Monday off. So after I hung up my freshly washed clothes above the balcony to dry and had breakfast; I took Li to my favorite place in Zhuhai: the underground market. Of course I couldn’t resist buying some clothes and perfume. Oh and the weather… it was dry and a little sunny in the morning. After we left the underground the rain started again. We hurried underneath a sushi stand were we enjoyed some tasty morsels whilst watching the rain pour down. Later in the evening it was dry again – unlike my clothes above the balcony…!!

We decided to the Factory (a bar in Huafa) were they had a ‘Happy Monday – Buy one, get one free’ offer. On our way there we stopped to see a water fountain show. Who needs Vegas?! As they make really good Pizzas in the Factory we ordered two and got four. Awesome! But I was sooo stuffed afterwards. We then had a fun round of darts together!

It was a great weekend.

See you and 再见,

Gianna aka Gini aka 吉娜


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Shopping in Zhuhai

When I traveled to China I was only allowed to take a suitcase no heavier than 21 kg with me and a hand luggage of 5 kg. For guys, no problem. For girls, “What the heck am I gonna take with me?? *completely desperate*”. For my trip to Korea last year I took half my closet – which was not a good idea because shopping there is just SO awesome: underground market here (mostly at the metro stations), street market there, shopping e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e!

InternChina - How do you pack your suitcase for China?
InternChina – How do you pack your suitcase for China?

So before I started my journey to China I thought deeply about what to take with me. What is really necessary? What can I buy there? I asked some of my Chinese friends, they told me that shopping is really nice and affordable in China. So I made up my mind and only packed what I really needed. I ended up with exactly 21.2 kg for my suitcase and 5.7 kg for my hand luggage (including my laptop which is exempt from the check-in’s weight restrictions). Still I had a bad feeling about it. What if I forget something? I checked my packing list at least ten times and asked friends to read it through and tell me if they thought I had forgotten anything.

Now I’ve been in Zhuhai for one and a half months and I am glad I didn’t bring more. In the underground market you can find whatever you need, to dress for whatever event; clothes, shoes, underwear, make-up, jewelry, nail polish, accessories… and much more. You can even go for a manicure and pedicure. For food, there are a lot of different restaurants, and if you dare you can get a tattoo. The best thing is, everything is so cheap. <3

InternChina - Crazy clothes
InternChina – Crazy clothes


So what’s the catch? Actually, there are quite a few catches. But the drawbacks depends on your body measurements etc. The worst catch I guess, is that most clothes they offer are all one size. If you are too tall you will have problems finding fitting clothes. Also often you are not allowed to try on the clothes you intend to purchase. You can only guess if they will fit and if they suit you well. Also having shoe size 40 (EU)/9 (US) or bigger as a woman it may be hard to find fitting shoes. A final catch is that you usually cannot pay by credit card in the underground or on the street market, cash is king.

The worst catch for me? Too much choice! I could spend days and hundreds of Euros in these shops. Last weekend I spent around three hours in the Zhuhai underground market – close to the Macau border. Because of my company I was forced to keep it to a minimum. I ended up with 5 new dresses, a pair of shoes, 2 trousers and just a bit less than 500 RMB poorer (58 EUR/80 USD). Yes, girls, already feeling the need to jump off your chair and come over?

In the end I will eventually have another problem, I guess… How will I ever be able to take all those clothes back home with me? Well, I did some thinking about that and my solution is: I will have to fly business class, as I’m allowed double the amount of luggage and having a comfortable seat on the plane. Sounds good to me. I could also just buy another suitcase, but … after saving so much money shopping here I think it is okay to spend some more on the flight. 😀

Oh, one more thing. Don’t forget to find yourself a suitable shopping mate. Nothing is better than spending a day in the underground together: clothes hunting, bargaining with broken Chinese-English, giggling about strange people and gossiping, sipping coffee, eating sushi, going for manicures or pedicures (or both), and afterwards going to the Spa to relax from the exhausting day to feel fresh again. Ready to enjoy the nightlife in your new clothes.

InternChina - Two awesome shopping mates
InternChina – Two awesome shopping mates

I think I need to go shopping again next weekend. Writing this blog made me hungry for more…


See you and 再见,

Gianna aka Gini aka 吉娜

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Zhuhai Style

Last month I was lucky enough to visit our office in Zhuhai and also enjoy the Chinese host family experience with Sunny Sui, our customer relations manager in Zhuhai.

