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Digital Marketing Webinar

On the 12th of November, we hosted a fantastic webinar event on Digital Marketing.

The digital marketing industry has become a world of its own in recent years- it encompasses the way of using the internet, social media, and other digital tools to reach audiences. It is a space that is highly customer-based and very interactive, as nowadays everything seems to happen online or through social media.

There are many paths when it comes to marketing on the internet, from social media to e-mail marketing, but it all comes down to the same purpose, to provide genuine value to consumers. 

Digital Marketing

”Having a strong [online] presence is also important because basically this is where users go at the moment looking for something.” – Anne Piotrowski

It has been rewarding listening to the experiences and the thoughts of our inspiring guest speakers:

Anne Piotrowski

Anne Piotrowski – Digital Growth marketing expert from Germany

Lived and worked internationally

Accelerated growth strategist at Google’s European HQ (Dublin)

Also passionate about sustainability and environmental protection!

James Nellany – Global Head of Digital Marketing at Naked Wines

Experience in scaling, digital investment with all major digital marketing channels

Formerly a consultant and analyst at Accenture

Triathlon and endurance sport fanatic

Vicki Offland

Vicki Offland – Programme Manager at InternVietnam 


Topics Discussed:

In our webinar event, we covered the basics such as what does the world of “digital marketing” consist of? In which fields is it necessary to be used, and how can we improve our skills if we would like to pursue a career in digital marketing?

The topic is broad, but our guest experts Anne and James definitely covered as much ground as they could, providing invaluable examples from their own experiences and advice for the next generation of digital marketers. From e-mail marketing to social media, every marketing channel is an opportunity to grow and develop a business, and there is more than one path to becoming a successful digital marketer.

Digital Marketing
Top quotes:

”Marketing is a big field. In this case, try to get as little clients as possible because it would help them to achieve their goals. ” – Anne Piotrowski

”Thinking outside of the box is important, this might start with even an internship or setting up a business.” – James Nellany


The world of digital marketing is about providing value to consumers in a space that more and more audiences and leads exist in. It offers new opportunities to connect to customers in a highly personalized way- and is often separate from a general marketing department because of how direct these connections can be. Without a doubt, the internet takes marketing to a whole new level where the focus moves away from ads, and towards relevant storytelling and improving the customer experience.

Watch the Pagoda Projects Digital Marketing Webinar here.

Golden Tip:

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” – Tom Fishburne, Founder of Marketoonist

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Charity and PR Webinar

On the 20th of September, we hosted a fantastic event: Charity and PR.

Charity is voluntarily giving to those in need, basically working to give someone help and happiness. Collaborating with bigger and more well-known companies can give your PR a boost, especially when working in a smaller charity.


Charities and public sector organizations are different businesses with different missions. They have a core purpose where they help people in need. Their communication and missions are meant to have greater meaning- usually for a very good cause. These organizations exist and thrive because of their difference and communications.


It has been inspiring listening to amazing entrepreneurs and their strong voices such as our guest speaker:

Jack Everett

Jack Everett – PR Manager at UnicefUK with over eight years experience in the PR and Media industry

Jamie bettles

Jamie Bettles – Managing Director at Pagoda Projects

About Jack Everett:

After completing a three-month internship with InternChina/Pagoda Projects in Zhuhai, Jack joined a consumer PR agency working with a range of brands and businesses across the UK. During this time, he worked on a number of integrated PR and marketing campaigns that involved orchestrating high profile print, online, and broadcast interviews, managing photo shoots, writing copy for press releases, websites, and magazine features. After three years on the agency-side, Jack joined the UK’s largest dementia charity, Alzheimer Society, working as a Media Officer for two years promoting the organization’s fundraising and policy work. Today, he works for UNICEF UK as a PR Manager. His work includes communicating with the charity’s high profile supporters and ambassadors, corporate partners, and international colleagues to manage flagship fundraising events such as soccer aid for UNICEF- and supports the organization’s mission to ensure the safety of every child, especially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.


