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Freshers in China & the UK

Hi, I’m George. I’ve recently started assisting InternChina’s GM, Jamie, in the Manchester office. I’m reading Marketing at MMU here in Manchester and will be working on various initiatives during my time here.
Although it’s only been a couple of weeks at InternChina, I’ve been struck by what a pleasant and helpful everyone here is. I’ve been welcomed with open arms, well metaphorical arms for the most part, as communication with colleagues in China is all done over the Internet! It took some getting used to at first, but after mastering coping with the time differences I’ve got the hang of it!

As I mentioned earlier, I’m at university – to be more precise, my second year of university. Last week marked the end of something called “freshers’”. I’ve done some research and found that other countries have various different names for it – orientation, welcome week, frosh week etc. If none of those words mean anything, essentially, it’s just the start of the first term of the academic year.

InternChina- Manchester’s new intern George

I must be frank and truthful and say that here in the UK, freshers’ is typically a week (or two) long, predominantly spent socialising with new acquaintances usually over a drink or ten. Alongside this, it’s a time to sign up for societies and gather everything needed for a years independent study.

InternChina- Freshers Week

In other countries, it seems a very similar affair, with socialising, drinking and preparation being the key focuses of the week.
However, I couldn’t find anything about university students in China starting their first year. I’m curious to know if there’s an equivalent ‘event’. Unfortunately, I’m not lucky enough to have travelled to China yet, and so am not completely sure of such cultural differences.
Has anyone reading this experienced the Chinese equivalent of freshers’?

I hope to eventually travel to China – maybe then I’ll find out!

I’m looking forward to the work ahead with InternChina, and wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone and everyone!

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William´s InternChina experience in Manchester

Written by William
Hello, Ni Hao, Salut, Hallo, Hola, Ola, Ciao, Namaste, Czesc and Marhaban everyone (sorry if I missed any language out, I’m not actually fluent in all of these languages by the way!)
I am a 20 year old Marketing student from MMU in Manchester and I’m the new intern at InternChina in the Manchester office. My name is William Yau and I have been helping the General Manager, Jamie, with marketing work using something called the internet.
I grew up in a relatively rural town called Shrewsbury, located in the midlands of England, and I have been living in Manchester for the past 2 years due to University.

Summer Internship in Manchester

It’s very peaceful and traditional so it would be brilliant for an older person however; it lacks 2 things – 1) a bustling culture you can only find in a city and 2) an international scene. That’s where Manchester comes in.
This summer I, furthermore, adopted an extremely tourist persona and spent a month in Thailand, an experience that altered my perception on life.

Why did I choose InternChina? As an ethnic Chinese I was born with a gravitation towards all things Oriental! The company seemed an exciting opportunity with a market I could relate to. I’m delighted that this opportunity came to fruition.
So… what have I been doing? Twiddling my thumbs all day and sleeping would be a lovely answer; however I am compelled to tell the truth. I was tasked with several internet based marketing activities such as blogging and search engine optimisation. It’s been very hands-on and I’ve had a lot to do (not just making tea!)
It’s interesting working in a different time zone to InternChina’s other offices because when I get to the office they’ve already been working for hours, it’s a difficult concept to grasp initially. However, it does mean the company is productive almost 24/7!

I believe this is a brilliant company that offers a wonderful service to its customers. The one thing I have noticed the most about them is how well they uphold their ethics, this is great as I would hate for anything to disturb my sleep at night.
‘A quiet conscience makes one strong!’ – Anne Frank

For future interns in Manchester I would advise you to get your 8 hours sleep, caffeine is not a sustainable substitute in my opinion, save any useful sites you use.

If you read all, half, a quarter, or even one line of this then thank you very much. I think InternChina is a great company and I hope to intern over in China soon to see the other side of the company.

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Hello Qingdao!

InternChina - Qingdao Team
InternChina – Qingdao Team

My name is Elin and I am a recent graduate from the University of Manchester. Home to a heck of a lot of rain, football (and must admit pretty damn good night life) I have enjoyed a solid four years studying. However this summer I wanted to do something a little bit different, get out there and get some hands on practical experience. What better place to start than China, home to a booming economy and infinite amount of opportunities. Having researched and checked out the market for internships, Intern China seemed to be the most logical and as it seems best choice in grabbing an internship in China. Not only did it offer the chance to work in pretty sweet environment in Qingdao (Sun, Sea, and Sand) but also offered the best prices across the market by far. This definitely ticked a few boxes!
In terms of the city itself Qingdao as far as I could remember this was the sort of beer that was pretty damn popular… usually accompanied by a chuanr串儿 (kebab on a stick) and a serious amount of dancing at a seedy Chinese bar. However beer as it seems is not the only thing that Qingdao has to offer. Never did I think that I would actually be sitting in an office overlooking a magnificent view of the yellow sea. Unlike other Chinese cities that I have been to Qingdao seems to be more of a chilled city that shares a more European climate and even more European or should I say old style German architecture. I have to say my first impression of Qingdao has been particularly positive. Who wouldn’t like a city where you can shop, eat, party and still have time to chill at the beach? Quite a contrast to living in a huge city like Beijing, Qingdao has a somewhat softer mentality, friendlier atmosphere that I would say any foreigner would feel genuinely welcome in. Starting my internship here at Intern China I have found that the support and encouragement from others has been brilliant, activities such as beach volleyball, round table exchange and general socialising makes it easier to meet other interns and to get to know others spread out across the city. In terms of host families I am living in a gorgeous apartment right on the sea front with a view of the mountains, the beach and of course the sea. It seems I have been lucky enough to get a decent view of the sea both from my bedroom window and my desk at work. Anything else I could wish for? Right now I’d say probably not.

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