InternChina - Life in Zhuhai
InternChina – Life in Zhuhai

From the moment I stepped off the plane I was greeted by the Guangdong – ‘let’s get down to business’ attitude. As I stepped on board the airport bus I was immediately drawn into an interrogation by half of the bus – now my Chinese is okay – but when I am being bombarded by a bus full of Tiger Mama’s (mothers who have ridiculously high standards for the Children’s future and are extremely committed to ensuring their future success) and a grandfather with a quick mind and a head full of questions I started to crack under the pressure.

– Where are you from?
– What’s your name?
– Who do you work for?
– How much money do you make?
– How big is your apartment?
– Do you like Chinese girls?
– Can my son work in your office? (Guangdong specific)

Now these questions are quite normal in China and my answers to these questions are well rehearsed. It was when they saw the wine (a gift) in my bag – a big discussion started about the quality and after a good 10 minutes of discussing, it passed their approval. This is the type of discussion that I used to think was unbelievably rude but now I know it is part of the colourful Chinese life – where things considered impolite to discuss in the West are fair game in China. I really love moments like this in China as it reminds me of the time when I was first in China, my eyes were opened to a completely different way of interacting and thinking. This is key to making China interesting and at times is still bizarre even after 2 years.

InternChina -Zhuhai Palm Trees
InternChina -Zhuhai Palm Trees

Anecdotes aside, Zhuhai is lovely – I highly recommend it for anyone visiting China and indeed for an internship. The feeling of being beside the sea and surrounded by Palm Trees is certainly something I would not get sick of! I also enjoyed getting a seat on the bus (this is very rare in Chengdu) I also liked, despite its smaller population, how Zhuhai business moves fast and the meetings I attended were straight to the point and there is a desire to “get things done”. In Chengdu the business culture is much slower and meetings can last hours rather than minutes and it is also impolite to talk too much business at the first meeting. Since I can talk for Britain this is no problem, but I also liked the straight-talking Guangdong way of doing things.

I also loved my homestay experience with Sunny, every evening after work we could pop into the wet (seafood) market and buy a wide variety of fish and seafood straight off the boat! Sunny is a great cook and the food was delicious – I really enjoyed the fact she introduced me to her friends and I got a real great insight to her way of life in Zhuhai – which involves lots of Cycling and outside activities!

InternChina -Dinner at Sunny’s
InternChina -Dinner at Sunny’s

It was also great to spend time with all the team in Zhuhai – find great places for lunch and enjoy a weekend trip and a few beers with the Zhuhai interns. It was really interesting to see how their life in China differs from the interns I have welcomed to Chengdu!

InternChina - Weekend Trip
InternChina – Weekend Trip

I would like to thank the whole Zhuhai team for looking after me whilst I was in Zhuhai. So many memories including: sweet pork / crab hot pot / hangover Trekking / Getting lost on a mountain / friendly shop assistants / best breakfast in China / weird “hot springs” / crazy tour guides / new friends / learning / sharing of ideas.

So Zhuhai or Chengdu? Well, you could choose both? Zhuhai has weather and natural scenery which is unrivalled in China as well as being close to many of the larger cities. Chengdu on the other hand offers the chance to experience one of the fastest growing cities in China, and one which is both laid back whilst at the same time speeding towards being one of the most important cities in China.

Apply now for an internship in Qingdao, Zhuhai, Chengdu or maybe you would like to do two internships in two of the cities and experience the different lifestyles of both.

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Doing an internship and exploring China

Many of the interns come to Zhuhai or in general to China, to do their internship. Sometimes it’s part of their studies or they have just graduated and want to go out to gain some work experience in the real business world. However, why should you go to China for your first ever work experience? You are young, inexperienced and want to see the world – doing an internship in China, you can save time and do these two things together.
Will you have time to experience China while doing a full-time internship? Yes of course, you will have the weekends, the governmental holidays and of course, some days you can take off from work. 🙂

Zhuhai is located in the south of China – that means the weather is very nice all year round. Summers are really hot and humid, winters are mild so you only need to have a thin jacket. Many outdoor activities can be done all year round. I usually go running along the seaside, called Loversroad – but in summer I usually stay inside as it gets really hot. 🙂

For those hot days, InternChina organizes weekend trips to one of the 146 islands all around Zhuhai. So you can refresh yourself in the cool sea, have some really good fresh grilled seafood and a really good time together with your friends here in China. If we stayed in the city we would usually chill at the Jida Beach in Zhuhai or go shopping in the cool underground market. Every Friday we spend the evening on the office building rooftop, drinking beer and enjoying the start of the weekend.

