We’re proud to be a certified B Corporation.

Why B Corp? To create real change in the world for our team, partners, participants and the planet.

B Corp Certification is the only certification that measures a company’s entire social and environmental performance. We chose to certify as a B Corp to measure, demonstrate and grow our positive impact. The global B Corp movement focuses on placing stakeholders at the heart of all businesses, harnessing their position to transform the role of business in society to make sure that it works for all people and the planet.

The B Corp movement aligns to our ambitions as a business to balance purpose and profit. The underlying framework, the B Impact Assessment, helps us to showcase and grow our impact in a structured way.


Pagoda exists to make a real difference in international education and the wider world, but real change starts at home. Using the B Corp assessment as a framework, we’ve outlined our key goals for the upcoming year in three main areas.


Serving our customers and the wider community.

We will strive to make our programmes more inclusive and publish an impact report for all stakeholders to see.


Improving our company structure and development.

We will update the hiring process, measure inclusivity and embed wellness practices into the company structure.


Reducing our emissions and providing climate education.

We will make 100% of our staff Carbon Literate and find new ways to balance our carbon footprint and handprint.

“Joining the B Corp movement is such an exciting step in the next stage in our journey. My ambition is for Pagoda to be a globally recognised education business with a measurable impact on society. I want us to be a company that our team are proud to work for. B Corp will give us the framework upon which we can achieve this.”