Topics discussed:

General advice about working in the charity sector. If you’re looking for a profession that really makes a difference in people’s lives, finding a job in charity and fundraising could be your key to career happiness. There are lots of reasons why you should work in the charity sector but some of the highlights are a sense of fulfillment, meeting a wide range of people, job stability, job satisfaction and much more…


Top quotes:

“It is so important to kind of know that you are not necessarily going to step straight into your dream job, it might be that you kind of have to go down a little bit and do something you’re less interested in, or what you can be quite clear is about identifying what do you need to have in terms of experience to get that dream job.” – Jack Everett

“Social media is a great way of engaging people for charities now.” – Jack Everett



​There is no doubt that a career in the third sector can be both rewarding and stimulating, and can offer employees the chance not only to make the present a better place but to also be part of shaping the future. It’s an equally valuable route – and potentially a better one if you want to build up a particular area of expertise.

Golden Tip:

“Charity brings to life again those who are spiritually dead.” –  Thomas Aquinas

Internships Advice

Top Highlights Former Pagoda Projects Participants

Pagoda Projects is the bridge between interns and host companies- we provide you the best service and program support in the field and help you achieve your career goals. Today we hope to bring you the benefits you will receieve during your internship.

1- The Experience

Pagoda Projects will provide you the experience that you have dreamed of. While it is true that internships are meant to be professional, they don’t have to be boring! We not only build an experience that introduces you to the business world, but also one that involves an engaging new cultural experience as well. 

Our program branches take place in 4 different countries… and is still growing! We will guarantee you the right internship placement based on your field of study, and also help you to experience a whole new country with new friends. From our group day trips to airport pick-ups, you will have full support from the Pagoda Projects team throughout your internship.

2- The Team
The PP projects team

The Pagoda Projects team is a tight-knit and passionate community- they care about and communicate with each and every one of our participants! The team will be with you until the last minute of your internship for your safety, enjoyment, and comfort.

The application process is very easy: after you submit your application, one of our teammates will reach you out with an information package containing every detail about your destination and program. Then after some careful consideration, we will try to connect you with some of the best host companies that suit your internship interests.

3- The Finance

Pagoda Projects will help you to get your best experience for the lowest prices. You could intern in your dream country while getting paid, depending on the internship. We also have lots of funding and scholarship options that will help you to cover travel and program costs. Depending on your destination and program- we will work to find the best funding option for you!

4- Perks During and After Your Internship

We host events, organizations, workshops, online skill courses, cultural mentorship programs, day trips and much more… We will help you to maximize every second of your internship.

You will get to travel during your day off with our trips, be informed about your program during orientation week, get full support during your application process, and join our events both online and offline from quiz nights to scavenger hunts!

We also provide career development training to help you succeed not only in your internship but in your career decisions down the road. After your internship you will receive a recommendation letter from your host company and also certificate from us.

5- Interning from everywhere

Yes, you heard it right. During these challenging times it is understanble that interning remotely is a popular option and Pagoda Projects will provide you this. You can intern with our online system from your laptop from anywhere in the world if you wish you can move from your room to kitchen which will make the process shorter. During your remote internship you will still get to experience our webinars online events, cultural mentorship programs and also deep attention from  our team.


Overall, There is no better way to prove why we are best in the business and help you throughout the whole process. It is important to start your career dreams earlier and take the action. Click here and find out more to submit your application!

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Leadership and Management Webinar

Thursday, 20th October 2020, we hosted a fantastic event: Leadership and Management.


People often assume that leadership and management are in the same category, but they are not. During our webinar this main topic was closely observed. The discussion revolved around this topic:  leaders make people want to follow them, leader has empathy with their team and are adaptable while managers simply manage  the people who work for them.

”The important thing is to manage what is inside the box.” – Philip Chang

Phip Chang

The main focus of developing leadership skills is to inspire people, while management is all about planning.