When it starts getting cooler, you can be more active outside, start to play badminton as well as volleyball outside in the courtyards or at the beach. You can go to one of the four nature parks we have here in Zhuhai. We also have some mountains right in-between the city so hiking fans are very welcomed.

Further away from the city center we have the paintballing place – to get into the competitive spirit and to let go your anger about everything you will have on your mind. If you are done with that and found yourself again- you can go to one of the hot-springs resorts to relax and get prepared for the following workdays. The hot springs are small pools with hot water flavored with coffee, flowers, tea or some crazy stuff like beer or wine.

For the weekdays and after work-activities you will find many KTVs, places where you can go go-karting, bowling and also skating. You can go for a massage or get your nails done (which is really cheap here in china) and you can do many other things where you only need an evening to do it.

For those who want to see and learn more about the Chinese culture, Zhuhai has it’s own Zhuhai History Museum and a porcelain museum. You can also go to the parks to practice Tai-Chi or watch the old people do this and see them concentrate very hard. By the way Tai-Chi is not as simple as it looks – it is hard work, believe me.  Once, we also went to a traditional artist to learn the Chinese Calligraphy, a very traditional kind of Chinese Art.

For long weekends we plan trips to places that are interesting in the South China area, we went to Guilin (the mountains you can see on the 20RMB note), the place of the famous “Penis-mountain” called Dan Xia Park ( ) and to Fujian with the huge Hakka Houses (

During Christmas and New Year, I took some time off work to fly to Beijijng and Shanghai, so I also saw the most famous parts of China. I went to the great wall, the Forbidden City and the hutongs, I went to the Bund and shopping in those huge fake-markets.

So you see, half a year in China doing an internship you will still have enough time to see many parts of China and to learn more about the country, people and culture.

If you want to join me and the others pushing our careers AND experience a total different world then apply now.

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Zhuhai Wanzai Seafood Street

This week we had our Zhuhai Office Christmas dinner. I know it is a bit early for a Christmas dinner but as some of us are going on our Christmas holidays and it was the only opportunity that the Zhuhai Office team would be able to get together.
We went to the Zhuhai Wanzai Seafood Street! It’s a really long street where the Chinese people sell super fresh seafood. How do I know it was fresh? Maybe because 80% of the seafood was still alive. I have never seen before so many different kinds of seafood, especially not in one place. I couldn’t tell what over 60% of the seafood actually was. It was really interesting to see how many different kinds of seafood actually exist. They were even selling shark and crocodile!

Zhuhai Wanzai Seafood Street
Zhuhai Wanzai Seafood Street

My colleagues Sunny, Morgan and Phil had already been to this restaurant before but for some of us it was new and we had no clue what to expect! The place was super Chinese and we were all excited about our Chinese style Christmas dinner. The street was lined with restaurants and all of them had seafood stands opposite them. We had to choose the seafood from the stands and the restaurant will then cooked it for us. Each restaurant had several waiters outside, so basically, from your left there would were people from the stands yelling at you to buy from them and from your right waiters yelling at you to go into their restaurant! In China you need strong bargaining skills to get the seafood for a fair price! So it was a great time to test our bargaining skills.

In the restaurant the waiter suggested 2-3 cooking methods for each kind of seafood and because we didn’t know what to choose, Sunny told the waiter how we wanted it to be prepared.

It was a surprise when the food was served, as every dish was actually new to me. Sunny then had to teach Pia and me how to eat some of the dishes because we had no idea.

chinese seafood dish
chinese seafood dish

Every single dish was just super delicious. The seafood which looked weird at the beginning turned out to be really good!

If you want to have a Chinese style Christmas experience then apply now and come to Zhuhai!

