Visa Application Details

Important information regarding visa application

  • We will recommend the best method or centre or agency to apply for your visa application in an email. Please do not book a visa appointment until we have advised you.
  • Documents for your application will be issued from China. Please discuss timings for your visa appointment with us over email so we can ensure all the documents you need will be issued in good time.
  • The cost of your visa application may vary according to your nationality.
  • You will need to research your flights before submitting an application for the visa. The visa application form requires you to submit the flight numbers of the flights you intend to take to and from China. In some countries the visa centre may also ask you to submit a copy of your flight bookings, unless this is the case we recommend waiting until your visa is issued before booking your flights.

Before you begin the official visa application form please complete ‘Step 2 – Visa Application Details’ for us below.
Pagoda Projects require these details within 2 working days of receiving these instructions so that we can begin the preparation of your visa application documents:


Please ensure that all the details below are 100% accurate. We will use the details you provide on this form directly for your visa invitation letter.

Once you have submitted Step 2, you have done the most urgent step. Thank you!

It will take several weeks to prepare the documents for your visa application. A member of the Pagoda Projects team will be in contact with you via email to give you further instructions for the next steps of your application.