It has been inspiring listening to these amazing entrepreneurs and their strong voices as the our guest speakers:

Paul Smith

Paul Smith – Founder of successful profitable businesses in the software technology, media, distribution and outsourcing sectors with three exits. Paul uses his visionary ability to help CEOs and organisations to embrace change, adopt fresh approaches, and look deeper to find imaginative solutions.

Philip Chang

Philip Chang – Strategic Finance and International Business Operations. He is an expert in analytical thinking, problem solving, cross-cultural communication, the ability to work across business units, and project management.

Vicki Offland

Programme Manager at InternVietnam (part of Pagoda Projects)

Topics discussed:

The discussion came out as, leaders makes people want to follow them and managers simply manage the people who work for them. Leaders have a tendency to praise success and drive people. You must think of one without the other to truly see the differences that exist between them. Management without leadership controls resources to maintain the status quo or ensure things happen according to already-established plans. During the webinar, we discussed and suggested proposals on how to help people achieve their goal by managing them.

Paul Smith

This latest webinar covers the importance of why we should differentiate them from one another.

Top quotes:

‘’Recruiting people that have got real talent and not being able to afraid to have someone who can do the job better than you has a lot of benefits.’’ – Paul Smith

‘’People should look at it the other way round and recruit somebody that can replace them.’’ – Paul Smith

‘’It is that psychological area where leadership is pushing really hard to make sure that people who work from home don’t feel isolated and are part of a team.’’ – Philip Chang


Managers execute, and leaders lead.

So many people find themselves managing people but not leading- because to effectively guide your team on any difficult path, people should feel empowered by you. This comes from both leading your team and managing your own  professional development well.

Golden tip:

‘’ Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” —Warren Bennis’

Further readings:  Leadership and management by Next Generation

Internships Advice

How to sharpen your 4 soft skills with Pagoda internships

What are soft skills?

Soft skills are the more intangible and non-technical abilities that are sought from candidates.

soft skills
Why are soft skills important?

Every recruiter identifies the candidates as the new leaders and soft skills are expected just as much as technical skills. Employers value soft skills because they enable people to function and thrive in teams and organisations as a whole. A healthy organisation needs space where relationships based on trust can grow and to trust each other, employees need to have good communication, teamwork and leadership skills.

So what are the top soft skills that you will improve during your internship with Pagoda Projects?

Communication skills

Communication is one of the most important soft skills because it is the bridge between a client and a product. No matter which sector you want to become an expert in, if you don’t have clear communication skills, there is a possibility that your achievements will be limited.

The first thing you know is that to communicate, you should always listen first. Good listeners always have better ways of paying attention and reaching the solution faster. With verbal and non-verbal skills, although they are both categorised with the same importance, verbal communication builds more productive relationships. Today’s businesses run online so we also need to work on our non-verbal communication skills, an easy example of this is when we use email marketing, we need to use the right language to attract an audience.

During your internship with Pagoda Projects, you’ll practice communication with your supervisor and teammates as well as your cultural mentor, fellow participants and the Pagoda team! Through this, you’ll improve not only your communication skills but your intercultural communication skills also.


Leadership is a vital skill to have when entering the graduate job market and something all employers will be looking for.

Being a good leader proves that we also have good decision-making skills as well as communication, self-motivation and organisation skills! Remember, you can practice these skills on all projects, however big or small, and all experience is.. experience!


Problem-solving is the process of observing what is going on in your environment, identifying things that could be changed or improved and diagnosing why the current state is the way it is and the factors and forces that influence it.

During an internship, both in-person and remote, you’re sure to come face-to-face with challenges and problems. You’ll be able to improve your problem-solving skills with the support of your supervisor and Pagoda team to practice this is real-time through real business situations.