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How to say Bon Appétit in Chinese

In the UK, USA, Germany, France and lots of other Western countries, it is customary to say something like “bon appétit” or “Guten Appetit” to each other before starting a meal. Many of InternChina’s interns, especially the ones living with a Chinese host family, have this question:  how do you say “bon appétit” in Chinese?  When my Chinese friends and I heard this question we were stumped for an answer.

My answer is: we don’t say it normally.

How to say Bon Appetit

If you say it according to your translation software or dictionary it would be something like “zhù nǐ wèi kǒu hǎo” 祝你胃口好! Chinese people will either not understand it or think you are being funny. We don’t say it this way.
But, in some cases we use some similar words to express our friendship and thanks. However, these will usually be said by the hosts, and if used in the wrong way, or said by the wrong people, it may seem awkward and strange.

internchina gan bei
internchina gan bei

So what can you say??

1. “chī hǎo hē hǎo” 吃好喝好

Which literally translates as “eat well and drink well”. It actually means “enjoy your meal”, however, and is said by the host. At larger events, with more than one table such as birthdays, weddings and business events, the host or representative will usually come over to each table to great the guests.

2. “màn màn chī” 慢慢吃

This literally means “eat slow”.
This saying has the same meaning as “chī hǎo hē hǎo” .  Or you are really eating too fast, and people are trying to warn you to as it’s bad for your health.  🙂

3. “qǐng màn yòng” 请慢用

Literally means “please have it slow”, but a more correct translation is “here is your meal/drink, enjoy it”, and is used by waiters/waitresses in restaurants/bars only.
Similar words like “màn zǒu”慢走 on the surface means “walk slow” its real meaning is “take care on the way”.

internchina dinner qingdao
internchina dinner qingdao

4. “chī chī chī” 吃吃吃

Literally means “eat, eat, eat”, though it can be translated as “let’s start to eat and enjoy the meal”.
Again said by the host, it is normally only used when there is a small group of close friends or family members at the table. This phrase is very popular and if you live with a host family you will hear this a lot. It’s important for you to know the actual meaning of the phrase, otherwise it could seem like they are being very rude in ordering to eat a lot.
Some Chinese people like to say kāi chī  开吃 (start eating), kāi dòng  开动 (start), dòng kuài zi  动筷子 (start) …. Of course the expressions can vary  in different dialects in China, but if you follow my phrases then you will get by just fine!

Would you like to enjoy a delicious meal in China? Then join us for an intership in Chengdu, Qingdao or Zhuhai!

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Food Shopping in Zhuhai

Last time I told you a lot of things about the girlie-clothes-shopping side here in Zhuhai. Now it is time for the question “Where can I find fresh food to cook on my own?” There are several places to find food in Zhuhai. Where to go depends on what you want.
If you want to buy fresh meat and some vegetables you have to go to one of the “wet markets” here in Zhuhai, for example in the district of Gongbei. But I need to tell you one thing; these “wet markets” are different to what you have seen in Europe or in the US. Mostly the “wet market” is in one big building with a minimum of two crowded floors. One stand is next to the other but it’s sorted by sections of meat, vegetables and seafood.

You will find all sorts of seasonal and regional vegetables there and the price is quite cheap in comparison to our prices back in Europe. In the meat section you need to have a strong stomach. Nearly every kind meat could be found there, from duck and chicken up to sheep and beef.

vegetable marketing in zhuhai
vegetable marketing in zhuhai

duck meat
duck meat

This is the place where it starts to smell really strong, and along with the view, it’s kind of hard for me NOT to escape to the fresh air. I think seeing these pictures gives you a small idea of what you can find there. However, this is fresh meat which, if well cooked, tastes really good.

chinese meat market
chinese meat market

In those “wet markets” you also can buy fresh fish, but I would recommend buying fish at the fresh fish market in Xiangzhou near the port of the fishermen called Xiangzhou Yugang. Every morning the freshly caught fish is brought there. It is also a nice sightseeing part of Zhuhai. If you don’t like the typical markets here in Zhuhai, we also have the normal Western supermarkets.

fresh seafood
fresh seafood

Maybe you know “Carrefour” and “Wal-Mart” – those two supermarkets are representing the western food stores in Zhuhai. In those shops you can nearly find everything you need for the household: from food, beverages up to kitchen utensils and clothes. They also have an “imported goods” section – this is like paradise for us interns. Sometimes you can find goods from Germany like “Rittersport” chocolate, or from Italy, like pizza and pasta, and a lot more lovely things. So don’t be afraid of missing the homemade food – you can cook it yourself with all the goods from the western supermarkets.

