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About our war movie day!

Hey everyone, yesterday some of us became Chinese stars! (or not…), a Chinese production agency asked us to play westerners in a historical movie showing Qingdao in the past. So InternChina’s intern went there and acted a whole day long.
They told us to be there at.. 6h30 am so we had to get up about 5 o’clock on a sunday morning! After arriving there, we received uniforms, but also funny beards and moustaches. (see the pictures)

Jack, Jan H, Lukas and Alex received directly military uniforms of Generals (the tall guys lol). Jan and Rinat became soldiers (sailors better said) and Kevin, Christian and I became officers. Not Military officer as I thought at the beginning but civilian officers (it’s the reason why we are wearing this old fashioned suits with top hat).

The film was shot in the old town of Qingdao and we were representing the German period of the city.

What was also very funny, is that lots of Chinese people were looking at the shoot and taking photos of us.

We received then our instructions, only walking no text, and we acted the same scene twice, once in winter and then in summer.

We had then to wait until our last scene (more than 2 hours) as we were still wearing the costumes, we spent this time in making some funny pictures of us.

Finally after lunch we had to act for our last scene, which was the most funny one. We had to look disappointed because Japan had lost the war, and you can easily imagine that it was the hardest thing to do, and especially for me it was so difficult not to laugh. But we finally managed it and our work was done.

We decided then to relax and have a beer in a café in Qingdao, remembering all the funny moment of the day, this experience was really nice and the agency told us that they will shoot many movies in the future, so they will need more westerners to act for them! 🙂

Would you like to play in a movie and become a star ? Just send us your application to info@internchina.com or apply directly on our website 😉