Decision-making skills
Desicion making skills

Decision-making skills show your ability to process information and assess the best option whilst taking responsibility and showing awareness. Overall, it’s important to identify processes that help you make the right decision on behalf of the organisation and make a concerted effort to uncover biases that may affect the outcome of it.

Overall, completing a Pagoda Projects internship will provide you with the soft skills needed to combat all aspects of your life, not only in business. You will be supported throughout your programme and after to ensure you get the most from this amazing opportunity! 

Golden Tip

“It is not the strongest or most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” – Charles Darwin, scientist

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Benefits of Doing Remote Internships with Pagoda Projects

Due to Covid-19 almost every sector has been affected, with education being impacted greatly. Although staying at home can initially sound a bit frustrating, thanks to Pagoda remote internships, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most out of it.

Through our remote internship platform, remote interns have spent their summer months communicating within their growing network, interacting with internationally based colleagues and building on their current skillset. Through virtual meetings and online classes, working from home and remote internships have become extremely popular and this growing popularity is not only due to this being a much safer option, but by far a more comfortable option!

Workspace view

For most of us, spending the extra 3-4 hours getting ready for work and using public transport every day can become a huge slog, taking up a large part of our days, so a remote experience gives the perfect opportunity to stay home and intern from home. The hot topic of ‘remote working’ and the ability to use digital tools effectively is only growing and it is becoming an ever-important skill to have and the online sessions with guest speakers, cultural mentor scheme and online language classes that are on offer during a Pagoda remote programme are allowing us to gain these skills.  

The reputation of internships is constantly evolving, and these remote opportunities are increasing in popularity and worth due to the barriers being much smaller than in-person programmes and the international business world is much more accessible.


Why you should experience a remote internship?

The first thing to consider when it comes to remote interning is your ideal work environment and how you get the most out of your productivity and there are so many benefits to remote programmes that make this the ideal opportunity.

The Pagoda Projects team were amazing throughout the internship and I always felt that if I ever needed anything they were always their to help me. -Miles Vellozzo, Remote intern in Qingdao

The 8 Key Benefits of a Pagoda Remote Internship

1- No Commute
No commute

How much time do you spend on getting ready and going to work? On an average day, it can take 2-3 hours from waking up to arriving at work which works against your daily productivity. With remote internships, you can have a structured schedule with no time wasted on the metro or city bus and the minutes of your working day are controlled by you and your daily tasks.

2- The Perfect Workspace
The Perfect Workspace

Of course, with in-person internships, you’ll always have your desk space, however, during a busy day, it isn’t always likely that you’ll be able to enjoy this space. With a remote internship, you’ll never have to leave your comfort zone if you have a stable internet connection; it can be anywhere you like, somewhere you’ve been inspired to work even. Our current Pagoda intern loves to sit on her balcony and enjoy a cup of tea and the cool breeze whilst remote working on a hot summer day.

3- Gain Competency Skills
Gain Compentancy Skills

In today’s working world, when looking at your CV, companies will now always look at your digital skills. From video editing to digital marketing and online networking, a Pagoda remote internship allows you to practice each of these skills separately to find your strengths and learn the basics of a variety of skills. You’ll also have access to our skills courses focusing on intercultural communication, employability and digital competency, everything you need when preparing for the working world. What’s more, you’ll receive a certificate on completion to shout about!

Experience a New Culture
4- Experience a New Culture

An in-person programme limits your new connections to just one area but during your remote internship, you’ll chat with your manager in China through an online conference without even leaving your room. On top of this, you’ll take part in the cultural mentor programme which allows you to exchange cultural knowledge with your personal cultural mentor; from this, you’ll learn even more about our host company’s culture and country and make a new friend outside of your professional network.

5- Join Our Global Network
Join our Global Network

We all know networking can do wonders for opening opportunities and remote internships allow you to network through online events including Q&A sessions and workshops with guest speakers to social events such as cooking classes and quizzes.