If you want to see the fresh fish market or the Western supermarket with Pia apply now!

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Mid-Autumn Festival

The last couple of weeks have been a lead up to the Mid-Autumn Festival.
The Mid-Autumn Festival is also called Moon Festival, Mooncake Festival or Lantern Festival. But the best description is “Chinese Thanksgiving”. The Chinese and Vietnamese celebrate it at the traditional end of their harvest, the 15th day of the eighth month in the lunar calendar.  Since 2008, the Government of the People’s Republic of China declared the Mid-Autumn Festival a public holiday.

One of the icons of the festival is the moon cake. These are round or rectangular pastries, measuring about 10 cm in diameter and 4–5 cm thick. A rich thick filling usually made from red bean or lotus seed paste is surrounded by a thin (2–3 mm) crust.

InternChina- Traditional Mooncakes

Everywhere you could find these Moon-Cakes (in the Supermarket, in shops and even on the streets).

Because moon cakes are so prolific and popular, I decided I must give them a try. But I learned the taste of these cakes varies. Some are sweet and some are savoury. Some are even made with egg yolks!  Most are made with fruits and nuts.

Moon cakes are traditionally given as a gift to family members, business partners and friends. I didn’t have to wait long until I got to try my first moon cake after a box was gifted during a business meeting.

InternChina- Sharing mooncakes

While there are many different types, from my first bite it struck me as an acquired taste.

Normally moon cakes are shared by family and friends the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival. People sit together outside in the parks or at the beach, observing the full moon. There is always a full moon the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

So Thursday night we went out for a stroll along Zhuhai beach. Dozens of families were having picnics on the beach. Luckily it was a clear night so the full moon was in full view and it seemed the entire population of Zhuhai was out enjoying it.

Another perk of this festival was that we all had three days off work. The downside was that we all had to work on Sunday.  This was all a part of experiencing this holiday in China.

You can also apply here to have your own awesome experience with Chinese holidays!

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From Zhuhai to Chengdu: Jack’s First Week in China

I couldn’t have asked for a more adventurous first week in China. As soon as my ferry docked in Zhuhai I was met with an array of exciting new sounds, smells and tastes. I was able to explore the city straight away and it wasn’t long before I had adjusted to the heat and humidity and was able to settle into the Chinese way of life!

Zhuhai's Iconic Fisher Girl Statue

By the end of the working week I had barely scratched the surface of what Zhuhai has to offer and still had so much more to see and do. However, this would have to wait as I planned to get back on the plane to spend a weekend with the interns in the Chengdu office! Living in China gives you easy access to a range of incredible places and enables you to travel around and see the sights – a trip to Chengdu was the perfect opportunity for me to do this!

Relaxing temple in Zhuhai helps escape from the bustle of the city

Chengdu is an incredible city and it was great to be shown around by the Internchina locals! During my stay I was able to try an entirely different type of Chinese cuisine: Chuanchuan, (which was amazing and VERY spicy!!). However, the highlight of my trip was seeing the iconic Chengdu giant pandas. As you can see from the picture below, I was not disappointed!

Chengdu's most famous asset: The Giant Panda

Exploring different areas of China is a fantastic excuse to try new things and gain new experiences. Whilst in Chengdu I saw the Sichuan opera which was an incredible spectacle of musical theatre and artistic talent. During the day I even had my ears cleaned in “The People’s Park” which was definitely something I wouldn’t have done back in the UK!

Dina and Jack having their ears cleaned by professionals!

After a jam-packed first week my jet-lag was finally starting to catch up on me. It was good to know that a warm and tropical Zhuhai was waiting for me when I got off the plane! Having already seen pandas, experienced an ear-cleaning tradition and visited the Sichuan opera in my first week I can’t wait to see what else China has to offer!

Zhuhai: Always sunny, always gorgeous

Interested in exploring China with Jack? Why not get an internship in China! Apply now or send us an email for more information.