6- APP based – Carry your Internship in your Pocket
APP based - Carry your Internship in your Pocket

Another benefit that Pagoda Projects provides is a mobile app. This means you have access to communications and resources not just from your laptop but also from your phone. You can sign up for your next cultural mentorship session, our online events and join personal development groups that take place on the app, such as leadership, cultural mentorship, problem-solving and much more… It’s so easy to use!

7- Internship with Trusted Companies
Internship with Trusted Companies

Pagoda Projects not only provides you with an internship, but we also provide the best internship to fit your skills, interest and studies. There is no limit on sectors which gives participants the perfect opportunity to improve themselves or gain experience in a brand-new field. This also allows you to move out of your comfort zone and begin something new!

Personalised Support from The Pagoda Team
8- Personalised Support from The Pagoda Team

Our team is focused on providing the best experience for you. During every step of your application, our team members will provide the assistance you need to ensure we find the perfect placement for you. With a remote internship it can be very tricky when applying as you won’t meet your company face-to-face but thanks to Pagoda, we will build the bridge between the participant and the host company.

All the members have been very useful and are easy to contact. They have also been very good at engaging us in other activities, both educational and social activities! -Andrae Fegalquin, Remote intern in Qingdao

The management was great, all the staff were wonderful to talk to and very supportive. -Arlin Mathew, Remote intern in HCMC

Pagoda Projects

Golden tip

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity!

Internships Advice

Webinar with Global Sports Brand – Hummel

Thursday, 13th August 2020, we hosted a fantastic event: Fireside Chat with Global Sports Brand – Hummel

Introduction of the event

Founded in 1923, Hummel is a Danish footwear and sportswear brand with deep roots in football and handball. Hummel is one of the oldest, most dedicated team sport brands in the business.

It is amazing to discuss and learn how businesses have reacted through a global pandemic and it’s been inspiring listening to their strategies and future plans during and after Covid-19.

”The key during the pandemic is to make sure that we stay with our key partners Because you can’t expect to gain new business during this period  because a lot of key accounts are pushing back and cancelling orders … the most important is to keep the head above water.”  Liam O’Dwyer

Liam O’Dwyer – Hummel UK Country Sales Manager, is now dedicated to improving his success and becoming a role model for the younger generation.

Stephen Mckiernan – Hummel UK Country Sales Manager, a highly determined, conscientious, and commercially-minded sales professional with a proven ability to deliver superior results within the wholesale fashion industry.

Moderator of Pagoda Projects:

Jamie Bettles – Pagoda Projects Managing Director

Topic discussed

This webinar covered a variety of topics. We heard about Hummel’s key strategy of ensuring they stay with their key partners during this period as you can’t expect to gain new business right now due to a lot of key accounts pushing back and cancelling orders. We observed that the Covid situation has had both positive and negative effects as well as how important marketing is to a company and the challenges of establishing the brand in UK.

Top quotes:

‘’You have to find a gap that’s the most important, something that is not out there already or you have to be an entrepreneur in the fact and see the bigger picture on things… just go for it and if you fail it’s not the end of the world you do it again or you win’’ – Liam O’Dwyer

‘’The marketing side is something that is important to any business and it’s something I feel that we haven’t quite got involved at the moment’’ – Stephen Mc Kiernan

‘’ The main challenge is how to build the brand and build the exposure (from the different channels on social media) because it wasn’t there initially.’’ – Liam O’Dwyer


Any Company, any factor, any organization seeks to achieve success but to achieve the success hard work comes first which Hummel proved that with their success.

Being on Top requires, Team work ,Time management, Responsibility and Hummel discussed and gave tips about all three of these skills during our Webinar. What the companies should focus on is what they  need, Recognition, Higher Sales Records, Managements? The bottom line of the marketing is knowing your customer and provide them what they need. That’ s a win!

Golden Tip

Anybody who’s starting his business from scratch is very brave, it’s all about having the believe on what you do and having a positive strength.